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Importance of voting in India

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Voting is Coming soon

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Importance of voting in India

  2. 2. IMPORTANCE OF VOTING • Importance of voting in democratic elections, Problems facing in voting by individuals • Voting is one of the great privileges of living in a democracy. It provides recognition of their opinions and choices. • It is important to vote and that their opinion matters, and believe that change is possible. A better world is possible, if you know what’s important to vote.
  3. 3. • Once the children complete the age of 18 are invited to vote. • But most young people today believe that the right to vote is useless. • Well, not quite right, that corruption of the political system is complex, so that people have lost confidence in her.
  4. 4. • Thanks to selfish behavior of politicians, for not even a question of restoring trust in democracy. • But people must realize that this type of voting only the absence of corruption good.
  5. 5. Benefits of voting • You can choose your Government. This is one of the biggest benefits of voting. • Never underestimate your vote. This could be the deciding vote, so be sure to vote your favorite candidates most deserving.
  6. 6. • Voting allows you to choose the people who want to represent government. • The winning party will determine the company to be responsible for you. • Imagine if we do manage events in the country, who see in him the responsibility?
  7. 7. • So the government’s choice in voting is essential to control the administrative chaos in society. • Therefore, you must vote for the presidential election and local elections of the body
  8. 8. Initial investment for a better future • The only purpose of government is the development and implementation of various policies for the benefit of all its inhabitants. • Since the tax rate on the inflation rate, which is decided by politicians to vote and to help them win.
  9. 9. • They decide everything else about his career and life, why not vote for a better person because you can make intelligent decisions about your life. • When you vote, you have the right to request clarifications and answers about broken promises. But when you do not vote, remember do not even have the right to complain or condemn, it is important to vote in a democracy.
  10. 10. Voting is a right hard earned • Democracy is a relatively new form of democracy. • We have previously dominated by different types of governments, tyranny, dictatorship, autocrats, kings, and many foreign colonies where the common man has no freedom or right to choose their government.
  11. 11. •Neglected their needs and requirements to get a vote, how many people have worked tirelessly over many generations have shed their blood constantly
  12. 12. • As they say, nothing is free, and remains true for the right to vote. In many countries women are not allowed to vote, have never been decisive decision-making process. • Currently, there are many countries where voting for the common man is not allowed. • You should see the struggles and problems faced by people in those countries, so that you understand the importance of voting.
  13. 13. REASONS TO VOTE • Now you know why it’s important to vote in the U.S.. Here are some reasons why people should vote. • You need to share this information with your friends and family understand the importance of voting.
  14. 14. • Voting is one of the ways you can express your opinion in a democracy. • It gives you the opportunity to choose their leaders and hold them accountable for their development REASONS TO VOTE
  15. 15. • You can not always choose the right leader, but that does not mean you should refrain from voting. you should vote for a politician who works for the welfare and if there are some who have been warning job For they have their appointed. • To raise awareness of what is important to point around and you’ll soon see positive changes. live your life as an example. Start voting more perfectly suited.
  16. 16. PRESENTING OUR VIEW • With this information about why it is important to vote, I leave you a quote from Mark Twain saying. “The government is a servant – more temporary staff may not be his right to determine what is good is bad, and decide who is a patriot and who is not his function is to obey orders, do not launch. “
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