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Bring rfid to asset management

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RFID technology allows auditing inventory without line of sight. Integrating RFID with asset management software can support the management of asset life cycle while saving 6x time in inventory audit and preventing theft via real time alert.

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Bring rfid to asset management

  1. 1. Bring RFID to Enterprise Asset Management E-ISG Asset Intelligence (www.e-isg.com) February, 2016
  2. 2. RFID – Key Benefits Use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for automated inventory control eliminates costly user-initiated line of sight inventory activities that other technologies require.
  3. 3. RFID Eliminates Line of Sight Scanning
  4. 4. How RFID Technology Add Value to Asset Management? 1 . Reduce counting/audit time by 6.5x – save Labor costs 2 . Automate the update of asset location – save time in locating assets
  5. 5. What RFID Technology Doesn’t Do  Manage the Lifecycle Infor mation of Individual Asset or the Relationships among Assets  Schedule and track asset Calibration/Maintenance  Suppor t wor kflows  Generate routine and customized repor ts for decision making and compliance repor ting
  6. 6. What Asset Management Software Does  Manage Financial, Physical, Contractual Infor mation of Physical Assets  Manage Asset Life Cycle events – recor d, change of custody, inventor y audit, maintenance, retirement  Automate Repor ting – Operation, financial, Compliance  Automate business processes through wor kflows
  7. 7. 7 1. Enterprise wide visibility to physical assets – improve operation  What  Where  Who 2. Streamlined data entry and reporting – save labor hours and reduce risks  Purchase orders feed into asset management systems  Data from asset management systems feed into Finance to prepare for depreciation and tax reporting Benefits from Asset Management System
  8. 8. 8  Reduce labor hours spent on locating assets  Reduce labor hours on auditing assets  Prevent loss of assets by setting up geo fencing for assets  Collect additional information from assets to assist decision making, e.g. temperature, meters Benefits of Bringing Physical RFID to Asset Management
  9. 9.  Active  Passive  Battery Assisted (BAP)  GPS/A-GPS RFID Tag Types
  10. 10. 10 Passive RFID Technology – How It works
  11. 11. • Specialized Handheld Readers – Mobile Computers – Bluetooth attached readers • Fixed Position Readers – Mounted near doors/areas – Fully automated operation Passive RFID Technology -- Options
  12. 12.  Don’t know where the materials, parts and equipment are  Expensive tool gets moved around in the plant, but nobody is alerted  Plant engineers spent overtime labor to inventory parts and equipment – cost overrun  Unable to track the components in an assembled workstation (parent/child relationship)  Unable to report to Customs the duration of the individual equipment in the plant since imported to Mexico Case Example -- Automobile Manufacturing Facility
  13. 13. Case Example – What We Did at the Facility  Tag all assets with Passive RFID tags at receiving  Install read points at doorways  Establish Zones throughout Floorplan  Logged events on:  Units movement outside of designated zones
  14. 14. Track Assets within Floor/Zones
  15. 15. Track Assets Moved Outside of Designated Zones
  16. 16. Case Example – Post Implementation 1. Eliminated daily cycle count 2. Eliminated overtime hours for inventory audit 3. Eliminated $2 Million in Customs fines for inaccurate records
  17. 17. Thank you!  Share your feedback by emailing us: sales@e-isg.com