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2016 Top Trends in Mobile App Development Life

  1. 2016 TOP TRENDS IN MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE| 00971564752145 | 00971554063662
  2. With the mobile technology getting a massive makeover, we are in for a fast-paced development changes in 2016. Consumers are utilizing their smart phones more and syncing it with wearable devices, their cars, home appliances, etc. The smart devices are slowly becoming the connecting hub on how an individual lives their life. As Google CEO Larry Page announced "We are no longer living in a mobile-first world, we are in a mobile- only world." © Copyright 2015 Innoppl. All rights reserved.
  3. With mobile technology changing every few months, the application development process has to be reduced to bring down the total life cycle of the mobile app. Apps need to be moved from the UI design phase to the release phase within a couple of months to have a productive run before the next update is out, pushing you to revisit the app development process, yet again. A Speedy App Development Process © Copyright 2015 Innoppl. All rights reserved.
  4. Apps Built For Various Screen Size And Shape Samsung and LG had a noted success with their revolutionary edge screen and curved screen, we can expect other phone makers following suite. App developers will try to make this work for them and start building apps compatible with such phones. © Copyright 2015 Innoppl. All rights reserved.
  5. Cloud-Driven App Development Hosting mobile apps on could is the easiest way to access the app and its data by all authenticated users. More number of enterprises are going the cloud way to create apps that works best for their process © Copyright 2015 Innoppl. All rights reserved.
  6. There is an app being developed every minute, there is a huge competition for apps in all genres. To lure users, security is the main selling point. Refined app developers will give primary importance to security during all development phases. Also, enterprises will enforce more severe guidelines, impacting on how employees use their BYODs. Security – Always a Priority © Copyright 2015 Innoppl. All rights reserved.
  7. Apps That Blends With Your Process More number of organizations will invest in mobile apps that simplifies their business process. In 2015, enterprises started accepting the app way, but in 2016, almost all enterprises will operate through mobile apps to have a unified and a productive work process. © Copyright 2015 Innoppl. All rights reserved.
  8. Apps For Marketing Almost all retail giants are looking at mobile apps to enhance their marketing efforts. Taking Starbucks as a great example, each and every app update they bring has a contributing fact to get more users into their stores. © Copyright 2015 Innoppl. All rights reserved.
  9. Your smart device is going to be a central hub in controlling everything around you. More number of mobile apps are going to be developed for such purposes. Augmented Reality, wearable devices, IOT, etc, is going to be the front runner in 2016 mobile app development genre. The Futuristic Apps © Copyright 2015 Innoppl. All rights reserved.
  10. Apps And Analytics App developers are becoming more conscious about the importance of analytics. User data has immense impact on tomorrow’s economy. Developing a conscious app which records user’s analytics will become the primary importance to app developers. © Copyright 2015 Innoppl. All rights reserved.
  11. No one is looking at developing native apps anymore. With the number of OS increasing, people are open to new devices, it’s essential to get the app running on maximum number of compatible devices. HTML 5 will become the only choice for mobile developers in 2016. Hybrid Apps All The Way © Copyright 2015 Innoppl. All rights reserved.
  12. Conclusion 2016 is the year where mobile apps will become more inclusive and have an image of its own. Our Dubai mobile app developers create apps that are refined, informative, user-friendly and embracing users and their needs. © Copyright 2015 Innoppl. All rights reserved.
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