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Bharti Automation Private Limited, New Delhi, Testing Solutions

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Offering Services such as Thermal Calibration, Fluid Flow Calibration, Electro-Technical Calibration, Mechanical Calibration, Fully Automatic Flow Calibration Rig, Energy Meter Calibration Bench, Refrigerator & Air conditioner Performance Testing System.

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Bharti Automation Private Limited, New Delhi, Testing Solutions

  1. 1. Welcome to Indian Institute of International Standards A Unit of Bharti Automation Pvt. Ltd. TM
  2. 2. Presentation on Bharti Automation Company Profile
  3. 3. About us  Bharti Automation is a Technology Solution Provider Company in Virtual and Real world Instrumentation domain. With a wide product spectrum ranging from Customized Software Applications to Huge Endurance Testing Machine , Bharti Automation Bharti Automation is leading the Test and Measurement Industry.  With a modest beginning in the year 1995, Bharti Automation has grown steadily to become India's foremost Analytical Laboratory with 5 Branches/Joint Ventures in different parts of the country. It has also got Joint Venture laboratories abroad. • It is the only lab in this part of the country having NABL Accreditation in Mechanical Testing, Electrical Testing and Calibration for: Electro-Technical, Mechanical and Thermal. • Bharti Automation also undertakes Third Party Inspection for Quality, Quantity & Packaging besides Pre-dispatch Shipment Inspections. • It offers Consultancy Services for setting up of laboratory, on Turnkey basis.
  4. 4. Founders Mr. Sanjay Sharma Managing Director of Bharti Automation Group 25 years of experience in Test Automation and having credit of designing many first time developed Test rigs in India.
  5. 5. Founders Mr. Ashok Giri - Founder Partner of Bharti Automation Group 20 years of experience in Testing of Industrial and domestic products having outstanding capabilities of customized testing.
  6. 6. Founders Mr. Rama Shanker – Founder Partner of Bharti Automation Group. 17 years of experience in Software development interfacing with third party hardware and tailor made report generation. Heading R&D Division.
  7. 7. Founders Mr. Prakash Barik – Founder Partner of Bharti Automation Group 15 years of experience in High Voltage Testing of HT/LT Equipment's a rare experts of testing IT Audio Video and Electronics Product Testing. Heading ET Division.
  8. 8. Bharti Automation Corporate Trainers(P) Ltd. Bharti Automation Inspection Services Indian Institute of International Standards Techcom Systems Bharti Automation Group of Companies Bharti Automation Private Limited Parixan India Bharti Automation Bharti
  9. 9. Material Testing Research & Development Consultancy Turnkey Projects Industrial Engineering Domain of Activities Bharti Automation Bharti
  10. 10. Laboratory Set Up Manufacturing Research and Development Inspection and Validation Testing and Calibration Bharti Automation Spectrum Bharti Automation Bharti
  11. 11. Testing Services Testing Services Engineering Materials Calibration Services Cables IT Equipment's Audio Video High Voltage Testing Electronics Electrical Bharti Automation Bharti
  12. 12. Testing Services • We wish to introduce Bharti Automation Private Limited as a leading Electrical, Electronics Testing & Calibration Laboratory in Manesar Gurgaon. We are NABL accredited for both Testing and onsite Calibration services. • • We are also providing laboratory setup and consultancy services for NABL Accreditation. We manufacture testing setups for virtually all IS and IEC standards applicable for Electrical Electronics Testing.
  13. 13. Testing of Electrical and Electronics Products • Mainly we conduct Onsite testing of Major Electrical Equipments like Transformers Relays CT/PTs Cables Switchgear, Batteries, Energy Meters etc. • Bharti Automation is an A Class Electrical Contractor since 2002. We have done installation and commissioning of many HT/LT Switchyards and have conducted testing of substation equipments. • We do testing of equipments like Transformers, CT/PT, Relays, Energy Meters, Circuit breakers. We also undertake Testing of equipments like Motors, Cables, LT/DB Panels etc. • We conduct survey of equipment health and efficiency. This include transformer health monitoring, Turbine health monitoring, Motors and Generators health monitoring Services. • We manufacture automation systems for health monitoring of turbines generators transformers pumps and motors.
