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  1. Cyber security refers to the technologies and processes designed to protect computers, networks and data from unauthorized access, vulnerabilities and attacks delivered via the Internet by cyber criminals .
  2. Why cyber security? Protect data and information Prevention from unauthorized access Control web portal Safeguard from viruses
  3. Cyber crime Cybercrimeis criminalactivitydoneusing computers and Internet. Cybercrime thatembraces suchas phishing,hacking, spamming,credit card frauds,bankrobbery throughweb ,illegal downloading,industrial espionage, child pornography,scams, cyberterrorism, misuseof devices,creation anddistribution of viruses, Spamandso on.Allsuchcrimes are computerrelated and facilitatedcrimes.
  4. Major security problems Illegal access Illegal Interception System Interference Data Interference Misuse of devices Fraud
  5. • use antivirus software • insert firewalls , pop up blocker • uninstall unnecessary software • maintain backup • check security settings • use secure connection • open attachments carefully • use strong passwords • don’t give personal information unless required
  6. Global Scenarios
  7. Associations and government bodies for cyber security • ISSA(Information system security association) • NCSA(national cyber security alliance) • CSA(cloud security alliance) • FISSEA(Federal Information Systems Security Educators' Association) • USCYBERCOM(united states cyber command) • AISA( Australian Information Security Association) • NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence • CIS(centre for information security) • NCSI(national cyber security of india)
  8. Top Companies of cyber security industry.
  9. FIELDS OF CYBER SECURITY Cyber security is fast growing field of IT industry. Student courses are also available to begin a career in cyber security such as BS,MS degrees, CEH,CISSP ,etc Typically some cyber security jobs areas as  Security analyst  Security engineer  Security architect  Security administrator  Chief information security officer(CISO)  Security consultant/specialist and others