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Case study: Pod2.cz and Pod2.sk – Selling mortgages on social networks

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How did we sell mortgages on social networks for UniCredit Bank and what were the results? Have a look!

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Case study: Pod2.cz and Pod2.sk – Selling mortgages on social networks

  1. 1. Case study: Pod2.cz and Pod2.sk Selling mortgages on social networks @Cenzanni @Zraloci @UniCredit_CZSK
  2. 2. The challenge 1) Selling mortgages online is hard. Price for a quality lead is high. 2) Interest rates are perceived as too high. @Cenzanni @Zraloci @UniCredit_CZSK Let’s do a pilot!
  3. 3. The budget About 370 000 CZK (approx. 13 300 EUR) @Cenzanni @Zraloci @UniCredit_CZSK
  4. 4. The execution @Cenzanni @Zraloci @UniCredit_CZSK We decided to: 1) Develop a special and unique product. 2) Include people into the development process and use them as a medium at the same time. 3) Focus on precise data analysis and segmentation.
  5. 5. The product Mortgage Interest rate: 2,5 % 1,95 % The product @Cenzanni @Zraloci @UniCredit_CZSK
  6. 6. The crowd Users could lower the rate simply by hitting social media buttons. @Cenzanni @Zraloci @UniCredit_CZSK
  7. 7. The data Our experience and data from UniCredit Bank CRM enabled us to segment the audience and serve FB Ads more efficiently. @Cenzanni @Zraloci @UniCredit_CZSK
  8. 8. The interesting fact Did you know that: People retargeted on mobile devices were almost twice as likely to leave a lead than those on desktops? @Cenzanni @Zraloci @UniCredit_CZSK
  9. 9. The results @Cenzanni @Zraloci @UniCredit_CZSK
  10. 10. Quality of leads: 63 % lead to meeting conversion rate @Cenzanni @Zraloci @UniCredit_CZSK
  11. 11. Efficiency: 55 % higher lead to purchase conversion rate compared to UniCredit Bank e-shop @Cenzanni @Zraloci @UniCredit_CZSK
  12. 12. Price: 35 % lower price for mortgage compared to other distribution channels @Cenzanni @Zraloci @UniCredit_CZSK
  13. 13. Total approved mortgages value: 180 MIO CZK (approx. 5 MIO EUR) @Cenzanni @Zraloci @UniCredit_CZSK
  14. 14. Wish UniCredit Bank invested more. @Cenzanni @Zraloci @UniCredit_CZSK
  15. 15. Oh wait… they are about to! @Cenzanni @Zraloci @UniCredit_CZSK
  16. 16. The pro tips 1) Do something authentic and special. 2) Forget engagement, involve people more. 3) Use your data, analyze everything, learn. 4) Repeat until the last day of your life! @Cenzanni @Zraloci @UniCredit_CZSK
  17. 17. socialsharks.cz @Cenzanni @UniCredit_CZSK @Zraloci JAKUB KŘENEK Social Media Manager socialsharks.cz/jakub Want to know more? Let‘s discuss it over coffee, wine or beer!