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CIM mobile marketing overview May 2012

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CIM mobile marketing overview May 2012

  1. 1. Mobile Trends Jason Cross Marketing Director Incentivated May 2012
  2. 2. Beyond Talk Consumption Text Beyond Talk & Mobile Media & Text Mobile Media Consumption 2
  3. 3. Mobile search is growing rapidly – driven by annual triple peak each Christmas
  4. 4. 50% of all mobile internet sessions start with search 2011 figures: +223% yoy for top 1000 commercial queries via mobile
  5. 5. Entertainment queries on mobile
  6. 6. Travel queries on mobile
  7. 7. Retail queries on mobile
  8. 8. Technology queries via mobile
  9. 9. Google.co.uk vs total internet google.co.uk Total UK internet 30,000,000 25,000,000 20,000,000 15,000,000 10,000,000 5,000,000 0 Dec-10 Jan-11 Feb-11 Mar-11 Apr-11 May-11 Jun-11 Jul-11 Aug-11 Sep-11 Oct-11 Nov-11 Dec-11 Source: comScore GSMA data, accessed Feb 2012
  10. 10. Drive visitors to your website You’ve invested in a mobile site – tell your customers that it’s a mobile site when they are searching!
  11. 11. Search on mobile vs desktop According to Google (and they seem to have spent a lot of time researching all of this… for good reason, given recent financial performance figures presented to Wall St etc): Mobile – tends to be driven by an immediate need. on average, a search on mobile is “acted upon” within 1 hour of the request – eg visit a physical location, make a phone call, buy online etc Desktop – seems to be the beginning of a more involved research act on average, a search on desktop takes around 1 week to be “acted upon”
  12. 12. We’re past the peak of inflated expectations
  13. 13. We’re on the slope of enlightenment
  14. 14. Media consumption & ad spend out of line Marketers recognise this disparity but risk aversion creates inertia % of Time Spent in Media vs. % of Advertising Spending, (USA Global Mobile vs. Desktop Internet User Projection, 07 – 15E 2011) (B) Time Spent Ad Spend 2.5 Mobile internet 50% expected to be larger than desktop internet by 2014 2.0 Desktop Internet Users 40% Mobile Internet Users 1.5 30% 1.0 20% 0.5 10% 0% 0.0 Print Radio TV Internet Mobile 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 Source: eMarketer, Dec 2011 Note: time spent with the internet excludes internet access via mobile, but online ad spending includes mobile internet spending, due to this, the total of the ad spending shares for all media sums to >100% Source: Mobile versus Desktop internet user projections: Morgan Stanley Research, April 2010
  15. 15. Huge growth in smartphones yet to come Switch to smartphones drives mobile internet usage US phone platform installed base (%) 100% 75% NON – SMARTPHONE 50% 25% ANDROID OTHER PALM RIM MICROSOFT APPLE 0% 12/09 3/10 6/10 9/10 12/10 3/11 6/11 9/11 Source: Asymco, ComScore
  16. 16. State of the Nation • It’s clear that people do stuff on mobile – More than first thought • Understanding by marketers of the different roles of apps, sites and messaging • Recognition that the average mobile browser is more powerful than the average desktop one • A realisation that a QR code is a mechanic not a call to action • Now that you’ve caught up with the competition how do you leapfrog them with better UX?
