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CES 2020 - The memBrain STORM REPORT

  1. THE STORM REPORT Special Edition Report: CES® 2020 January 7-10, 2020 1
  2. THE STORM REPORT @ CES® 2020 2 CES® is the world's gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies and has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years — the global stage where next- generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. Each year, memBrain LLC attends CES® to gather intelligence on hot new products and to identify emerging trends and industries. This special edition of memBrain’s magazine, The STORM Report, is a compilation of memBrain’s observations from the CES® show floor combined with the most “buzzed about” products according to leading industry publications, industry insiders, and the CES® 2020 Innovation Award winners.
  3. CES®2020 INNOVATION AWARDS 3 The CES® 2020 Innovation Awards is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products. There are two levels of recognition: Honorees are products that score above the threshold for a given category, while Best in Innovation is reserved for the highest-rated product(s) in each category. In 2020, 464 products received awards, 31 of them being Best in Innovation winners across 28 categories. For a complete summary of the winners of CES®, check out the official website here: CES® 2020 INNOVATION AWARDS
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  5. INTRODUCTION 5 With thousands of new products vying for attention at CES®, it is easy to become overwhelmed. But the overarching trends and themes of the show offer an excellent window into what to expect in the near and not-too-distant future. In fact, it seemed as if the innovation on display this year was remarkably more focused on the present than on a future utopia, which was a departure from CES® events of the past. Putting the “Consumer” back into CES® was undoubtedly front and center. While more than 4,000 companies exhibited a host of technologies promising a bright future for 5G, augmented reality and the Internet of Things, CES® 2020 was less of a “bright and shiny object” year, and more of a year to consider how technology can enhance our lives - how we work, and how we play. The model is shifting from one of technology-literate people to one of people-literate technology. Rapid developments and adoption of technologies are disrupting nearly every aspect of our lives - and technology companies understand that in order for these technologies to be commercially successful, they need to be solutions oriented and grounded on real-life needs. Exoskeletons and AR glasses that enhance our fitness. Connected cars that communicate with smart cities. Wearables that detect heart health, and more. From Delta’s impressive display of hospitality-driven innovation to P&G’s range of products to personalize personal care, there was a strong focus on technology improving our everyday lives.
  6. KEY TRENDS & BUZZWORTHY PRODUCTS6© 2020 memBrain LLC. Not to be copied or disseminated without prior written approval by memBrain LLC.
  7. KEY TRENDS AND BUZZWORTHY PRODUCTS 2020 KEY CATEGORIES AI and Robotics AR/VR/XR Audio & Video Automotive Computing Digital Imaging Displays Health & Wellness Kids & Family Sleep Tech Smart Home Wearables 7 Included in this report is a sampling of the major categories, key trends, and buzzworthy products from the CES® 2020 show floor that we observed. For any additional or more detailed information on the products and trends included in this report, please feel free to reach out to our reporting team.
  8. AI & ROBOTICS8© 2020 memBrain LLC. Not to be copied or disseminated without prior written approval by memBrain LLC.
  9. 9 I, ROBOT. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are no longer a vision of the future; they are here today, and are becoming seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives, and mostly for the better. From sophisticated prosthetics to cute robots that perform simple household functions, from smart toothbrushes to chatbots that provide us with “artificial human” companionship, AI and Robotics dominated at CES® 2020. And as autonomous things proliferate, there is an expected shift from stand- alone intelligent things to a swarm of collaborative intelligent things where multiple devices will work together, either independently from people or with human input. With a greater focus on human interaction and optimization than ever before, companies like Samsung, Kyocera, and Bosch demonstrated that AI and robots are coming into our lives in all shapes and sizes, for various purposes. And they aren’t replacing us. They’re helping us become better.
