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More Data.
More Devices.
Breaches Are More Frequent and More Costly
But Even the Best Security Software Is Just Step One
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Symantec Technical Services Infographic

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Infographic created for Symantec Technical Services. Better prepare, design, deploy, operate and optimize your security solutions.

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Symantec Technical Services Infographic

  1. 1. More Data. More Devices. Breaches Are More Frequent and More Costly But Even the Best Security Software Is Just Step One Better prepare, design, deploy, operate, and optimize your security solutions Symantec Keeps You Safe from Ever-Evolving Digital Threats with: Symantec Technical Services: Symantec Protects Get Critical Services at Every Step of the Security Lifecycle 3xfrom 2014 to 20151 the global population1 To fulfill your security potential, your software must be: Unlock the potential of your security solutions and bridge the gap between the protection you need, and your technology’s capabilities. 59% effectively managed and maintained fully utilizedproperly installed and configured Gain a trusted advisor to customize solutions to meet your business needs Prevent issues with proactive services like product configuration reviews Train your staff to maximize security software functionality and minimize errors and resulting downtime Ensure your staff has up-to-date software capabilities and the knowledge to surround them with best practices Achieve your security potential with Symantec Technical Services Learn more about Symantec Technical Services. Visit go.symantec.com/services Optimize Security Minimize Risk Maximize Return 1 Gartner, “What’s Driving Mobile Data Growth?” 2 Symantec Internet Security Threat Report 2015 3 Ponemon Institute, “2015 Cost of Data Breach Study: United States” 4 Forrester/Disaster Recovery Journal November 2013 Global Disaster Recovery Preparedness Online Survey ©2015 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. The Amount of Data to Secure and Protect Continues to Explode Worldwide mobile data traffic grew By 2019, the number of devices connected to IP networks will be more than increase in the number of breaches in 20142 23% In 2015, the average cost for each lost or stolen record containing confidential information increased from $201 to $2173 $217 72% of decision-makers identified loss of employee productivity as the most impactful result of downtime disruption4 Trust Services and User Authentication Threat and Information Protection Cyber Security Services Maximize Return Essential Support Essential Support delivers expert issue resolution and the upgrades required to keep your environment current with 24/7 access to support expertise, plus product and security content updates. Business Critical Services Business Critical Services let you simplify support and maximize return with single point of contact accountability, priority access to experienced support engineers, proactive planning and risk management, and free access to instructor-led education from Symantec. Consulting Services Symantec Consulting Services can help you assess, design, implement, and manage systems and protocols in data security, endpoint management, and security monitoring and management. Education Services Symantec Education Services increase the value of Symantec solutions with online learning, virtual or in-class instructor-led education, and certification for validated expertise. Optimize Security Minimize Risk