compressive strength analysis real-time system. queue preemptive priority analytical approximations proxy signature. key agreement fault tolerance discrete logarithm sars-cov-2 covid-19 dengue hemo covid 19 pandemic energy and satisfy the continuous demand for elect the global need to conserve the planet chronic interstitial nephritis of agricultural com chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology chronic kidney disease of multifactorial origin chronic kidney disease chronic agrochemical nephrology degrees of freedom sum of squares nested-factorial partitioned design matrices moh qualitative quantitative life expectancy sediment pollution load index katsina state heavy metals contamination factor speed shells separation nuts kernels physical mechanical chemical analysis chavakali clay refractory co concentration gas concentration piping test system gas explosion jiaozuo city group measurement and prevention system prevention and control measures types of geological disasters geological disasters fault tree analysis failure investigation world record human-powered aircraft ballistic range visualization shock wave water entry control strategy geological hazard coal mine pingdingshan petrogenesis. magma mixing fractional crystalization waste materials for construction quarry dust soil improvement expansive soil black cotton soil and river of gunung sarik. river idas what source come from river of lubuk paraku arau represent the especial river at das of bar ar the continued production of pulp and paper and in process capability. case hardness taguchi technique carbonitriding self-drilling tapping screw the downward increasing shale percentage in the ol arbitrary values. weighted arithmetic mean arithmetic mean candidates sample post-utme score utme-score unmanned aerial vehicles real time system queueing non-preeemptive priority performance kalman filter dsrc travel time prediction atis flowering brinjal open field greenhouse shading viscous sublayer. roughness kolmogorov scales sorption isotherm sorption efficiency polyvinyl alcohol-alginate nano magnetite alizarin red s telephones were luxury that only a few privileged information and communication have formed the basi from time immemorial northern thailand fang basin san sai oilfield seismic data pore pressure gradient estimation depositional environment petroleum geochemistry basin modeling rift basin economic evaluation reservoir simulation phitsanulok basin marginal petroleum field permeability setting time rice husk ash acoustic impedance contrast / porosity / reservoir building brick water absorption xrf and xrd analysis water based drilling mud wastes co-design user involvement digital transformation mobile services wellness invented a bamboo rig to obtain oil and gas for li for instance drilling or digging for oil has occurred in one wa confedaratoin route-reflector ebgp ibgp bgp railway arc rigid catenary amplitude contact loss nano composite. mwcnt physical parameters kinetics cation exchanger torsional strength torsion testing machine shear modulus low-cost phase noise fractional-n frequency synthesizer sigma-delta modulation phase locked loop voltageprofile enhancement shunt capacitors injection newton-raphson iterative method load tap-changingtransformer (ltct) load flow analysis avantage comparatif competitivite destinations touristiques durabilite reflectivity. fiber bragg grating (fbg) couple mode theory (cmt) apodization therapist mental illnesses psychotherapy art therapy m-health application watermarking screen capture for print screen key copyright protection technique illegal reproduction of digital contents piracy deployment taxonomic resolution pollution assessment macroinvertebrate korea higher-level taxa bed occupancy. socio-demographic variables generalized poisson regression internally displaced persons admission rate hc co smoke brake specific fuel consumption bmep (brake mean effective pressure) torque diesel fuel ethanol nash equilibrium discounted cash flow farm land release transferable floor area financial burden economic growth. market liquidity market capitalization stock exchange nature of business loan characteristics clients’ characteristics loan repayment polyurethane. polypropylene plasma treatment coating adhesion improvement bifilm index hydrogen content morphology of si modification hypereutectic al-si alloy mungbean allelopathic effect total root length fresh aqueous extract allelochemicals tensile and flexural stacking sequence hybrid natural fibre aves charadriiformes karyotype prime graph duplication prime labeling graph labeling contact farmers innovations adoption fourt and woodlock model mansfield model bass model cassava varieties diversity gain. outage probability misalignment fading atmospheric turbulence fading mimo (multiple input multiple-output) free-space optical communications value added services payment ecosystem near field communication mobile payment tqm. quality practices libyan manufacturing companies libyan culture garri and improvement. design small-scale enterprises national development food security food processing food losses bioactivity. extract gouania longipetala gc-ms bohr model l-c circuit quantization quantum optics zanzibar water table reduced level leveling groundwater forest benchmark quantum mechanics plays a key role. at this scale and for low temperature currently nanostructures are embedded in countless pseudo-footless clock data pre-charge dynamic matc ternary content addressable memory (tcam) circuit xor-based conditional keeper content addressable memory (cam) circuit the rate of temperature- time change. specific heat formula heat lost transient state thermal power solar absorber cost effective socio-economic solar energy gsm telecommunication industry multi-attribute decision-making make-or-buy analytic hierarchy process (ahp) entity detector pseudo code agents deadlock wifi. manet internet access eaack detection fuzzy rough connected space. fuzzy rough closure fuzzy rough subspace fuzzy rough open and closed sets base shear and soil structure interaction. overturning moment storey drifts storey shear displacement simple structure a – stable highly efficient gaussian points collocation method strong convergent step index multi mode single mode wrapping turn loss macro bending fiber optics brine leaching. water leaching valuable metal recovery hazardous jarosite nicotinic acid. hallucination asthma plant euphorbia hirta gcms attenuation and ku band rain fade knowledge management - km matlab multi-layer feedforward back propagation (mlffbp) 132 kv double transmission line artificial neutral network (ann) factoring work roll shifting value. work roll cross angle strip shape and profile speed ratio cross shear reign the main findings and suggestions were given. anova and correlation. from the study it is found statistical tools used for the study are chi-squar diffuse reflectance imaging modality. fluorescence emission optical imaging non-invasive early diagnosis modelling. optimization ffd bbd rsm amberlite dye removal wastewater fixed-bed column bed depth acid orange 7 adsorption water selfsufficiency(wss) water dependency(wd) livestock product virtual water water footprint vanet environment are developed with the intellige and sealing boiler regenerative air preheater air preheater weed concentration. mechanical methods cutter unbalance response. rotordynamic analysis nonlinear harmonic excitation campbell diagram bolted joint however it’s necessary to specify the responsibili we will support the research with pictures of floo mathematical analysis gaseous reduction mixed oxides modelling factorial design the collected data for flooding in saudi arabia fo piecewise. exploratory analysis safety traffic accidents linear polarized (lp) time division multiplexing (tdm) passive optical network (pon) mode division multiplexing (mdm) security repair time reliability interruptions indices forced outage failure rate expected interruption cost digsilent adequacy
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