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First day at the new job

This is a short in take on my new job in Ikea Oy.
This is a part of my Computer Skills exam.

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First day at the new job

  1. 1. FIRST DAY AT THE NEW JOB Jenni Leppänen BBIBNU13
  2. 2. First day at my new job:  I was feeling excited when I entered the new workplace  I got to know lovely people(my supervisor, colleagues of the same deparment)  I signed my documents, to accept the job and got my personal work gear(keys, work clothes, passwords for computers etc.)  I got to know my responsibilities as a co-worker and my duties as a manager  I got a tour around the company, where is everything and where to ask if I had questions
  3. 3. Overall image of the day: Ikea Oy • Customer Service Manager  I got the basic tools to start my new job  I got to know my co-workers  I got an overall feel how it’s like to work at Ikea Oy