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MoPix Investor Deck - Leave Behind

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Netflix branding stumbles
Netflix branding stumbles
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MoPix Investor Deck - Leave Behind

  1. 1. @MoPix TM Self service distribution for independent creators Ryan Stoner Ryan@getMoPix.com Private & Confidential Private & Confidential 917 617 6690
  2. 2. Most filmmakers don’t get distribution deals 5300 FILMS SUBMITTED TO Sundance 232 
  3. 3. Distribution problems •Steep decline in DVD sales - a once $20.6B industry has declined 30% in 4 years •Middlemen take up to 80% off the sale price •Distributors control release dates and pricing •Top six distributors own approximately 90% of the market •Traditional models have shifted and consumers demand direct distribution Private & Confidential
  4. 4. A platform to easily brand, distribute, and sell video content MoPix is giving independent filmmakers and alternative content creators a turnkey way for creating, distributing, and monetizing video and related content to deliver full DVD-like experiences via the web as embedded on-site widgets, on Apple iOS and Android devices, and soon other mobile platforms and digital media products. Private & Confidential
  5. 5. Our product Pull content from the cloud with Dropbox and Amazon S3. Bundle photo galleries, video extras and more. Add, change and publish content any time. Even after it’s launched. Control how your content is displayed by customizing background images, configuration layouts, fonts, colors, and page specifications. Distribute your content across multiple devices and platforms, such as Connected TVs, Web, iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace.
  6. 6. Results: Catalyst to empower content creators Australian horror movie The Tunnel premiered exclusively through MoPix. As a result the film subsequently secured a theatrical and DVD distribution deal, and went on to became the most popular Australian horror movie of all time. The UK film The Silver Goat was the first film in the world created exclusively for the iPad. As a result The Silver Goat received some fantastic press for their premier hosted on a double decker Routemaster bus and reached #15 in the entertainment category of the UK App store. Private & Confidential
  7. 7. 3k titles, 2k filmmakers and growing 4000 MoPix Launch 3200 R Squared Films Deal 2400 1600 CD Baby Deal 800 0 January March May # of titles Acquired Private & Confidential July Septemb
  8. 8. CD Baby partnership: 2,000+ independent filmmakers MoPix has secured an exclusive partnership deal to take over all digital fulfillment and distribution for Film Baby, a division of CD Baby. This includes Film Baby’s current user base of 2k+ filmmakers and handling all future submissions for digital distribution directly through MoPix. Film Baby Overview Film Baby provides filmmakers with distribution solutions to promote and sell their work to worldwide audiences. Film Baby is wholly owned by CD Baby, the world’s largest distributor of independent music, specializing in the sale of CDs and digital music downloads from independent musicians to consumers. Private & Confidential
  9. 9. Growth: Cumulative transactional revenue flow $10,000,000.00 Assumptions Blackberry & Connected TV additions Average sales per day per title Average sales price $7,500,000.00 Platform Growth Variables (breakdown by device) $5,000,000.00 Android and Roku additions MoPix Profitability $2,500,000.00 Web distribution added & Film Baby titles released $0.00 January 2012 August 2012 January 2013 June 2013 # Revenue Flow Private & Confidential December 2013 0.3 $6.99 iOS(1000) Web(1500) Roku (300) Android (200) Windows Phone (20) Blackberry (50) Connected TV (50)
  10. 10. Financials $20,000,000 FY2013 (predicted) FY2014 (predicted) FY2015 (predicted) $15,000,000 Total Gross Revenue $9,218,678.86 $14,492,501.96 $19,874,894.34 MoPix Gross Profit $1,843,735.77 $2,898,500.39 $3,974,978.87 OPEX $1,308,600 $1,847,710 $2,284,518.9 EBITDA $535,135.77 $1,050,790.39 $1,690,459.97 $10,000,000 $5,000,000 $0 2013 2014 Gross Profit Private & Confidential 2015 Revenue