  10. AI AND ROBOTICS BOSCH VIRTUAL VISOR WHAT IT IS Bosch’s Virtual Visor is a transparent digital sun visor - the company’s first AI for the automotive sector. A transparent LCD display connected to the interior monitoring camera detects the position of the driver’s eyes. Using intelligent algorithms, the Virtual Visor analyzes this information and darkens only the portion of the windshield through which the sun would dazzle the driver. WHY IT MATTERS Since the dawn of driving, there’s been an annoying constant - sun glare. In fact, according to Bosch, there is a 16% higher chance of a car crash on brighter days. This visor blocks the sun, and not the road - making it a very consumer-friendly, thoughtful technology solution. 10
  11. AI AND ROBOTICS BRAINCO PROSTHETIC HAND WHAT IT IS A cutting edge EEG science and robotics startup, BrainCo, has developed a prosthetic hand that can not only be intuitively controlled - sensing electrical instruction signals from the brain via the residual limb they travel down, but its movement is also impressively dexterous. It is the world’s most affordable A.I.-powered prosthetic hand. MSRP $10,000 - $15,000 (Pending FDA approval) WHY IT MATTERS While it is exciting to see smart TVs, self-driving cars, cool robots and more at CES®, it’s hard to get more amazing than ever technology that promises to make a real, life-changing difference for amputees and other users. 11
  12. AI AND ROBOTICS LULULAB LUMINI HOME WHAT IT IS Lumini is a personalized AI skin assistant that analyzes the user’s skin in 10 seconds and recommends the best products and services for the user’s skin type. WHY IT MATTERS It is another example of providing convenient solutions for consumers - making skin analysis and management something that doesn’t require seeking out an expert. It is the first brainchild of Lululab - a spinoff from Samsung Electronics. 12
  13. AI AND ROBOTICS MISTY ROBOTICS: MISTY II WHAT IT IS Misty Robotics, a spinoff of toy company Sphero and the creators of the Misty programmable robot have announced that Misty II will begin shipping to backers in April. Misty II uses Microsoft’s .NET Core and released a .NET software development kit where developers can use the “Misty as a Concierge” template to program the robot platform for environments such as entertainment & sports venues, hotels, eldercare, retail, commercial real estate, museums, and more. MSRP $2,399 WHY IT MATTERS Misty II, a cute robot that looks like a toy but whose creators designed it for real work is part of a growing number of programmable, task-agnostic robots for enterprise that are changing the workplace and service industries. 13
  14. AI AND ROBOTICS OMRON I4 SCARA WHAT IT IS The OMRON i4 has the world’s first design of EtherCAT module, connected directly on the robot controller and arm, which allows users more flexibility in configuring the equipment. OMRON's display of automation technologies at CES® 2020 highlights how its machines work together in harmony with humans in a factory environment. The OMRON booth featured robots, manufacturing equipment and sensors designed to improve worker safety and satisfaction, boost efficiency, and produce higher quality products WHY IT MATTERS Manufacturers around the world are facing major challenges in having to produce a high mix low volume of products and shorter product life cycles while dealing with labor shortage issues. This robot facilitates advanced assembly, inserting and mounting processes that require high accuracy and demanding throughput, as well as ensured quality control with vision integration. 14
  15. AI AND ROBOTICS ROBOSEN T9 WHAT IT IS With 22 programmable servo motors, this 3.2 pound robot dubbed ROBOSEN T9 can walk, drive, pose, dance, and even do some push ups on cue - and go from car to robot and back in an instant. Users can program new gestures with a few different mobile interfaces, including the popular kid-friendly Scratch visual programming language that other beginner robots often use. MSRP $500 WHY IT MATTERS If you’ve ever wanted to buy a robot that functions (almost) just like one in the TRANSFORMERS movies, this robot is more than meets the eye! 15
  16. AI AND ROBOTICS SAMSUNG BALLIE WHAT IT IS Samsung’s Ballie is a personal - and personable - robot that rolls around the house and responds to commands like a pet dog. The device uses a mobile interface, on-device AI capabilities, voice activation, and an in-built camera to recognize and respond to its users and help them with household tasks. It can be used as a wakeup call, a fitness assistant, to record moments, or to manage other smart devices like TVs and vacuums. It also keeps real pets company when their owners are out of the house! WHY IT MATTERS Ballie is Samsung’s response to the demand for more human-centric innovation which aims to enhance the wellbeing of consumers by catering to their individualized needs. 16