  14. 14. High Voltage (HV) Testing of Primary Equipment As all sites are different, our engineers will tailor the tests to suit site and client requirements. Bharti Automation regularly carries out the following routine site tests: Current transformer: CT ratio and phase error, CT magnetising curve, CT secondary DC resistance, CT secondary impedance, CT primary and secondary Insulation resistance, polarity. Voltage transformer: VT ratio, VT secondary and primary Insulation resistance, polarity. Surge arrestor Insulation resistance, variable frequency dissipation factor measurement, discharges counter check. Breaker switch: Contact resistance for all joints including main contact(s), insulation resistance
  15. 15. High Voltage (HV) Testing of Primary Equipment Cont.. • Circuit breakers: Contact resistance for all joints including main contact(s), insulation resistance, trip close timing tests, dynamic resistance measurements • Busbars: Partial discharge, conductivity, insulation resistance • Power transformers: Power transformer testing including winding ratio, vector group, DC resistance, impedance percentage, tap change continuity, insulation resistance, dissipation factor (Tan ?), calibration of thermal sensors. Frequency response analysis, oil test and analysis, Diana testing. • Generators: Stator DC resistance, stator zero, positive and negative sequence impedance, rotor AC and DC impedance, dissipation factor, insulation resistance, polarisation index, partial discharge measurement. • Earthing system: Step and touch voltages, system earthing resistance, earthing system integrity Lines: Positive and zero sequence impedance measurements, ground fault current compensation factor, mutual coupling of parallel lines, coupling impedances between power lines, signal cables and pipelines. • Cables: HV cable testing including VLF with-stand, partial discharge, insulation resistance, conductivity test.
  16. 16. Product Testing as per IS and IEC Codes • · Aluminium Conductors • · Switches • · PVC Insulated Cables • · Sockets • · Circuit Breakers • · Conduits • · Salt Spray Test (NSS)/CASS/ASS • · Current Transformer • · Potential Transformer • · Energy Meters Whole Current /CT Type • · Battery /Cells • · Capacitors • · Motors • · Home Appliances
  17. 17. Testing of Electronics Products • Testing of Electronics Equipments • IT Equipments like PC, Printers, Modems, Mobile phones • Testing of Audio/Video Devices • Environmental Test in Chambers • Ingress of Protection (Degrees) • Dry Heat Test • Dry Cold Test • Thermal Shock Test • Damp Heat (Cyclic)
  18. 18. Testing Laboratory at Manesar
  19. 19. Our USPs • Free Sample Pick up and delivery. • 24*7 Customer Helpline : 09660373737 • Competitive aggressive Pricing. • Fast turn around time. • Best of Industry Experts & Consultants available
  20. 20. Calibration Services Calibration Services Mass and Volume Current Transformers Energy Meters Pressure Vacuum Thermal High Voltage Electronics Dimension Bharti Automation Bharti
  21. 21. Calibration Services • Bharti Automation is one of the Oldest Calibration Laboratories in India • Providing Onsite Calibration services in India and neighboring countries since 1989 • State of the art Calibration Laboratory in Bhiwadi Rajasthan India
  22. 22. Accreditation • We are Accredited By National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) in Thermal, Mechanical and Electro-technical fields as per scope of accreditation displayed. • We are proud to be the first laboratory to get NABL Accreditation For ONSITE Calibration in our field. • We have been providing Calibration and certification services since1990 to almost each sector of the industry.