  11. 11. Product roadmap Current ✓ Private beta list ✓ 11 film apps released; >3200 films secured ✓ Individual Apps for iPad • MoPix Content Locker CMS 2.0: Public Beta • Digital download-to-device/stream • Embeddable on-site widget for purchase and playback • iPhone and iPad Marketplace App ✓ MoPix Content Locker CMS 1.0 ✓ 2013 2012: December Film Baby digital distribution partnership secured • Facebook integration to encourage discussion and sharing. • Film Baby migration & distribution executed • Publisher marketing support packages to drive viral uptake • Lifecycle promotions and integration with all major social networks • Android Compatibility • Set Top Devices • Roku • Boxee • GoogleTV • Xbox360/PS3 App • iTV Compatibility (Vizio, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sony, etc) Being Sold Transcendent Man Silver Goat
  12. 12. 12 month plan September 2012 December 2012 March 2013 Product Content Locker + iOS Digital Web Download & MoPix marketplace Android & Roku Team 8 10 13 18 20 Key Hires ! +Mobile Engineer +Back-end Engineer +Front-end Engineer +Marketing +Community Manager +1 Sales/BD +Platform Engineers + Sales/BD + Customer Support Continued growth in necessary areas. Marketing/Engineering as a focus. Continued growth in necessary areas. Marketing/Engineering as a focus. Monthly Burn $70k ($30k earmarked for immediate development support) $90k $120k $160k $180k Private & Confidential June 2013 September 2013 Blackberry & Connected Set top Devices/Gaming TVs consoles
  13. 13. User acquisition: Getting more independent creators •Inside Sales Team •Existing distributors make a majority of sales via referrals from filmmakers or sales agents. •Hiring a business development/sales team to focus on securing relationships with distributors and sale agents that represent 50 to 2,000 independent creators.! ! •Paid Acquisition •We know our unit/funnel economics, so we can begin to experiment with SEM and other methods of paid acquisition. •For every 1000 filmmakers with new titles we sign up we earn at least $765k in 1 YR Revenue. LTV is definitely higher as we extend our distribution reach to additional platforms. ! •Word of Mouth/PR/ Referral •100% of MoPix’s acquisition to date is via referral or through press mentions. •Provide discounted fees and referral incentives for active and loyal filmmakers. Private & Confidential
  14. 14. Financing IMMEDIATELY SEEKING: •$1.5mm Series A •Use of proceeds: To execute our product roadmap for the next 18 months, reach profitability within 12 months, and properly distribute the 3k+ titles we have received from filmmakers. • Hiring of 3 additional engineers, 1 marketing lead, 1 BD/Sales lead and 1 community manager • Migrate Film Baby content to the MoPix system.! • Implement a web digital download system (consumers can purchase direct digital downloads from the MoPix site). • Dynamic content delivery infrastructure (serve content on demand rather than package it with an app). • MoPix marketplace app: The marketplace will have to serve up multiple films/properties, handle integration with purchasing, include search and discovery features, and provide a way for users to manage downloads. • Extend MoPix platform to additional end-user channels and devices. • MoPix marketing and acquisition campaigns for both independent creators and end-users. Private & Confidential
  15. 15. Founders, Advisors & Investors Portland Incubator Experiment 
 Wieden+Kennedy Dave McClure 500 Startups Upstart Labs Greg Rau Ryan Stoner
 CEO & Co-Founder Brand strategy professional worked w/ Academy Awards, EA, Fox, Microsoft, NBC, and T-Mobile, among others. In 2006 launched the strategic division of a branded entertainment agency and grew the company from $1 million to $20 million in annual revenue.  Specialty: Biz Dev/Strategy/Marketing  Drew McAuliffe CTO & Co-Founder Merrick Tech engineering for 15 years. Formerly, developed iPad and iPhone apps for The Academy Awards, Disney, Warner Brothers and entertainment moguls such as Anthony Zuiker. Specialty: iOS/Java/Ruby/Server-Side Software Micah Baldwin Graphicly Private & Confidential
  16. 16. Exit strategy Amazon •Allows Amazon a major source of content for platforms like Kindle Fire that they wouldn’t already have. •More targeted advertising; increased customer lock-in, additional revenue stream for current library of movies. •Seamless integration with AMS infrastructure for easy content creation and distribution. Netflix •Allows Netflix access to a content format that is competitive with iTunes Extras and easily expanded to all their platforms. •Additional revenue from immersive social interactions and second story content. •Integration with Netflix by providing self distribution automation and allowing MoPix film extras to be pulled into Netflix. Apple •Expand presence by bringing self- published movies to the masses through apps. •Integrate with iTunes Extra and easy expansion beyond the desktop to mobile applications. •Integration with Apple by providing self distribution automation and film extras through the MoPix App Builder. Google •Expands presence by providing a marketplace for content creators to exploit full-library content experiences. •Additional revenue sources from MoPix’s advanced viewing experience that complement YouTube and Google TV. •Seamless integration with Google TV - allowing a platform through which content creators can easily upload and sell their content. Exit Calculations Sold: Warner Bros. *undisclosed ($60mm to $90mm) May 2011 Sold: Amazon $312mm January 2011 Sold: Walmart $100mm February 2010