  17. AI AND ROBOTICS SARCOS ROBOTICS GUARDIAN XO WHAT IT IS Sarcos Robotics teamed with Delta Airlines at CES® 2020 in Las Vegas to explore new employee technology worn by humans and designed to perform superhero feats including the Guardian XO - the first battery-powered industrial robot to combine human intelligence, instinct, and judgement with the power, endurance, and precision of machines. WHY IT MATTERS Technologies that enhance human performance are poised to transform the way we get work done - in this instance, offering greater strength without restricting freedom of movement to boost productivity while dramatically reducing injuries. 17
  18. AI AND ROBOTICS STAR LABS NEON ARTIFICIAL HUMAN WHAT IT IS Neon is a humanoid AI avatar that looks like a human and can respond to questions in almost real time while giving expressions such as a smile or raised eyebrow while doing so. It is a chat-bot, not an AI assistant. Artificial Humans can have conversations and behave like humans, forming memories and developing new skills over time. Neon avatars are created from footage of actual people that is fed into a machine-learning model. WHY IT MATTERS There is a shift in making technology more “human” - in this case, it is quite literal. These are still 3-4 years away from primetime, but watch this space. 18
  19. AI AND ROBOTICS TANGIBLE RESEARCH TACTILE TELEROBOT WHAT IT IS The Tactile Telerobot is a pair of dexterous robotic hands that are controlled by high fidelity haptic gloves. The gloves offer precise fingertip tracking so it feels like the robot hands are your own. The Tactile Telerobot can be tethered to a controller or operated remotely over the Internet. WHY IT MATTERS The Telerobot is intended for industrial, clinical, or other situations where direct human contact is not possible and requires a great deal of precision. 19
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  21. 21 MIXED REALITY : BEYOND PLAYTIME The promise of augmented and virtual reality has been hyped for decades, but actual use cases are finally cropping up. Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Extended Reality (XR) are changing the way in which people perceive the digital world. Major automakers, peripheral developers, and streaming companies were all showing off VR- and AR-ready solutions. This year’s CES® showcased the state of the art in mixed reality technologies. VR’s gradual expansion from consumer devices into retail and business use is actually becoming compelling as well.
  22. AR/VR/XR BHAPTICS TACTSUIT WHAT IT IS bHaptic’s is leading the way in interactive virtual reality gaming with its TactSuit, a vest that has 40 vibration actuators, 20 on the front and 20 on the back of the suit. On the back is also a battery pack which will give you about 10 hours of gameplay on one charge. The TactSuit can be connected to your PC or tablet via Bluetooth which means you’ll benefit from an entirely wireless experience when you’re playing games.  MSRP $499 WHY IT MATTERS bHaptic’s is taking gaming to another level. The TactSuit allows gamers to experience the vibrations, movements and sound effects of the game as if you were really there. 22
  23. AR/VR/XR ESCAPE VR ARENAVERSE LASERTAG WHAT IT IS Showcased at DreamlandXR, a CES® side event at the Alexis Park Hotel, Escape VR’s Arenaverse is a free roaming VR Lasertag game that was created to offer a fully immersive experience combining the best aspects of virtual reality and escape rooms in a familiar facility format. The experience includes a backend system that can save statistics and reward players with virtual currency - keeping them coming back for more. Players can track how they played each time, reviewing accuracy, damage over time, and even estimated calories burned. WHY IT MATTERS Free-roam gameplay is truly a next generation VR experience, and the format offers a location-based experience that can’t be replicated at home. 23
  24. AR/VR/XR MOJO VISION SMART CONTACT LENS WHAT IT IS Mojo Vision is all about “invisible computing.” The company’s smart contact lens product includes an embedded display the size of a dot from an ink pen -the smallest, densest display ever made. Peek to a corner in any direction and you’ll see icons pop up ranging from a calendar, weather, notifications, music playback, teleprompter, and more. At first, the company will focus on people who are visually impaired. WHY IT MATTERS Enhancing human performance with technology and making technology invisible were huge trends at CES® 2020, and this product is a little bit of both! 24
  25. AR/VR/XR NORM GLASSES WHAT IT IS Featuring an Android-based operating system, voice user interface, speakers, camera and a display that shows digital content in the user’s field of vision, Norm Glasses allow users to interact with the digital world hands-free and improve their productivity - all while being indistinguishable from normal glasses. Among a wide race of features, they also provide captioning for the hearing impaired and enable those who are visually impaired to interact with digital content through voice or remote assistants. WHY IT MATTERS Recognized as a 2020 Best of Innovation winner, Norm Glasses are an excellent example of how technology is becoming seamlessly integrated into, and enhancing, our lives. 25
