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Presentation on a business plan

  2. Premier university PRESENTATION ON :Business plan on restaurant
  3. SUBMITTED TO: MS. ELA SHAHA SUBMITTED BY : Name Student ID: Ismam Mahamud 1302710106443 Fb: ismam mahamud shawon
  4. KHAI- খাই Better taste , Unique quality. একবার খাইলি বারবার খাইতু মন চাইবু . Eat healthy , live healthy.
  5. Executive Summary • Costs included in this Plan are on the Basis of Industry Trends. • This Business Plan is Derived from a secondary detailed Market Analysis. • A Buffer is Included in the Start-up cost to ensure that the business in not under-financed. • We have also determined the traditional and non-traditional risk associated with failure of the restaurant.
  6. Goals & Objectives • Keeping food costs at less than 35% of revenue. • Promoting and expanding the restaurant concept as unique restaurant. • Expanding our marketing and advertising in chittagong to increase our customer base. • Customer Satisfaction. • To create a Healthy and safe Environment. • To establish a presence as a successful local fast food outlets in gec Area. • To make khai a destination spot for students and service holders. • To expand into a number of outlets by year Five, and established new outlets in neighbouring area, such as lalkhanbazar, probartak, jamal khan and oxygen. • Provide Home Delivery Service in near Future.
  7. Mission • • Our restaurant will be an inspiring one, combining an eclectic atmosphere with excellent and interesting food. • • Our main mission are as follows: • Have a great food selection. • Efficient and superior customer service. • Because customer satisfaction is our Prime objective. • • Employee welfare, participation and training are equally important to our success. • Mission • • Our concept combines variety, ambience ,entertainment and a superior staff to create a sense of ‘place’. • • We offer fair Profits for the owners and investors and a rewarding place to work for the employees .
  8. •Vision • “First taste is best and ensuring always same taste”
  9. SWOT Analysis • Strengths: Reasonable prices, wide variety of coffee and drinks, a lot of home-made treats • Weaknesses: Turn down in the economy, start-up costs, new business, no reputation • Opportunities: Job opportunities for the many unemployed in Connersville, catering • Threats: Gas stations, McDonalds, Brian’s Bookstore, and other local restaurants.
  11. • Company Summary • • The Interior Design • • The Restaurant will Feature two venues: • One will be in the restaurant mainly for dining purpose and Family. • Other will be Outdoor for the Customer who wants something not so heavy like lunch and dinner. • Lounge( for waiting) and Bar Facilities will be provided. • Bean Bags will be provided in Lounge.
  12. • Company Summary • • The Menu: • Our Restaurant is focused on serving the need of the people of the chittagong . • There will also be little bit flexibility in the menu at the starting of the Restaurant. • • The Management: • One restaurant manager. • Cook according to need and demand. • One supply chain and inventory manager. • Waiters according to the number of tables.
  13. •Company Start-up • A space has to be rented of in an appropriate location . • Our start-up costs are mostly expensed equipment, furniture, painting, reconstruction rent, start-up labour , and legal and consulting costs associated with opening our restaurant.
  14. • Locations and Operations • GEC will be strategically suitable because of the following reasons: • Near to Premier university, near to MES college, near central plaza. • It also have coaching institutes and computer café. • It doesn’t have even a single restaurant near a km area who provides our cuisine.
  15. ■Operation Criteria: ■ The restaurant will be located in Gec ctg. The restaurant will service snacks , lunch, dinner and after-hours dining during the week and weekends. ■ Buffet will be Provided in lunch and dinner: ■ 499tk -for Veg. 700tk–for Non Veg. ■ Mid-Night Buffet Will be available in Weekends up to 12 am-2 am. ■ 415TK -for veg. 499TK-for Non veg. ■ Service will be during the following hours: ■ Lunch-01pm-4pm Dinner-7pm-11pm ■ Breakfast-8am-12pm Evening Snacks-4pm-7pm ■ Free Home delivery will be available on the order of more than TK 300. Within 3 km from Restaurant.
  16. FINANCIAL PLAN Our total Budget will be : 1 crore 20laks taka Financing Method Total Cash Percentage From Through Holders 7000000 59 % Through bank 5000000 41% Land rent cost 2000000 Sales promotional tools 2000000 Building Construction cost 1500000 Raw materials Delivery van 300000 Decoration and Furnishing 1500000 Online cost 700000 Security money 2000000
  17. Financial plan • Restaurant’s financial model is based on a business concept to “plan for the worst , but manage for the best.” • Restaurant’s financial plan will include:  Important assumptions.  Risk analysis, Break even analysis, Profit and loss statement ,Cash flow statement  Balance sheet
  18. •Market Segmentation • • Restaurant and Lounge intends to cater to a wide customer base. We Want everyone to feel welcome and entertained. We have defined the following groups as target segments that contribute to our growth projections: • • Youths and Teenagers • Families • The peoples will generally fall in between 15 to 50.
  19. • Market Analysis • My business is based on a preconceived idea We will take the help of secondary data available • Today in Bangladesh the trend of specialty restaurants is increasing • Dining Experience Reasonable Experience Value Proposition • Settling our value proposition strategy by considering our competitors. • •7days • CP • Shawrma House • Handy • • Meat Lovers • Finlay/khulshi town/sanmar food court • Cafeteria • sadias kitchen • Attack our competitor’s by introducing a brand offering comparable quality at a lower price.