  17. 17. Why Mobile? 20
  18. 18. What’s so special about mobile?  Mobiles are always with us and turned on – differentiates mobile from other channels: allows immediate interaction then and there.  Highly personal channel – as close to face to face as you can get  Increasing sophisticated capability blurs channel edges: services formerly tied to our PCs are now accessible on a range of screens.  In a way there is nothing special: for consumers, mobile is simply one part of their digital experience. They expect their mobile to work as well as their PC.  Over half of all media activity undertaken by UK 16-24s is simultaneous (Ofcom). 21
  19. 19. What’s so special about mobile?  Represents a further step in the shift from broadcast to multi- faceted engagement by enabling brands to connect with consumers at numerous touch points, often concurrently. 22
  20. 20. The Opportunity  Mobile now presents new opportunities for brands - not just in communications, but in product, loyalty and as the ultimate one-to-one relationship tool.  Not only are marketers now more able to deliver immersive experiences, but consumers are also progressively more open to them.  To engage customers in otherwise ‘dark’ time  Location time sensitive content can be served to segmented audience  "The power of apps and location-based marketing are the holy grail for advertisers” - Sir Martin Sorrell  Mobile clearly has to play a key part in this landscape but brands must think how it fits into a wider digital experience. 23
  21. 21. Customer is the focus not the channel  Merely having multiple channels does not translate into a multi- channel strategy.  True multi-channel strategy involves each channel playing a core role and a defined value for the customer. While they exist within a world containing multiple interaction channels, they are still one consumer.  Mobile catalyst or facilitator of the process: forging the link between the offline with the rich and engaging online  Tap into the instinct to share: Consuming content is an increasingly social experience – broadcasting what you are doing suits mobile.  Social commerce is a key driver of sales – allow the audience to do some of the marketing for you. 24
  22. 22. Consumer expectations are rising faster To date this process of mobilisation has been led by consumers Source: Mobile Marketer January 2012
  23. 23. iPhone is only 8% of the UK population You’d better be selling jewellery; leave no phone behind
  24. 24. BlackBerry still no.2 (by browsing UUs)
  25. 25. iPhone a declining proportion of conversions Percentage of sales by device (from affiliates) Source: econsultancy (July 2011)
  26. 26. “Free” mobile presentation layer Responsive CSS alone is a false economy Made for mobile Responsive CSS
  27. 27. Mobile users have high expectations 58% of customers expect mobile sites to load more quickly than a desktop site Mobile users value speed 38% of users are only willing to wait 30 seconds or less to complete a simple transaction. Source: Compuware, “Why the Mobile Web is Disappointing End-users”. March 2011
  28. 28. Who’s not doing so well in mobile? Laithwaites have attempted to mobilise their site but it doesn’t render properly
  29. 29. Who’s not doing so well in mobile? Although the site renders on iPhone, the check out process (perhaps the most important) isn’t mobile optimised Screenshots of Wilkinson - iOS
  30. 30. Who’s not doing so well in mobile? Oxfam key functionality missing Home Donate now Online shop Store locator • Every link directs to non-optimised pages
  31. 31. Who’s not doing so well in mobile? Deloitte key functionality missing • Very basic mobile site • Contains general static info about graduate and experienced hire, events, how to apply • But… to actually view vacancies, you are directed to the desktop Deloitte site… not a good experience
  32. 32. Why invest in a mobile site? • To boost performance – 51% are more likely to purchase from retailers – 85% show increased engagement with a retailer • To keep customers – 40% would visit a competitor’s site instead because of a disappointing mobile experience Source: Compuware, “Why the Mobile Web is Disappointing End-Users”. March 2011
  33. 33. And yet… 79% of large online advertisers (still) do not have a mobile- optimised site Source: Google GetMo, Jan 12
