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Economic and political environment

  1. Tutorial 4 Economic and political environment Sergio Pinzon
  2. Agenda Presentation Debate Homework
  3. Debate + One team has the affirmative role and the other negative role (defends cons of the topic) + Name one leader + You should choose one person to defend each point in 1- 2 minutes + The opposite team will ask questions (challenge) and the team in charge should answer those questions- (1-2 minutes each question) + The opposite will present their arguments and the team in charge have the opportunities to ask further questions + Point system § Relevance § Promptness § Team work
  4. To what extend do you agree or disagree? a) If people are serious about doing business with you, they will speak English b) Values in cultures are the biggest challenge for international markets. c) We can learn about culture by reading and attending to factual materials Urbanization is a problem in developing countries d) In a country, the level of family income is a good indicator of market potential e) Current consumer expenditure patterns in China are a business opportunity for Australia and New Zealand f) The politics of your country affect your efforts in internationalisation Agree groups- 1-6 Disagree groups- 7-12
  5. Next week groups Group (tutorial 1) Group (tutorial 2)
  6. Homework + Draw a mind map by hand (classroom boards or paper) and address the assigned topics- 5- 8 minutes for each team. Check below your groups: + Group A- Group 1- 3 + Group B- Group 4-6 + Group C- Group 7-9 + Group D- Group 10-12
  7. Use the material below as a starting point Group A- Opportunities and challenges Cruise shipbuilding: Europe and Asia (week 2) Group B- Market potential Africa’s Growing Middle Class (week 4) Group C- Ethics and bribery Should Customers Care about Apple’s Treatment of Chinese Workers? (week 3) Bribery and Corruption (week 5) Group D- Micro moments Micro-Moments (week 6)
  8. Group A • What are the motivations behind governments promoting ‘champions? • What are the opportunities and problems caused by increased urbanisation in developing countries? • Based on how exports have changed in Australia in recent times, what does this information tell us about potential opportunities?
  9. Group B § What opportunities exist in the growing economies? For example: Is Africa ‘the hopeless continent’ or an emergent opportunity for the future? § What information will you need to determine market potential? § How would you undertake the initial marketing research required to help you decide whether commercialising a product is feasible or not overseas?
  10. Group C • What is the role of ethics, moral management and social responsibility in international markets? • How do you evaluate the need for companies to go beyond the letter of the law? • How can an international marketer assess the level of corruption in an overseas market they want to enter?
  11. Group D § What are the 4 types of micro-moments according to Google? § How do you optimize micro-moments? § Imagine you are a car manufacturer. How can you use these strategies to reach your consumers in the micro-moment in which they are looking for a new car?
  12. Thank you