  23. 23. Calibration Facilities on offer •The Laboratory is facilitating calibration of Mechanical, Thermal, and Electro-technical instruments in lab and on site respectively. •The Scope of accreditation can be downloaded from our website : www.bhartiautomation.com/services or from NABL Website: •www.nabl-india.org
  24. 24. Mechanical Calibration A. Calibration of pressure/ vacuum gauges: B. Calibration of Length Gauges, Calipers, Micrometers, Height Gauges:
  25. 25. Mechanical Calibration Cont.. C. Calibration of Mass and Volume Measuring Instruments D. Calibration Force and Torque Measuring Instruments
  26. 26. Mechanical Calibration Cont.. D. Calibration of Special Purpose Laboratory Instruments
  27. 27. Thermal Calibration A. Calibration of Temperature controllers with sensor / Temp. gauges / Thermometers
  28. 28. Electro- Technical Calibration A. Calibration of Common Electrical Meters B. Calibration of Energy Meters CTs and Relays
  29. 29. Electro- Technical Calibration Cont.. C. Calibration of Digital Multi meters Clamp meters D. Calibration of Transducers and Signal Conditioners
  30. 30. Electro- Technical Calibration Cont.. E. Calibration of Multifunction DAQ System E. In Situ Calibration of SCADA/ PLC Based Systems
  31. 31. Fluid flow calibration Fluid Flow Calibration Lab for National Physical laboratory of India designed developed installed by Bharti Automation
  32. 32. Calibration of Test and Measuring Instruments •NABL Accredited for Thermal Electro-Technical and Mechanical Fields •Specialized manpower for special tests and calibration like Calibration of CT/PT Energy Meter and Breakers. Mechanical Calibration Cont.. C. Calibration of Mass and Volume Measuring Instruments D. Calibration Force and Torque Measuring Instruments Thermal Calibration Cont.. C. HomogeneityTestingof Hot Chambers, Ovens and Incubators D. Thermal Mapping and Furnace Audit as per API Specifications Electro- Technical Calibration Cont.. E. Calibration of MultifunctionDAQ System E. In Situ Calibration of SCADA/ PLC Based Systems
  33. 33. Energy Meter Testing • Correct Measurement of Energy Consumed is right of the consumer. The government of India has approved some labs in India to check Electricity Energy Meters on customers premises. • Bharti Automation is one of the few laboratories in India who have got Accreditation from NABL, Govt. of India for Energy Meter Calibration. • We provide this service to hundreds of government and private institutions, Offices, Factories, Hospitals, Commercial Complexes etc. • We have a state of art testing and calibration laboratory in Delhi and Bhiwadi. We have a team of 25 engineers and technicians to conduct this activity on your doorstep.
  34. 34. Our Credentials and Accreditation • Bharti Automation is accredited by National Accreditation board for testing and calibration laboratories (NABL) Department of Science and Technology Government of India.( Certificates enclosed). • Bharti Automation is proud to be the one of the first laboratories to get NABL accreditation for ONSITE Calibration. • Bharti Automation is in the field of Instrumentation for almost two decades and enjoys dedication of a team of 15 engineers and 20 support staff.
  35. 35. List of some prominent existing Customers Listing all customers is not possible here on this page some most important customers are given as under: • PSUs and Govt. Sector: NTPC, IIT, DRDO, GAIL, BIS, Northern Railways Hindustan Construction Cooperative Dairies etc. • Consumer Electronics: LG Electronics, Samsung, Videocon, Carrier, Godrej, Daikin etc. • Automotive Sector: Maruti Udyog, Honda SIEL, TVS, Bajaj Auto, Autopal, Lumax, Hero Honda, Nerolek Paints, Sona Koyo etc. • Consumer Goods: Hindustan Lever, ITC, Dabur, Greenply. Homemade biscuits. • Braveries : Carlsberg, Pernod Record, Beam Global UB group. • Hotels: Sheraton group, Radisson group, Ashoka, Taj etc. • Pharmacy and Chemicals : Phizer, BD, Glaxo Smithkline, MACL etc.
  36. 36. NABL Scope • Mechanical Electro-Technical • Thermal
  37. 37. Inspection Services Inspection Services Electrical Safety Audit (Man &Machine) Thermal Mapping of Furnaces as per API specifications. Onsite Calibration of HT Equipments Transformer Health Monitoring Parallel Energy Metering Cable Health Monitoring Breakers and Switchgears reliability Energy efficiency survey of equipment's and Buildings Bharti Automation Bharti
  38. 38. Inspection Services • Electrical Safety Audit (Man &Machine) • Conditioning Chamber Audits. • Thermal Mapping of Furnaces as per API specifications. • Onsite inspection of HT Equipments • Welding Machines profiling • Transformer Health Monitoring • Parallel Energy Metering • Thermal Imaging • Earthing and safety Inspection • Cable Health Monitoring • Breakers and Switchgears reliability. • Energy efficiency testing of equipments and Buildings • Electrical Thermal Mechanical Calibration
  39. 39. Inspection Services Homogeneity Testing of Hot Chambers, Ovens and Incubators Thermal Mapping and Furnace Audit as per API Specifications
  40. 40. Inspection Services Transformers Health Monitoring Thermal Mapping and Furnace Audit as per API Specifications
  41. 41. Transformer Monitoring and Diagnostic Systems
  42. 42. Background • Transformers are very important plant assets and their health is crucial to the operation of the facility. • Periodic inspections and tests are not always sufficient to identify developing issues. • Oil analysis alone cannot cover many failure modes. Many transformer units installed at industrial plants have very unique and complex designs.