  34. 34. What does your website look like? Half of UK firms fail to check their own website from mobile devices • Of those that have – 41% admit their website has a reduced appearance – 36% offer reduced functionality • The survey ( from 1&1 Internet) also finds that 65% of firms have not optimised their websites for mobile usage • So…
  35. 35. Who’s not doing so well in mobile? Mobile sites • Chivas Regal, Loreal (USA site), and Absolut
  36. 36. Who’s not doing so well in mobile? Mobile sites • Ribena, Lucozade, Smirnoff
  37. 37. A better mobile internet site Save the Children Home News Donate
  38. 38. If you are going to build an app …
  39. 39. Barriers to internet on mobile devices EPiServer study: Developing a mobile strategy - how to deliver mobile sites that truly engage, October 2011 70% 64% 60% 50% 40% 32% 30% 25% 20% 10% 0% Find mobile sites hard to navigate Will try competitor's site if mobile website Will give a mobile site an average of 3 isn't working chances before moving on Source: EPiServer (n=1,000)
  40. 40. ‘Made-for-mobile’ navigation This hi-res ‘concertina’ navigation (all content in background) was achieved in 50kb
  41. 41. Poor transcoding examples Transcoding is an integration method; it should not limit design
  42. 42. Comparison of app approaches Hybrid App Web ‘App’ Native App % native code varies 0% 100% Offline content    Access GPS    Control Camera   Coming soon
  43. 43. Strengths and Weaknesses Comparison ofmarket, cheaper CMSlong term solution Option 1. Transcoded Quick to Mobile Strengths Not options Weaknesses Can break if web site changes Not suited to acct mgmt 2. Dedicated mobile Mobile site independent of Need to manage multiple sites site, static content desktop – mobile specific Separate integration required for content acct mgmt 3. Template Chooser Maintains existing CMS True responsive design needs API Templates managed within additional server-side features CMS Multiple templates required for different devices 4. CMS Plug-in Single device-independent Requires third party plugin design Fully integrated with CMS 5. Mobile CMS Quick to market Relies on third party hosting Highly cost effective
  44. 44. Discovery In descending order of priority • Search and direct input of URL (www. with device detection applied) – Google – App stores • Links from emails opened on a mobile device – Responsive CSS works very well for email • QR and shortcode – Should direct exclusively to mobile not desktop • Mobile advertising (display)
  45. 45. Mobile Search Advertising 42% higher CTR and lower overall CPC CTR 5.5% CPC £1.20
  46. 46. British Gas and npower feel the rush Mobile traffic increasing across suppliers; campaign led and organic growth Unique users/month in the UK britishgas.co.uk npower.com 80,000 scottishpower.co.uk southern-electric.co.uk eon-uk.com scottishpower.com 70,000 60,000 50,000 40,000 30,000 20,000 10,000 0 Jan-11 Feb-11 Mar-11 Apr-11 May-11 Jun-11 Jul-11 Aug-11 Sep-11 Oct-11 Nov-11 Dec-11 Jan-12 Source: GSMA data, Feb 2012
  47. 47. Over 400,000 visits in first 11 wks 11% came from feature phones Visits to britishgas.mobi Smart Phone Visits Feature Phone Visits 6th Nov 13th Nov 20th Nov 27th Nov 4th Dec 11th Dec 18th Dec 25th Dec 1st Jan 8th Jan 15th Jan Source: Incentivated
  48. 48. Avg. session length: smart vs feature phone Feature phone sessions longer than smart phone due to connection speed Average session length beyond home page – britishgas.mobi 21 33 secs per secs per session session Smart Feature phone Phone Source: Incentivated
  49. 49. Local search Click to call
  50. 50. App discovery via mobile web Intelligent download reminders minimise disruption to user journey Mobile search leads to Visitors offered chance to Not every visit is ‘mobile result’ download app OR use site interrupted with the separate download screen
  51. 51. Can mobile emails be rich and engaging? This is an example of a British Airways email that has mobile presentation embedded
  52. 52. BA email renders differently on a mobile Mobile email can be engaging, but always needs to lead to an optimised site Optimisation eliminates the need to expand or pinch the screen. The ‘Find out more’ button compresses any extra text, providing a great user experience while the ‘Home’, ‘Log-in’, ‘Flights’ and ‘Contact us’ become conspicuous, one click buttons at the end of the page.