  20. Core Product  our core product is to settle customer’s hunger and thirst.  For this reason, we segment our core food items in sections like: 1. Unique Food Items 2. Prototype Items 3. Green Food Items
  21. ACTUAL PRODUCT • Our brand name : KHAI
  22. • Features: We are including world’s different types of fast food in our restaurant for giving customers variety of choices .For e.g. Italian Pizzas, Chinese Momo , American Burger, Arabian shawarma , Belgian Waffles , French Fries and grilled sandwiches. • We also have national items i.e. Bangladeshi fast food items, such as : Fuchka , Doi Fuchka , Chot poti, Faluda, Singara, Samosa etc. Actual Product • Quality level : Keeping fresh food, wearing gloves, donating food to orphanage. • Design: • we have designed our product’s size from small to medium size.
  23. •Packaging: • We will package our food in a flashy and vibrant colour packet so that it will be helpful for promoting our brand name since we are including our brand logo on it. • Augmented Product • Delivery and credit: • We will deliver our goods through Motor bikes. Also we will use pick-up vans to deliver in bulk quantity. We will allow cash sales only.
  24. •Product support: • • We will train our employees to treat customers as their own family members. • Happy and dedicated employees make customers happy too so , we ensure that our employees are happy. • We have planned to survey our customers periodically . • Playing area for school students .Wi-Fi facilities for our university students.
  25. • Branding strategy • Tasty ,healthy and at a affordable price. • By eating our fast food customers can taste world’s variety of fast food at a reasonable price and at one place .Also we are offering internet facilities, playing area , discounts for North South university’s students , happy hour, free home delivery etc. Therefore , all these are our products benefits. • We promise to give all these benefits, features and services honestly. • Brand name : “KHAI” Its easy to pronounce , recognize and remember. • Brand sponsorship: Our brand is in the category of Manufacturer’s brand. We fall under Multiband .
  26. • Managing brands: • We will put great care into managing the touch points that customers come to know our brand through • Attractive Advertisement Word of mouth Online Advertisement • Future product •  Tandoori Chicken.  Kabab items.  Various juice items.  French Cheese Soufflé  Cabbage Rice Roll,  Roshogolla Cheese Cakes •
  27. ■ Price-New product pricing strategy ■ Market penetration pricing ■ The pricing objectives depend on many factors including production cost, existence of economic scale, barriers to entry, product differentiation and the firm resources. ■ Customers are price sensitive and the quantity demanded will increase significantly as price decline. ■ There is a threat of impending competition. ■ The product is of the nature of something that can gain mass appeal fairly quickly. ■ We want to spread our brand name and our food quality. ■ Under pure competition market, we are targeting specific customer groups.
  28. Strategy and Implementation ■ We intend to succeed by giving people a combination of excellent and interesting food in an environment. ■ We will focus on establishing a strong identity in our community with a grand opening. ■ We will create an appealing and entertaining environment with unbeatable quality at an exceptional price. • All menu items are moderately priced for the area.
  29. Competitive Edge ■ • Competitive edges will be: ■ An extraordinary contemporary restaurant design ■ Indian/bangladeshi classic menu with featured menu ■ Chef/Management Stock Incentive Program ■ Inner and Outer Sector Marketing campaign(i.e “come to town” promotions) • Employee Training, Incentive and Retention program.
  30. ■ Marketing strategy ■ Marketing strategy will be to promote our eclectic food, superior service, and exciting concepts to draw in the local repeat customers. Marketing initiatives will concentrate on the following: ■ Building and signage(Signage is any kind of visual graphics created to display information to a particular audience). ■ Customer service ■ Advertising and promotion
  31. Marketing program • Media marketing:- Billboard advertisement. Distribution of pamphlets. Advertisement in local newspaper. Advertorial on local cable channel. Sponsorship in the schools but not far than 1km. Banners and small posters in the sectors. Facebook
  32. Sales strategy  • Our sales strategy requires consistently high quality food service , speed and atmosphere. We can accomplish this by:  Hiring employees who genuinely enjoy their jobs.  Continually assessing the quality of all aspects mentioned above.  Interacting with our customers personally , so they know that their feedback goes directly to owners  Evaluating food choices for popularity
  33. Management summary  • Owner(restaurant manager) • Operations manager. • Finance manager. • Marketing manager.  • Supply manager. • Legal advisor. • Chartered accountant. • Inventory manager. • Cashier cum receptionist.
  34. ■Personnel plan: ■ I believe the personnel plan is good proportion to the size of the restaurant and projected revenues. ■ There will be the differentiation in the salaries of full-time employees and part time employees. ■ There will be award like “best waiter of the week” to boost the employees performance. • Proper allowances will be provided to increase the job satisfaction level. ■ Kitchen: ■ A North/South Indian/Thai food special chef with considerable experience in different restaurants-(2). ■ Cooks that work directly with chef(2). ■ Prepare cooks/dishwasher(2). ■ People cleaning the restaurant(2). ■ Waiters.
  35. • Important assumptions • • Economy • Business growth • Annual growth rate percentage • Seasonal sales variance • Industry & start-up • Pricing & cost control • Cost control • Inventory turnover and accounts payable • Future Scope: /TQM • Restaurant will be build with the consideration of its expansion ,as the Profits Built up ,it will be branched out. • After its Presence in many district in bangladesh, the objectives will be revised in • consideration of converting it into a Hotel chain.
  36. ■ Conclusion ■ This is a short term business plan. We tried to provide our best in here but if our customer will give us positive feed back then Khai will provide them a HOMELY ATMOSPHERE. Just take a visit in khai be sure that we are not going to Dissatisfy you. That’s a Promise..!
  37. ■THANK YOU