sire evaluation progeny testing challenges for selecting disease resistant animals advantages of genetic elements in disease manageme need of selection for disease resistance methods of selection for disease resistance resistance and tolerance methods of indexing sires steps to be adopted in the field pt program prerequisites pt project rajasthan rank india rank big data wool meat milk livestock census genetic and phenotypic effect back cross inbreeding and relationship coefficient heterosis grading up selective breeding outbreeding inbreeding breeding policy mating system anova f-test chi-square (휒^2)- test t-test degree of freedom (df) level of significance (los) type 1 error alternative hypothesis(h1) null hypothesis(h0) test of significance test of hypothesis tabulation frequency polygon ogive curve historigram histogram frequency polygon- graphical represention diagrammatic representation inclusive and exclusive frequency class interval range classification according to attributes classification of data sample collection of data data construction of selection index efficiency of s.i. total score or selection index independed culling levels (icl) tandem selection advantange and disadvantages sire indexing method progeny selection within family selection common environment(c-effect) sib selection collateral relatives-family selection pedigree selection individual selection selection of males & females probable breeding value(pbv) estimating breeding value(ebv) basis of selection consequences of selection combined selection multitrait selection multistage selection pattern of selection force of selection selection
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