  53. 53. Mobile Advertising Beyond Talk & Text Marketing spend on mobile display ads & Mobile Media Consumption (Forrester) search in 2011: $1 billion Advertising on mobile devices rocketed by 157% in 2011, to a new high of £203.2 million (IAB UK, March 2012) 57
  54. 54. What is mobile advertising • Static mobile ads are banners or text ‘snippets’ served to the screen of a mobile device within a mobile web site, or ‘in-app’ • Rich media mobile ads include video, animations and other interactions • Most ads perform an action (normally directing to a website, or playing a video, etc) when clicked • Ad providers provide ‘tags’ which are inserted into the site or app and are used to insert or ‘inject’ advertising content • The ads are monetized on a ‘Pay-per-click’ (PPC) or ‘Cost-per- thousand’ (CPM) basis • Ads are automatically chosen using various criteria; country, location, historical browsing / behaviour, device and other details
  55. 55. Ads for apps • Google has recently announced a new feature in which apps can be downloaded directly from search results • This adds immediacy to search results, reduces the need for multiple clicks and vastly improves the customer experience
  56. 56. House ads (‘Heros’) • Rather than ‘lose’ the user when they click on an ad, banners can be used to provide interactive full-screen graphics, further encouraging the user • This type of advertising is typically aimed at on-site product promotions such as special offers / ‘hero’ items • Once clicked, videos, clickable ‘hotspots’ on graphics and even games can be provided in the full screen ad
  57. 57. Apple’s iTunes Store data allows for highly targeted deployment of ads using known customer details and preferences:  Demographics  Music passions  Movie, TV and audiobook genre interests  Location  Application preferences  Device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) 61
  58. 58. Role of Mobile Print Poster Mobile Web Site Facebook SMS short code gives access Entering Competition sends Publishes your activity on Facebook to mobile site user to Facebook site to your friends’ news feed 62
  59. 59. Role of Mobile iAd Banner iAd Content Ad placement on 3rd party site Watch the advert, download wallpapers of the Lynx angels and purchase and download the theme tune Sexy Boys from iTunes, all from within their app. 63
  60. 60. Mobile is performing well through the funnel Cost per acquisition is lower than desktop • Mobile advertising is outperforming desktop in both display and search – At CTR and CPC levels • Overall bounce is high because most sites are not optimised – Optimised sites showing bounce-rates the same as desktop • Conversion rates are higher – Overall the average on mobile is a little lower but this is because of sites which have not been optimised • But basket sizes are lower on mobile – Poor navigation and UX – Few hero promotions – Slower networks, less ‘window shopping’
  61. 61. Conversion rates strong Conversion rates by device (from affiliates) Source: econsultancy (July 2011)
  62. 62. m-Commerce 66
  63. 63. Units of commerce • Mobile commerce valued at £172bn globally for 2011 (Informa Telecoms & Media) • UK has highest mobile commerce participation (23%). • 18-34 yrs driving trend. • Not afraid of big ticket items: John Lewis and M&S selling items in excess of £3,000 via mobile • 4.30pm is the busiest time for mobile internet usage in the UK
  64. 64. Reinventing the shopping experience Comparison Shopping • Consumers use mobile to help make decisions in-store: 60% use mobile web, 40% use apps, 37% use both • 47% used their phone to compare prices • 34% compared products • 20% looked at product specifications • 15% compared reviews • 26% looked at a competitor’s website
  65. 65. Reinventing the shopping experience Social Commerce • Retailers using social networking tools to boost retail sales as a speedier identity and authentication mechanism. • 2/3 of online retailers said they planned to offer visitors the ability to use their Facebook log-ons on their e-commerce sites. Share becomes a function of buying…
  66. 66. Reinventing the shopping experience POS • Starbucks ‘mobile wallet’ app to pay for purchases • Guess & Disney using mobile POS to assist customers and execute sales at the shelves rather than the registers. • POS Instant Offers & Lotteries
  67. 67. • ASOS’s mobile website revenues topped £1m in the UK during December. Next it is creating a transactional mobile app as an extension of its Facebook store. • John Lewis: Conversion from visitor to sales is now 20% since the launch of the mobile site. Creating a transactional mobile app after its mobile site saw a 50% increase in mobile traffic since launch in October. • M&S site received over 1m unique daily visitors in December 2010 • Ebay’s fashion-themed iPhone app upped its mobile revenue to over $2bn (£1.27bn) last year, a 300% increase on 2009 • LK Bennett: first commerce app that uses Paypal Mobile. Allows products to be shared via Facebook / email etc • The Outnet lets users share the most popular editorial content from its website, such as their favourite outfits, with their friends via social networks • New Look mobile commerce site features one-click shopping & integrated with web commerce engine and user accounts
  68. 68. Beyond Talk & Text Mobile Media Consumption Mobile Apps 10bn Apple apps downloaded 350,000 apps available – Apple 100,000 apps available - Android 72
  69. 69. Timeout / Smirnoff Branded content partnership to provide a lasting utility for consumers 73
  70. 70. World’s Best Bars / Jameson Branded content partnership to tap bar culture 74
  71. 71. Absolut Drinkspiration Mobile app pulls/pushes content to other channels  Drink recommendation based on a variety of contexts  Seamless styling and complementary functionality with other brand channels  World trend list with real time update on what is ordered around the world  Post drink choices and locations to Facebook and Twitter  Location based features using GPS 75