  43. 43. Key transformer data includes • Dissolved gas in oil • Moisture in oil • Top oil temperature • Bottom oil temperature • Ambient temperature • Cooling fan and pump status • Load current • Tap changer information (if equipped)
  44. 44. Bharti modeling predictive analysis information • Apparent power • Winding hot spot • Moisture and bubbling • Moisture in paper • Moisture in barrier • Dynamic loading • Insulation aging • Diagnostic alarms • Prognostic alarms • Health index • Risk index
  45. 45. Program Features • Selection of optimum components • System design and engineering • Hardware installation • Communication system installation • System and software integration • Start-up and commissioning • Supply of labor and technicians • Project management • Remote monitoring and diagnostics (optional)
  46. 46. Software Image
  47. 47. Software Image
  48. 48. Software Image
  49. 49. Components • Bharti has an extensive family of monitoring components that are easily configurable for customized transformer monitoring solutions. Many options are available for every budget and operational contingency. • These range from basic composite gas and moisture monitoring of the main tank to multi-gas systems that collect the key data on both the main tank and an on- load tap changer tank.
  50. 50. This program is applicable to • All large single point of failure transformers • Generator step-up (GSU) transformers • Electric arc furnace transformers • Rectifier transformer systems
  51. 51. Remote monitoring of critical transformer assets is available through Bharti Asset Optimization Program.
  52. 52. Transformer Monitoring Benefits • Reduced inspection and maintenance costs • Reduced failure-related repair or replacement costs • Reduced revenue losses due to lost plant production • Deferred capital costs due to load growth or equipment age and condition • Improved confidence and security for dynamic transformer overloading performance
  53. 53. Research & Development Inspection Services Electrical Safety Audit (Man &Machine) Thermal Mapping of Furnaces as per API specifications. Onsite Calibration of HT Equipment's Transformer Health Monitoring Parallel Energy Metering Cable Health Monitoring Breakers and Switchgears reliability Energy efficiency survey of equipment's and Buildings
  54. 54. Research And Development of Testing Instruments We develop testing systems as per National & International Standards. Bharti Automation Bharti provides you equipments based upon latest Software. Equipment Up gradation using latest technology We work on existing technologies across product lines, that is when research is most exciting. We also undertake retrofitting jobs of existing testing machines or processes. Software and Interfacing Services You can simply depend upon us for “Project Consultancy to Energy Efficiency Solutions”, “Testing Machines to Test and Calibration Services” and from a “Small Sensor to a huge SCADA System”. What we do?
  55. 55. Reverse Engineering Services Take advantage of the experience of our reverse engineering team to: • Obtain CAD data that captures An object's original design intent • Design a new part to fit to a legacy Part • Accurately model performance surfaces • Redesign a part without manufacturing defects Product & Process development We can provide full scale supply and procurement services, from initial part design to process optimization, vendor qualification and product approval Design And Program Engineering We provides right virtual instrumentation solutions through a combination of process knowledge, technical expertise, commitment to delivery and our reliable quality framework. Our system integration practice provides en-to-end management What we do?
  56. 56. Industrial Automation Services We provide Total Solution for the Design, Engineering, Procurement, Installation & Commissioning of Automation, Instrumentation & Electrical Systems & Packages for mega projects in all the key sectors. What we do?
