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Business bavaria 11-2013_en

  1. 1. Business Bavaria Newsletter Issue 11 | 2013 What’s inside Our hot topic: Digitalisation is everywhere Five minutes with ... Dr. Markus Wittmann, head of Bavaria’s new representative office in China Page 2 Focus topic: Bavaria – home of the digital revolution Page 3 Bavaria in your briefcase: A Christmas market for everyone Page 4 U al R e g io n l: s p e c ia a t e a la t in pper P From p age 5 OpenX Technologies and AdServerPub ready to go The ICT sector, which already has a strong international flavour in Bavaria, is gain- marketing agency AdServerPub from neighbouring France. Founded in Paris in 2010, ing some new members from near and far. By opening its first German branch, the the performance display advertising specialist has already set new standards in its Californian IT company OpenX Technologies is launching its market activities in field. A technology developed by the company itself makes it possible to address the heart of Europe. As one of the world’s leading providers in the field of technol- each target group online with personalised adverts and thus to generate sales. With ogy for digital and mobile advertising, the company is on the road to expansion in- 2 billion clicks, 15.3 million unique users and around 200 campaigns started every ternationally. It also has sites in New York, London and Tokyo, as well as Munich and month, the French company is making considerable waves in online marketing, in- its headquarters in Los Angeles. Another IT company that has chosen Munich as the cluding for customers such as Spartoo and Zalando. location for its first branch in Germany comes from a little closer to home: the online Toyobo adds its weight to Lower Franconia’s textiles sector The Japanese company Toyobo, headquartered in Osaka, is opening its first Eu- business promotion services on the ground in Obernburg, Lower Franconia, were ropean production facility in Obernburg. With over 10,000 staff, the company is crucial factors in choosing this location,” emphasised CEO Ryuzo Sakamoto. He sees a leading developer and manufacturer of special films, synthetic fibres, industrial these as providing the ideal conditions for his company to develop further in Europe. materials and biomaterial in the chemicals industry and a key supplier to textiles New additions to a large community: Bavaria is now home to 330 branches of Japa- manufacturers. “The highly qualified staff, good infrastructure and support from nese companies. New Executive Director of Invest in Bavaria Dr. Wolfgang Hübschle took over as the new Executive fairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology. The doc- Hübschle, 45, has many years of experience in location tor of law has also had a chance to get to know the local marketing and business promotion. Previously, he had side of business promotion during his career, as head of been the representative of the Free State of Bavaria the Office of Business Promotion at the city of Augs- in New York since October 2010. Before that, Hübschle burg from 2002. His predecessor at Invest in Bavaria, managed the “Regionalförderung und EU-Programme Dr. Johann Niggl, has moved on to become the Managing Interreg” (Regional Promotion and EU Programmes In- w w w. i n v e s t - i n - b a v a r i a . c o m terreg) department at the then Ministry of Economic Af- Director of Invest in Bavaria on 4th November 2013. Director of Bayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft (BEG). Page 1
  2. 2. Five minutes with … Dr. Markus Wittmann, head of Bavaria’s new representative office in China Dr. Markus Wittmann established the first repre- There is a long history of trade relations between sentative office in Shandong as far back as 1997 and China and Bavaria. Where do you think the focus will was Executive Director of Invest in Bavaria for many be in the future? years. Most recently, he was Managing Director of The flow of trade between Bavaria and China, which is the Regional Association for Wholesale and Foreign already hugely important for many Bavarian compa- Trade, Distribution and Services of Bavaria (LGAD). nies, will continue to grow in both quantity and qual- Now Dr. Markus Wittmann is taking over manage- ity. The transfer of technology will also become ever ment of both the existing office in Shandong and the more significant in both directions, as the technologi- newly-established representative office in Shenzen cal capabilities of companies in China are growing rap- as Chief Representative in China. Shenzen is located idly. Bavaria is in a good position as a recognised, open in Guangdong, the state with the strongest economy and efficient partner in this area. in China, right next to Hong Kong. You are about to move to China to live for the second Interest from Chinese companies in Bavaria as a Chinese managers. It is the companies that do this time. What fascinates you so much about the coun- location is growing rapidly. Which factors are par- that are successful in Bavaria. try and how has it developed