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Find & Assemble a DealTeam

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Find & Assemble a DealTeam

  1. 1. Course ObjectiveTo provide the framework and insights forEntrepreneurs to establish and utilize aDealTeam to efficiently pursue and execute acorporate finance transaction.
  2. 2. Key Learning Outcomes● Understand the importance of the DealTeamin a financial transaction● Define the right DealTeam members● Delegating tasks to DealTeam members● How to hold a DealTeam accountable● Quantify support mechanisms of aDealTeam
  3. 3. A DealTeam is
  4. 4. DealTeam● 3 Members● Key Strengths: Legal, Finance, Technical● Internal > Board Members > External Advisors"DealTeam" is a term coined by INVESTyR tohighlight a functioning working group dedicatedto the success of the company.
  5. 5. Why a DealTeam?● Leverage Strengths● Spread the Workload● Broader Points of Connection● Accountability Mechanism● Sounding Board / Stop Gate● Fast Fail
  6. 6. Who Needs a DealTeamEvery entity that is fundraising, making anacquisition or sale of a business."We set a goal. We worked hard to prepare forit and we realized our dreams." - Kirk BrandCoburn, CEO and managing director of TEN Energy Labs
  7. 7. How to Find Members1. Identify key skills the team requires2. Look Internally first3. Existing trusted relationships4. Referrals: people with the skills that arehighly regarded by other entrepreneurs5. LinkedIn / Social Networks - "in my shoes"
  8. 8. Compensating Members● Internal members should not require anyadditional compensation● External members should be compensatedlike a business consultant / part-timeemployee.● Equity participation is the most logical for allpartiesDO NOT give rewards-based on an investmentamount. This is a commission and can causesecurities regulation issues.
  9. 9. A DealTeam...● Meets Weekly● Establishes and Assigns Tasks● Is a Highly Functioning Working Group○ Superior Communications○ Transparent with everything○ Respects viewpoints○ Makes decisions quickly● Is Accountable to Itself● Is Accountable to Board of Directors● Has Success Measured by beingaccountable to the process
  10. 10. The Weekly Meeting "Level 10"Sequebusiness and personal bestScorecardeach member reports progressRoadMap Reviewreview pipeline, follow-upsReview To-Dos. Add new To-DosIssues ListRate the Meeting: 1 - 10
  11. 11. Tasks of a DealTeam● Build and Maintain Key Materials○ Pitch Deck○ Financial Model○ Draft term sheet and deal documents○ Due diligence materials / industry insights
  12. 12. Tasks of a DealTeamEstablish Online Tools○ SaaS-based CRM (NO EXCUSE)○ Fundraising Tools: Gust, Angel.co, CapRally etc.○ Crowdfunding: Kickstarter, IGG, RocketHub etc.○ Dataroom: vRooms, Box.net, DropBox etc.○ Corporate Presence: LinkedIn, Twitter○ Personal Presence, Updated & Current Profiles○ Feedback Forums: Quora, NYT, Amazon, Disqus
  13. 13. Tasks of a DealTeam● Establish Corporate Reputation● Establish Personal Reputation● Create and post thought leadership pieces● Create Investor Avatar● Create Influencer Avatar● Research and Identify the 100 - 200 Avatars○ Influencers tagged in CRM○ Investors tagged in CRM● Explore Degrees of Connections● Open Lines of Communication● 3Ps. Patience, Persistence, Process
  14. 14. Tasks of a DealTeamEnter all contacts into a CRM○ Every member is responsible to log and trackconversationsCRM is the primary accountability tool
  15. 15. Life of a DealTeamStrong growth companies always have aDealTeam continuing their work."The best time to raise money is when youdont need it"The DealTeam can transition from fundraising,to acquisitions / market intelligence to sale ofthe company.
  16. 16. What Strengths / Skills Do You WantList:
  17. 17. DealTeam Member DisqualifiersList:
  18. 18. Build your List● Create a list of 20 people to be consideredfor your DealTeam● Next, write 2-3 things next to each person ofwhat they would do to fulfill this role● Narrow down the list to 5. Contact each oneand shoot for total of 3 to commit and acceptresponsibility.
  19. 19. Action Plan● Inventory of Capabilities of Current Team● Identify Gaps● Establish Compensation● Document Process and Define Roles● Recruit● Schedule the First Meeting● Identify Tasks● Assign Tasks● Schedule Weekly Meeting● Go!