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Analyzing Sound in misfits S1E1

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Presentation analyzing sound in a 5 minute clip of Misfits, Series 1 Episode 1- Burying the Prohbabtion Worker.

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Analyzing Sound in misfits S1E1

  1. 1. Analyzing Sound in Misfits India & Lucy
  2. 2. Introduction• Misfits is a science fiction comedy drama directed and written by Howard Overman.• It is viewed on E4 normally at 9pm and lasts a running time of 45mins (without commercials).• It was released on the 12th November 2009 and is soon to air it’s third season.
  3. 3. Sounds• Opening Titles Theme Music is called Echoes by The Rapture.• SFX used throughout clip.• Action Scenes- Music that gradually builds up tension as the action progresses.
  4. 4. How the Sound was Recorded• Either downloaded or got hold of existing sound effects.• Filmed the sounds and enhanced them in post-production.
  5. 5. Diagetic & Non-Diagetic Sounds• Throughout the clip we heard a wide variety of Diagetic and Non-Diagetic Sounds.• A lot of these sounds overlapped the two categories as many of them were enhanced.• Overall we were able to pick up on around 23 different sounds, some the same but would be considered as Diagetic and Non-Diagetic.
  6. 6. Our Opinion• Realistic• Set the scene & mood• Relevant to the action• Entertaining• Brought it to life