since the last time you ticularly important to investors? lived there? Chinese investors value the market potential, the Over 12,000 Chinese citizens already live in Bavaria. China has surprises in store time and time again, as technological efficiency of the companies and the Which regions and sectors do most of them work in? the country is changing incredibly dynamically. The willingness to enter into real cooperation in the busi- Every region in Bavaria is attractive to Chinese citi- new level of modernity in everyday life and the new ness location of Bavaria. Good air links and the state’s zens and companies and a good place to live, but of sense of freedom for many Chinese people, espe- central position in Europe are also important. course the population is concentrated in the university cially in the Eastern coastal regions, are particularly towns and economic regions with strong business noticeable. The high quality in all areas of the public What does a Chinese investor need to be aware of links to China, such as Erlangen, Nuremberg, Regens- infrastructure – including schools, healthcare and rail in Bavaria? burg, Augsburg and Ingolstadt, as well as the state transport – already exceeds European standards in Business life in Germany works very differently from capital, Munich. The range of sectors is encouragingly parts, as does the level of service orientation. The peo- in China. The differences include the legal framework, wide, ranging from energy and electrical engineering, ple here are working towards the future with plenty of recruitment and development of staff, and the degree mechanical and plant engineering and medical technol- energy and optimism. of patience needed before a product or service begins ogy to retail companies and, increasingly, service pro- to make a profit. That is why it is essential that Chi- viders. The fact that many Chinese companies consider nese investors prepare actively for these structures by Bavaria the ideal European location for their research providing intensive training for their staff and their and development activities is also very positive. Number of the month 14,340 Bavarian patent applications were submitted to the German Patent and Trade Mark Source: 2012 Annual Report, German Patent and Trade Mark Office (Page 3). Office (DPMA) in 2012 – more than from any other state. Bavaria leads the way in Germany with 30.8 per cent of all patent applications. w w w. i n v e s t - i n - b a v a r i a . c o m Page 2
  3. 3. Focus Topic Bavaria – home of the digital revolution It is the innovative driving force behind the global economy. Bavaria will have provided half a billion euros for the comprehensive high-speed broadband network alone by 2014 – more than any other country in Europe. A vital role for politicians The conditions for advancing digitalisation could not be better – and nowhere is this more true than in Bavaria. The state has been shaped by industry and has always been committed to long-term cooperation between business, science and research. The political course was set early on for further expansion of broadband provision, intensive funding programmes and an innovative start-up scene in the IT field. Bavaria will have provided half a billion euros for the comprehensive high-speed broadband network alone by 2014 – more than any other country in Europe. A look at trends and potential More automation, more interaction All the factors driving global markets, such as automation, flexibilisation and Technologies will play an ever increasing role as independent actors in value creation increasing efficiency and productivity, ultimately come down to digitalisation. Even processes. Robots are learning to act in a force-sensitive way; sensors make autono- IT developments such as cloud computing, big data and mobile solutions are not only mous, connected systems possible; cars communicate with one another and will changing IT itself, but are also making entirely new business models, value chains soon be able to drive themselves – and the Internet of things is allowing completely and production processes possible. With its “Digital Bavaria” strategy, Bavaria is aim- new applications. Those who are able to transform new technologies into market- ing to become a top class digital business location by 2020, offering a clear competi- able solutions early will be ahead of the game. tive advantage for companies in all key sectors – from energy to health, communication and mobility to security. Bavaria’s new awakening The innovation-friendly climate offers very attractive conditions. In fact, Munich is Strong mainstays in the regions now ahead of Berlin by a long way in terms of IT start-ups. According to the sector 40 per cent of Germany’s 83,000 ICT companies are based in Bavaria. It is not with- association BITKOM (Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommu- out reason that the digital economy already has strong mainstays in every region nications and New Media), Bavaria is the top area state and Munich is the top Ger- today. Upper Bavaria is a world class IT location, while