  17. 17. Future vision: Self service distribution for independent creators Our mission is to provide independent filmmakers and alternative content creators with the tools to cut out the middle man and distribute their content directly to their fans. Our goal is to revolutionize film distribution to become the largest enabler of self-distributed content by giving independent content creators complete creative control, instant distribution turnaround and support for social interaction with their loyal fan base. ! MoPix was founded to support & be the voice of independent filmmakers and content creators. We are striving to build a company that enables: • Consumers to buy direct and stay tuned from pre-release to home entertainment. • Consumers to purchase and watch content with whatever device and with whatever video player. • Actors & producers to drive sales at all stages. • Creators to connect directly with audiences to drive ticket sales, home entertainment sales, merchandise sales. • Everybody to make original programing. Creators become channels, producers - then studios & networks. • A world of unlimited upside for independent creators. ! ! Private & Confidential
  18. 18. TM Thank you AngelList Investor App Drop us a line Ryan Stoner Twitter Angel.co/MoPix getmopix.com/investorapp founders@getmopix.com M: 917 617 6690 @MoPix
  19. 19. The impact of digital delivery Traditional models have shifted. Consumers demand direct distribution Movies
 TV Shows
 Private & Confidential
  20. 20. Media distribution challenges • The DVD is dying. A once $20.6B industry has declined 30% in 4 years.
 Source: degonline.org • Currently there is no easy way to digitally distribute full, DVD-like content for consumers to own. • No way to distribute a film or video that represents the same revenue per transaction as DVD. Number of Transactions equal to 1 DVD Purchase 1 DVD Purchase = 3.4 VOD Rentals (Cable/ Satellite) OR 9.6 Views (Netflix/ Amazon) OR 12 Kiosk Rentals (Redbox/ Blockbuster) Source:Warner Brothers/Economist Private & Confidential
  21. 21. The opportunity for media/content creation • Create and produce fitness and entertainment content. • Initially target digital “Direct to Home” market with global entertainment brands . • Sell content and asset management platform and custom development services to production studios and brands Sample partners
 Sample brands
 Private & Confidential
  22. 22. The business of producing hits Fitness
 TV Shows
 $50 Million in Revenue 32+ Million Units EST. $200 Million Annual Revenue $75 Million in Revenue $65 Million in Home Entertainment Sales $125 Million in Revenue Motivational
 $185 Million in Home Entertainment Sales $77 Million in Home Entertainment Sales $190 Million in Home Entertainment Sales $257 Million in Home Entertainment Sales Private & Confidential Source: Creative Artists Agency, 2010, the-numbers.com $29 Million in Home Entertainment Sales $17 Million in DVD Sales Stand-up Comedy
 $120+ Million in Revenue $22 Million in Home Entertainment Sales
  23. 23. Building for the network effect •Socialization •Integration with Facebook Open Graph so users can see what their friends are watching, what’s in their queue, or what they thought of a particular movie. When a user watches a film MoPix will auto post to their their Timeline. This brings in a tremendous “free” and effective social marketing aspect, much like Spotify. ! •Content Bundling •Create genre/DVD extras/film festival collections with a buy full bundle for a lower price messaging. •Offer daily/weekly/seasonal sales. •Editorial calendar for seasonality, premieres, etc. ! •Lifecycle Promotions •Allow users to gift movies to friends. •Enable audiences to stay tuned from pre-release to home entertainment by being the point of aggregation to engage with actors, drive ticket sales, home entertainment sales, Private & Confidential merchandise sales.