  72. 72. Waitrose Christmas app Business need The solution Results To build an innovative yet useful Design requirement: fresh every day ‘kitchen tool’ mobile application which Incentivated utilised Waitrose’s gives Waitrose’s customers the ability to Christmas brand paper textures to add organise their Christmas. The app must fun to the real time animation. This be recognised as part of Waitrose’s element was designed to make the 2010 Christmas campaign. Overall customer want to open the app design should be themed as charming, again and again. traditional and seasonal. Algorithms were written so that return Design requirement: the app must be users saw refreshed content, while useful to the user and not just a one- infrequent users saw Waitrose’s most off important content. download • We produced a practical Turkey Design requirement: must be on Timer as part of the kitchen tool kit. brand This would guide less confident Incentivated integrated the primary cooks. colours of the Waitrose Christmas in- • Canapé calculator was really store and on-pack creative into the core designed for the hard core party navigation. perfectionist. • In Big Day Planner they drew upon They made the user experience fun and intrinsic Apple and Android design visual by creating a pictorial menu. features. • The Recipes section was the main feature of the app including an extensive number of recipes. The main draw was Delia and Heston. Incentivated case study: Apps | Creative services | Location marketing | Acquisition | Retail & automotive: Waitrose
  73. 73. Results • People like to share their recipes Apple gave this app commendation Recipes were viewed 500,000 times; with their friends, and this was made and praise. It featured in the 10% shared recipes and 10% viewed the easy by allowing them to connect application store for four weeks and it videos. with Twitter, Facebook and email. scored highly within App of the Week, • It wasn’t all about food. A detailed, Lifestyle, Staff Favorites and What’s Hot The app gained positive reviews and fun gift finder was created that categories. generated excitement online through inspired shoppers to buy gifts. To Twitter and Facebook. It also gained avoid being overwhelmed by so The Android Market also featured the positive reviews on Twitter as well as many options, a ‘shake for app, achieved “app of the week” in leading technology review sites. suggestion’ function was added. both the Apple and Android app stores • They allowed automatic look-ups of simultaneously. This is the first The Marketing Society Awards for the user’s location to make search branded app to achieve this. Excellence 2011 judges' verdict on the for a branch easy. initiative: 'A really nice app that works The app was placed in the top 15 of the well and is absolutely on-brand.' branded app charts for 2010. Waitrose were 100% behind the development and marketing of the app 500,000 and featured it on the front cover of recipes their “Weekend” in-store newspaper, downloaded on POS throughout the store and in their staff newsletter. 10% Almost 100% of unique users peeked viewed the videos behind the advent calendar doors during the 24 days. The app achieved more than 90,000 downloads in one month and averaged 10% more than three minutes per session length. shared recipes Call us on 020 7392 2323 today to see how mobile can be integrated with your marketing strategy.
  74. 74. Beyond Talk & Text Mobile Media Consumption Location-Based Services 78
  75. 75. Location-based Campaigns  Gillette etc / Nike ‘Getaway’ campaign for the Mini Clubman launch turned Stockholm into a living game board. Users ‘captured’ the virtual Mini by getting within 50m using GPS on their phone. 11,000 people participated to win the car. Airwalk Invisible pop-up store: Extreme ‘sneakerheads’ were targeted through blogs and directed to download an app which sent them to dedicated locations where only through their phones and augmented reality were they able to see the new shoe. Taking a picture earned them an exclusive promo code for purchase. 79
  76. 76. SMS helps reduce cab-related sexual assaults by 46% Business need The solution Results As part of a print, poster, radio and TV Subscribers text HOME to 60835 • 46% reduction in cab-related sexual campaign for a safer London, a text (spells “GoTFL) and receive local, attacks on women over five years message service was created to give out licensed, minicab and taxi booking- (2002 -2007) booking numbers for licensed minicab office phone numbers for the area they • Just 4% women used unlicensed and black cab firms in the user’s are texting from. minicabs in 2007 in comparison to location. 18% in 2003 • 100% year on year increase in A Location Based Service search is used monthly uptake since new branding to pinpoint the subscriber’s exact campaign location, enabling the relevant information to be identified and sent. The database of 45,000 licensed FROM: 60835 Local licensed minicabs: Reliable minicab operators and drivers is updated daily to maximise safety. 4% Radio cars 02086716666, P&L Unlicensed cab Car Service 02077339582. For a use Black Cab, call ONE NUMBER on 46% 08718718710 Reduction in cab- related attacks Case study: CRM beinspired@incentivated.com Travel & Tourism | Public Sector: TfL & Mayor of London www.incentivated.com
  77. 77. Interacting with the physical world Beyond Talk & Text Mobile Media Consumption 81
  78. 78. QR BP One of these QR codes got more scans than the other
  79. 79. New app review - Halifax • Halifax released its new Home Finder smartphone app today, offering users a new method of searching for property information on iPhone and Android devices. • The first page you see offers a search tool, mortgage calculator, access to your favourite properties and a guide to the home buying process.