Swabia is getting ahead not man metropolitan region when it comes to the number of company start-ups in the only in IT, but also in robotics, automation and mechatronics. Upper Palatinate and information, communications and digital sector. The fourth industrial revolution has Lower Bavaria set standards in electrical engineering and the motor vehicle industry, long been under way in Bavaria. while Franconia’s strengths are in telematics and robotics, too. In addition, lively cluster environments are springing up all over the state, allowing pioneering cooperation. This keeps companies fit for the future. How funding programmes become success stories Bavaria is the only state in Germany to have set up an “Information and A perfect example: Medical Valley Nuremberg Digitalisation is also bringing fundamental change and new applications in the healthcare sector. Medical Valley Nuremberg is a good example of a top cluster that works. 500 companies in medical technology work together with hospitals, universities and universities of applied sciences, and with great success: the region is the top Communications Technology” funding programme to support small and medium-sized companies as they develop and apply this future technology. The project sponsor VDI/VDE/IT GmbH handles all specialist and administrative tasks that arise as part of the funding programme and the research region in Germany for diagnostics, surgery and identification, and has great inno- and development projects it funds – for example in developing new types vative strength. Since 2010, over 110 patents and invention disclosures have been of data structure for driver assistance systems in vehicles or innovative submitted by top cluster projects alone. technologies for broadband connection. “We investigate the opportunities and risks of technologies and e ­ xamine their potential for implementation in practice.” Dr. Jürgen Dam, VDI/VDE/IT Project Leader w w w. i n v e s t - i n - b a v a r i a . c o m Page 3
  4. 4. Bavaria in your Briefcase A Christmas market for everyone In Anwanden (Zirndorf), near Nuremberg, the romantic Christmas market at idyllic Gut Wolfgangshof will be held for the second time, organised by the famous Schloss Hexenagger team. Over 100 craftsmen and exhibitors display their selected wares in rustic wooden huts in the historic cow shed, carriage shed, hayloft and old pillared grain store. The Christmas market is held on the following weekends: 29th November – 1st  December, 6th – 8th December, 13th – 15th December and 20th – 22nd December. The Tollwood Winter Festival has a very different concept: less traditional, but more international and progressive. With programme highlights including “Classical Music Differently”, “Weltsalon Mission Earth” and the “Market of Ideas”, the Tollwood WinTollwood: an inspirational place to meet ter Festival goes its own way for fans of art, culture and music. The South African Isango Ensemble, for example, will be performing Mozart’s “The Magic Flute – In the run-up to Christmas, Bavaria is full of festive Christmas markets, most of Impempe Yomlingo” on marimba and percussion. There is no lack of inspiration here, which are still very traditional. What is really fascinating here is that every town – nor of social or environmental commitment. See for yourself from 26th November and sometimes even parts of towns – bring their own characteristics to their Christ- to 31st December. mas market. Some are very historic; others have more multicultural flair. We want to More information at: recommend two particularly unmissable Christmas markets from the many different http://www.hexenagger.de/wolfgangshof.html ones on offer. http://www.tollwood.de Trade Fairs and Events … in Munich … in Augsburg Heim+Handwerk – Building, Furnishing, Living 27th November – 1st December 2013 Germany’s largest consumer exhibition for building, furnishing and living. www.heim-handwerk.de akademika – the job fair 20th – 21st November 2013 One of Germany’s largest careers fairs for young graduates. www.akademika.de FOOD & LIFE – Where gourmets meet 27th November – 1st December 2013 The meeting place for gourmets and qualityconscious consumers with exhibitors from across Germany and Europe. www.food-life.de Meetingplace Germany 3rd December 2013 The specialist trade fair for MICE professionals. www.muenchen.meetingplace.de/content/ index_ger.html … in Nuremberg SPS IPC Drives – Electric Automation – Systems and Components 26th – 28th November 2013 Europe’s leading specialist trade fair for electric automation. www.mesago.de/de/SPS/home.htm ... by and with Invest in Bavaria Invest in Bavaria at the 3rd German-Turkish Business Day on 22nd November 2013 in Nuremberg, Bavaria Your contact: Caglar Bektas | Tel.:+49 89 24210-7525 caglar.bektas@invest-in-bavaria.com Invest in Bavaria at Medica on 20th – 23rd December 2013 in Düsseldorf, Germany Bayern Innovativ shared booth, Hall 03 | Booth E83 Your contact: Dr. Martin Wimbersky | Tel.:+49 89 2162-2209 martin.wimbersky@invest-in-bavaria.com Publisher Business Bavaria Image sources Invest in Bavaria – The Business Promotion Agency of the Bavarian Ministry of Coordination: Alexandra Schmidhuber P. 1: © Thinkstock Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology and Bayern International Art Direction: Alex Podolay P. 1/2: © Invest in Bavaria Prinzregentenstr. 22 Editorial Department: www.red.de P. 3: © Getty Images 80538 Munich | Germany Translation: www.aa-boundless.com P. 4: © Sigi Müller, www.tollwood.de Phone +49 89 24210-7500 Layout: www.red.de P. 5/6: © Thinkstock welcome@invest-in-bavaria.com HTML Version: www.kirchbergerknorr.de w w w. i n v e s t - i n - b a v a r i a . c o m Page 4