  57. 57. “Bharti Automation Bharti Automation (P) Ltd. Endeavors' to be the most Trusted Technology Solution Provider in the domain of Test Instrumentation & Industrial Automation.” Our Vision
  58. 58. •ISO :9001-2000 • ISO :14001-2004 •ISO/IEC 17025-2005 •World Food Program (A UN Food Aid Organization) International •National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration •Laboratories Bureau of Indian Standards National •Ministry of Environment & Forest under EPA, 1986 •State Pollution Control Boards of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Orissa •Directorate General of Civil Aviation •Directorate General of Supplies & Disposals •Delhi Development Authority • Research Designs & Standards Organization •Defense Research & Development Organization •Indian Ordnance Factories •Indian Railways, Integral Coach Factory •Central Public Works Department •National Productivity Council •BSES Rajdhani Power Limited Government Approvals
  59. 59. Our Clients
  60. 60. Our Mission Research & Development Pioneering Technology Innovation Long-term Business Excellence Customer Satisfaction Integrity
  61. 61. Our service and results are designed to provide value. Bharti Automation Testing Packages are competitively priced.  Accuracy and Technical Expertise.  Flexible Client-Oriented Services.  Practical and pragmatic service.  Diverse product range Our Competitive Edge WE CARE ABOUT YOUR PRIORITIES Experience Specialized Team Broad Coverage
  62. 62. SectorsWe Serve Electrical & Endurance Pharmaceutical Environment Mechanical Oil & Gas Petroleum products Metallurgy Microbiology Analytical Polymers Chemical Textiles
  63. 63. Test and Measurement Automation • Energy Management Systems • Building Automation • Energy Metering SCADA • Appliance Energy Efficiency • Testing Solutions. • Transformers and Turbine Health Monitoring systems • Customized Software for typical report generation • Latest interfacing techniques for any Hardware interfacing protocol
  64. 64. Test Rigs for Automotive applications • · Horn Test Setup • · Hose Test Rig • · Helmet Tester • · Air Compressor Test Rig • · Air Filter Test Rigs. • · Bump Test Machine • · Blower Test Bench • · Flash Point Tester • · Environment Test Chamber • · Sand Testing Machine • · Power Steering Test Rig • · Spring Testing Machine • · Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench • · Motor Test Bench • · Battery Capacity Testers • · Battery Charger Testers • · Digital Compression Testing Machine •Environmental Test Chambers for Appliance testing •Folding Computerized Hardness Testing Machine · Endurance Tester · Petroleum Testing Equipment · Turbo Charger Test Bench · Pump Test Bench · Digital Spring Testing Machine · Thermal Conductivity Tester · Head Light Tester · Refrigerator & Ac Performance Testing · Process Optimization Software · Logging & Collection Software · Fluid Flow Calibration Setup · Energy Meter Calibration Bench Automated Test Equipments
  65. 65. We undertake turnkey Projects in Instrumentation for large process plants. The activity in scope follows the following flow sequence:  Conceptualization of the Process.  Preparation of Pipeline and Instrumentation Schematics.  Designing of Instrumentation Architecture.  Detail Engineering, BOQ, and Cost Analysis.  Procurement Assistance/ Supply of Instruments and Hardware.  Onsite Installation of Hardware including Panels, Cables, H/W.  Software Development.  Onsite Integration and Commissioning.  Value added Post Commissioning Services. Project Consultancy &Turnkey Execution
  66. 66.  Electrical and Instrumentation of Hindustan Lever Ltd. Ice cream project on Turnkey basis in Himachal Pradesh.  Small Engine Dynamometer Testing Setup with Agilent Technologies.  Unique ID Bar-coded Products Tracking System for LG Electronics Pune.  Pull down test SCADA for for deep freezer at LG Electronics Ltd. Pune.  Energy monitoring test automation at LG Electronics Noida.  Energy Monitoring SCADA for BEE Certification.  Engine, Battery and Induction motor testing rig.  Bridge Stress Measurement System in IIT Delhi.  Automatic interpolation toolkit.  Creep Test Automation in NTPC. Supporting Nation by serving institution like DRDO, NTPC, IITs, Indian Railways, GAIL, etc. Our Prestigious Projects
  67. 67. Turnkey Large Laboratory Setups and Consultancy Service • We have a state of art manufacturing facility to produce test equipment. • We design our own software for customized testing and reporting. • We have facility to upgrade old test facility to meet new standard requirements. • We provide consultancy for laboratory setup for Electrical Testing. • We undertake turnkey projects from design to commissioning new lab setups. • We provide Consultancy for ISO: IEC: 17025 Certification (NABL Accreditation) for Electrical and Electronics Testing.
  68. 68. Large Laboratory Setups and Consultancy Services • We provide Consultancy for ISO: IEC: 17025 Certification (NABL Accreditation) for Electrical and Electronics Testing. • We are specialized in Test setups for Electrical and Home appliances and electronics industries and we have set up almost 25 laboratories in India. • We have facility to upgrade old test facility to meet new standard requirements. • We provide consultancy for laboratory setup for Electrical Testing.
  69. 69. Fluid Flow Calibration Lab for National Physical laboratory of India designed developed installed by Bharti Automation
  70. 70. Energy Meter Test Bench