  24. 24. Micro-transactional purchase packs •Cross promo & upsell potential with DVD Extras ! •Allow users to gift movies to friends ! •Integrate with all major social networks and show a news feed of purchases (depending on preferences) Private & Confidential
  25. 25. Market adoption actions TM Trying to alter consumer behavior
 (from physical to digital) Upsell Legacy Challenges: Lower average selling price for digital goods Value Sell •Drive Traffic to MoPix app, rather than the single film download; buy instead of renting •Availability, Accessibility, Connectivity Bundling Response: •Show related films, Link to related movies Cross sell higher ASP products Less distribution & production cost •Portable & Storage- Store 40 films in the space of a single DVD, store more on the cloud •Long-term cost - save money •Security- Don’t ever lose a movie because it is stored in the “cloud’ •Let users sample product (buy as in app purchase/try free for first time customers) •Market the MoPix Video App where ever the physical product is •Showcase deals on the MoPix website
  26. 26. Bulls-eye comparison Direct (Self service distribution) • In the same space • Electronic download • Online/Tablet • Direct to consumer distribution Category • In related space, different distribution delivery process for content creator • Online Indirect • Services providing film & video related entertainment Direct • Distribution Aggregators • Online Category Substitute • Other places users can spend their time that could otherwise be experienced through MoPix Indirect Substitute
  27. 27. Bulls-eye Fandango Blip.tv Distribber Babelgum Distrify Mubi School Event Veoh SnagFilms Travel PreScreen EggUp DIY Crafts Voddler Comedy Club Vimeo iTunes Vudu OpenFilm Circus/Fair FlickLaunch Pivotshare Direct DailyMotion Flixster Magic Show Hulu IMDB VHX IndieFlix Amazon
 Instant Cooking Lessons Vevo Youtube Theater Pulley Home Improvement Religious Activities Category Motivational Seminars AnyClips TopSpin Crackle Sporting Events Education MoxieType MovieClips Indirect Political Speeches Fitness Activities Concerts Comic Books Substitute
  28. 28. Competitive analysis Content Creators Ease of Approval Process iTunes Youtube Control over Content Creation Average Margin per Transaction for Content Creator ≈ 10% to 40% N/A (CPM of $0.75 to $2) Hulu ≈ 5% to 20% Amazon Instant ≈ 30% to 60% IndieFlix ≈ 70% (1 dollar surcharge per unit streamed) Netflix ≈ 5% to 15% Flixster N/A PreScreen MoPix (studio only) ≈ 50% (net revenue from sales) 100% Users Control over content (pricing & engagement) Audience & Reach Social Network Breadth of Content Ease of Ownership Viewing Experience
  29. 29. Competitors: possible entrants MoPix Risk Defensibility •Emphasis on tooling to make content creation easy for anyone, rather than just focusing on partnerships and acquisition. •Ongoing, our technology defensibility will be bolstered by patents, technology efficiencies, marketing upsell, and analytics which will allow us to offer additional market research insights to filmmakers or rights holders. Could develop full-DVD like experiences to extend their film libraries to additional devices Studios & Agencies (Paramount, Lionsgate, etc.) •Tools to allow anyone to create their own bundled content for app distribution. •Tools to allow monetization of video and other content offered as in app purchases •Strategic content distributor partnerships (Exclusivity deals) bolster our flow of content to our platform by offering them ‘App Shelves’. •Integration cloud asset management (DropBox, Amazon) ensure the efficient transfer of files.
  30. 30. Market opportunity Digital 50% 95% ! source: degonline.org ! 50% Note that this represents consumer spending, and not overall industry revenue. Ad revenue from sites like YouTube or Hulu isn’t included. 87% ! 2006 U.S. CONSUMER HOME ENTERTAINMENT RENTAL & SELLTHROUGH SPENDING ! 2010
 U.S. CONSUMER HOME ENTERTAINMENT RENTAL & SELLTHROUGH SPENDING By 2014 Tablet users will make up 1/3 of internet users. Tablet owners are often ‘dual device’ users with the expectations for enhanced video experiences delivered to them on every available screen. $53+ + 90m + source: eMarketer 50% Tablet Owners by 2014 Spent on apps by tablet owners
 yearly of all Tablet Owners are watching both full TV episodes and full-length feature films source: eMarketer source: OPA source: In-Stat Private & Confidential = 2.3b Total Addressable Market