  80. 80. New app review - Halifax • A quick search brings up all the properties in your chosen area in a list or displayed on a map, and this can then be filtered by the number of bedrooms, price and several other criteria. • You can then access all the usual property details, including images, but also the area’s sales history from the land registry and a repayment calculator to see if you can actually afford it.
  81. 81. New app review - Halifax • When you have chosen which flats you want to view, the app allows you to add notes to the property details as you look round. • You can even take photos of the property and add ratings out of five for various criteria. All the details, including the photos, can then be emailed as a PDF and printed off.
  82. 82. QR Codes - Instant Lottery 87
  83. 83. QR Codes: Delivering Additional / Enhanced Content 88
  84. 84. QR Codes Triggering ‘Likes’ on Facebook 89
  85. 85. Diesel ‘Be Stupid’  Phone users send photo messages to a short code  Photos sent by short code became part of ever changing mosaic on Facebook, outdoor projections and in-store displays 90
  86. 86. Augmented Reality Beyond Talk & Text Mobile Media Consumption 91
  87. 87. Enhanced experiences An entire issue of the magazine is AR-enhanced to add an interactive dimension to print 92
  88. 88. Translation-on-the-fly Using text recognition, the app translates any text the phone camera is pointed at. 93
  89. 89. Re-arranging Reality The T-shirt pattern becomes a game in which you re-arrange the tiles to reveal the full image 94
  90. 90. Extra-sensory perception 95
  91. 91. 96
  92. 92. Future Trends Beyond Talk & Text Mobile Media Consumption 97
  93. 93. Tablets  80 new tablets announced at CES  More sophisticated smartphones & tablets means a decline in specialized technology e.g. GPS units, mp3 players, camera, e-readers. 98
  94. 94. Near Field Communications (NFC)  Android Gingerbread already supports an NFC API. Nokia to follow suite.  Retailers will leverage NFC in applications to facilitate in-store purchase  O2-commissioned experiment that allowed users to pay for journeys on the London Underground.  Voucher redemption 99
  95. 95. ‘Internet of Things’  The networked interconnection of everyday objects – TVs, cars, fridges.  Mobile sits at the heart of these as both controller and monitor. 100
  96. 96. Conclusions If you want to get the best from mobile … • Put more effort into your mobile site than applying a couple of media queries (responsive CSS) – Page sizes of 1MB will give you sky-high bounce rates • Apply responsive CSS to email marketing • In most cases use sites for acquisition and apps for customer service • Build hybrid apps – Integrate with your desktop/mobile CMS • Use a combination of SMS and ‘in app (push) notifications’
  97. 97. That’s the way to do it An integrated mobile strategy requires an integrated marketing strategy
  98. 98. Some online resources • www.tnsglobal.com/mobilelife • http://statcounter.com/ • http://ready.mobi/launch.jsp?locale=en_EN • http://www.howtogomo.com/en-gb/d/ • http://mobilemarketingmagazine.com/ • http://www.mobilemarketer.com/
  99. 99. Thank You Jason Cross Marketing Director jasonc@incentivated.com @jcmobile10 Incentivated 23 Curtain Road London EC2A 3LT Tel: 0845 130 3985 (No code reader? Text CODE to 62233 for a link to a reader appropriate for your phone)