  5. 5. Special: Bavaria’s Regions Upper Palatinate Regensburg: building bridges for the future Upper Palatinate will also see plenty of Christmas markets over the next few weeks. geographical position in the heart of Europe, a healthy economic structure and in- Regensburg, the administrative district’s capital, offers a particularly beautiful back- novative companies. According to the “Germany 2020” study by Zukunftsinstitut, drop. Its medieval old town was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006 because Upper Palatinate is one of the top 13 German regions in terms of future potential. of its magnificent architecture. Thanks to long-distance trade with European centres such as Paris, Venice and Kiev, the town on the Danube has enjoyed success since the Middle Ages. Even today, Regensburg and Upper Palatinate benefit from their Upper Palatinate in numbers Infrastructure – Area: 3,742 square miles – xcellent road network with the A3, A6 and A93 motorways, access to the E – Population: approx. 1.1 million – egional structure: 3 urban districts (Amberg, Regensburg, Weiden), R 7 rural districts A9 and modern connections to the Czech Republic – tate-wide rail network including InterCity (IC) and InterCityExpress (ICE) S trains connecting urban areas – ood, fast access to Munich, Nuremberg and Prague airports G – ayernhafen Regensburg as a link between the seaport of Rotterdam B and the Black Sea Top industries – raffic hub: Cargo Transport Center (CTC) in Regensburg as the gateway T – utomotive production and technology A – argo terminal for combined freight transport (CFT) with nonstop regular C – lectronics and electrical engineering E between road, rail and inland waterway networks service transport connection – lastics processing P – Mechatronics – ioengineering (clusters at Biopark Regensburg), Germany’s second B largest biotech location – T technology incl. IT security, IT logistics and internet services I (e.g. at the IT Speicher in Regensburg) Research and innovation – University of Regensburg, Universities of Applied Sciences in Regensburg, Amberg and Weiden – ensor systems (cluster technology) S – Fraunhofer project groups at Biopark Regensburg – enewable energies R – ATZ Development Center in Sulzbach-Rosenberg – lass, porcelain and ceramics industry (traditional, but also for G – Technology campus for mechatronics in Cham present-day applications) – Environmental institute in Neumarkt – ogistics and special trade L – Medical engineering cluster – pecial purpose machinery manufacture S – Sensor systems sub-cluster – Innovative in-cluster companies with particular expertise in the fields of mechatronics automation, sensor systems, environmental engineering and bioengineering w w w. i n v e s t - i n - b a v a r i a . c o m Page 5
  6. 6. Special: Bavaria’s Regions Upper Palatinate “Stadtbrille” bridge in Amberg Walhalla memorial Unique features of Upper Palatinate Attractions in Upper Palatinate – ocated in the geographical centre of Europe: forms a bridge to Eastern L – Historic old town of Regensburg (UNESCO World Heritage Site) Europe – nventor region: companies from Upper Palatinate file an above-average I number of patents – ounder region: Upper Palatinate has been named one of Germany’s most F start-up-friendly regions – romising region: according to the “Germany 2020” study by Zukunfts­ P institut, Upper Palatinate is one of the top 13 German regions in terms of future potential. – ross-border value chain with the neighbouring Czech Republic C – alhalla memorial near Donaustauf W – istoric old towns of Amberg, Berching, Cham, Nabburg H and Weiden – he region with the most festivals in Bavaria (including the “Slaying of T the Dragon” in Furth im Wald, the “Thurn und Taxis” concert and theatre festival featuring international opera stars, the “Max Reger Days” ...) – ith more than 600 castles, Upper Palatinate is the “Land of castles, W Upper Bavaria” – utstanding church and monastery architecture (e.g. Regensburg Cathedral, O Kappel Trinity Church and the monastic library in Waldsassen) Economic key figures – ighest GDP growth per capita in Bavaria in recent years: almost 40 per H cent since 1997 – rocessing industry export quota approx. 50 per cent and rising P Living in Upper Palatinate – “Mecca“ for outdoor sports of all kinds at a total of 8 large nature parks – iverse opportunities for water sports at the Upper Palatinate lakes D and rivers. w w w. i n v e s t - i n - b a v a r i a . c o m Page 6