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AL4ED Kick-off meeting in London

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AL4ED Kick-off meeting in London

  1. 1. AL4ED THE KICK OFF MEETING IN LONDON 28/10/2013 14 partners members present: Italy, Coordinator: Simone Petrucci Nicola Sbrilli France: Miene Mathon Francis Dombret Norway: Kari Engen Torolf Engen Turkey: Bilal Yavas Hüseyin-Fatih Yaz Mustafa Yaz Latvia: Sraidrite Medvecka Maija Bataraga UK: Vesna Petkovic Senka Vemic Sanja Stefanovic Pro Art & CO EU Assistant: Nadege Le Dard MINUTES TAKEN BY THE UK PARTNER 1. Introduction of all partners and the host’s welcoming speech. 2. Coordinator introduced tasks and discussed each in details and brought to our attention several new points related to the creation of the Pedagogical Cards. 3. Pedagogical Cards: Each partner have to introduce the educational programme learned in the host country to their learners and develop their own programme related to Art and Landscape topics. These Pedagogical Cards will be one of our outcomes at the end of the project. They should be created before the next mobility. 4. We also discussed the monitoring and evaluation process and decided to have forms to make it easier to record our activities and mobilities. We also decided that all partners will take part in the project dissemination and will be responsible for collection of the material for dissemination, distribution to partners and the media communication. 5. Tasks deliveries and responsibilities of each partner: the discussion was necessary because we realise that some small changes should be introduced in the frame of our initial plan. The decision was to distribute tasks as follows: Italy to Coordinate the project, create a website, logo and e-book and take part in dissemination. This task should be accomplished until February 2014. Latvia and France to be responsible to create and collect the Pedagogical Cards, distribute them to the Partners and to take part in dissemination. Time: until February 2014 Italy and Turkey will be responsible for visual and digital communication between the
  2. 2. partners and will work jointly on website and online facilities and make that available to all partners. They will help partners with uploading and creating their pages. We decided to create website with Wordpress and Blog, Facebook, Youtube. Time: same as above. The UK to create monitoring and evaluation forms and with help of France to collect and disseminate it among the partners. It should be done until January 2014. The UK will also be responsible for joint communication in English language, editing of relevant texts, information for the media and reports. The UK partner to take minutes of the meetings. Norway to be responsible for monitoring and collection of Feedback process. Greece to be responsible for evaluation and collection of the outcome material. Both partners to work on these tasks continuously during the length of the project. 6. Communication: we decided that English will be joint partnership language but we shall also use each national language to promote the project and to make it available to all our learners. We discussed the importance of the partner’s languages in order to reach out, to make it easier for the Final Report and EST and generally for better dissemination. 7. Products: all picture and video material from domestic activities and mobilities, all presentations and pedagogical material relevant for the Art and Landscape themes. Each partner will send to Italy 10-12 pictures, maximum, from their mobilities + local events, all in jpg format and in manageable size (up to 300 pixels resolution). Italy will create a video channel on YOUTUBE from where we shall disseminate the project regularly. Together with Turkey they will service and manage the Webiste, Blog, Youtube and Facebook. 8. AL4ED Project: The biggest change is that Spain is out from the initial group of applicants because they did not get funding. Greece is under the question mark still, although they received funding but had problem with organising the project with their local menace, a great reduction of staff within their organization. They asked if we can excuse them for this meeting in relation to this problem and inability to identify who will be the coordinator within their organization and eligible to come to London. 9. Project: Presentation of Art and Landscape to our local learners and in mobilities. We decided to achieve that through local activities and workshops. At ech mobility we shall present some programme related to the theme- pre-designed topic of art and landscape (the first one was presented in London) and in the next mobility we shall report and do presentation of what we have done locally in presenting this programme. The host of that mobility will present a new topic (we identified topics in our Application Form) for the future local workshops and presentations. 10. We discussed the rules of mobilities and generally LLP and Grundtvig programme in order to clarify our responsibilities towards the partnership. 11. Mobility Dates: These dates are more or less decided but could be small changes of a day or two back or forth, in order to facilitate other partners’ responsibilities. MOBILITIES SCHEDULE 26-31 March 2014 mobility to Italy - Castiglione del Lago To use the UK presentations topic and to develop activities related to these theme in each partner’s country. The topic is Art of Landscape in 17th -18th centuries London and contemporary art Landscape Photography. To collect Pedagogical Cards about these themes. 25-29 June 2014 mobility to Latvia – Mid-Summer Festival - Riga The topic is “Making a hay design in the old orchard”, working on the Half Term Report 15-19 September 2014 mobility to France - Paris Topic: “Land Art” and Midterm evaluation of partnership’s achievements
  3. 3. Dates to be set after the mobility to Italy November 2014 mobility to Greece - Oannina Topic: “Recycling Art exhibition” 22-26 April 2015 mobility to Turkey – Konya Topic: “ebru” art technique workshops, making of tulips and working on the final evaluation and collection of the outcomes, dissemination and the media coverage. 27-31 July 2015 mobility to Norway – Trondheim Topic: “Biodiversity” also collecting all material for the Final Report and working on the partnership’s joint part. MEETING FROM THE 30/10/2013 IN LONDON We made a provisional plan in case that Greek partner pulls out. We discuss possibility to write to the Greek National Agency to provide a new solution or to work with 6 partners and reduce activities and mobilities accordingly. Simone will ask his National Agency about the topic which Greek partner covered on whether to include in our programme or just to abandon? He will also keep in touch with the Greek Partner for the latest news about their participation. We also discuss how to rearrange the schedules for mobilities. We all expressed our sadness if we loose our Greek partner and decided to wait for the outcome. All other business: Bilal suggested that in the future we all try to be in the same hotel, it will make life easier for the host and the partners. We all agree with his suggestion. Kari asked that we send well in advance the names of all people who will take part in mobilities, which will help to prepare the certificates too. Simone suggested that our task between November 2014 and April 2015 would be to organise seminars and workshops, to create a brochure, use our logo and to develop the project publicly. He said that we should organise exhibitions with the material from our four mobilities or Power Point presentations. All of us have to work on the media information about the project and generally dissemination. Bilal suggested that each partner design two kinds of Logos and send it to Simone so that we all vote on the final solution. That would help Simone to finalise this task. Fathi, Simone and Nicholas have to create a poster, banner and the artwork, which would brand our project and include in it the project’s logo. They will also create design for bookmarks, cards, pens and other memorabilia for dissemination purposes. Kari said that we should have a group picture from each mobility on our website and use it for wider promotion. We decided that all activities, products, mobilities and joint decisions will be available on the website in 6-7 sections. We also decided on our means of communication and the favourite is e-mail, SKYPE, Facebook or Facetime. The meeting ended with a shared food and drinks brought by our friends from each partner’s country, celebrating our first meeting and the future success of the project. This mobility finished, after the visit to the Historic Fulham Palace and Gardens, with a joint dinner in the English Pub and a definite friendship bond between the partners.