  26. AR/VR/XR NORTH FOCALS 2.0 WHAT IT IS Focals 2.0 are advanced prescription smart glasses that move beyond the HMD with holographic display technology - offering discreet access to information you need, when you need it. The first generation of Focals are stylish, everyday smart glasses with a display only the wearer can see. Focals 2.0 is the next step in defining the future of eyewear with a design that is lighter and features a sharp, more vibrant display. WHY IT MATTERS Many have noted that these are the glasses that Google wishes that they made (for Google Glass) largely because the glasses are fashion forward and stylish. 26
  27. AR/VR/XR NREAL LIGHT AR HEADSET WHAT IT IS Beijing-based Nreal’s Light glasses resemble a pair of lightweight sunglasses that can link to an Android phone via a USB-C Cable. It runs standard Android apps, and when the user is wearing them, those apps appear to be blown up to a giant size. The image only operates in a 52- degree field of vision, but Nreal says its comparable to watching a 200-inch television. The glasses include SLAM tracking cameras that map the user’s surroundings and can interact with nearby walls and objects. MSRP $499 WHY IT MATTERS An affordable, lightweight HMD solution may be the key to making AR/VR/XR content more accessible and mainstream. 27
  28. AR/VR/XR PANASONIC HDR CAPABLE UHD VR GLASSES WHAT IT IS Panasonic’s HDR capable UHD virtual eyeglasses incorporate the company’s audio and visual technologies along with signal processing technologies, acoustic technologies of Technics audio products and optical tech use in Lumix digital cameras. The main features of the new VR glasses are the UHD high-quality images that are capable of displaying HDR thanks to a micro OLED panel and high-quality sound that can be reproduced over a range of frequencies from ultra-low to high. WHY IT MATTERS Packed with technical specs to support a variety of new VR experiences, Panasonic’s product offers a far more attractive and comfortable display solution vs. traditional VR HMDs. 28
  29. AR/VR/XR PICO NEO 2 & NEO 2 EYE VR HEADSETS WHAT IT IS The Neo 2 and Neo 2 Eye are successors to the original Pico Neo headset from China-based VR headwear company, Pico, and offer an all-in-one VR Headset with 6DoF tracking. Pico claims the Neo 2 Eye model will use eye tracking technology from Tobii to “improve daily enterprise operations and applications.” Tobii is the same company that provided the eye tracking technology for the HTC Vive Pro Eye. MSRP $900 WHY IT MATTERS Pico Neo 2 could be the next best standalone HMD after the Oculus Quest with best-in-class 4K resolution, comfort, enterprise functionality, 6 degrees of freedom, world- leading precision eye tracking and spatial stereo speakers. 29
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  31. 31 AV+ CONNECTIVITY Audio and video devices continue to dominate at CES® with various new headphones, sound bars, videoconferencing technologies, and more. Apple AirPod competitors were everywhere at CES® 2020, many with better battery life, sportier designs, better noise reduction, and more. A big development in recent years is that headphones can now double as hearing aids, and there will be more "hearables" at the show that help compensate for hearing loss. Another trend was high-end videoconferencing - making it easier than ever for companies to save money on travel and overhead with remote work solutions and enhanced connectivity for more efficient collaboration.
  32. AUDIO AND VIDEO CLEER AUDIO CRESCENT WHAT IT IS Cleer’s Crescent loudspeaker is designed with the living room in mind. It is a wireless smart speaker that takes more cues from the B&W Zeppelin than it does an Amazon Echo. It is fitted with an impressive array of drive units which perform a series of psychoacoustic tricks to create different soundstages for three distinct listening modes. MSRP $599 WHY IT MATTERS The speaker’s audio modes, Wide Stereo, 360 and Immersive, elevate the listing experience. It is also another example of technology becoming invisible with its aesthetically pleasing design. 32
  33. AUDIO AND VIDEO FLEXOUND AUGMENTED AUDIO WHAT IT IS Flexound Augmented Audio adds the sensation of touch to audio-visual listening experiences — be it music, games, television, streaming, or movies. Flexound enhances the customer experience by integrating its patented augmented audio module into car seats, theater seating, furniture, cushions, gaming devices. It offers a more subtle immersive experience than traditional 4D-type cinema seating through binaural stereo and a subtle sensation of touch for any seat. WHY IT MATTERS While it seems like Augmented Audio is focused on moviegoers, it is tech that will likely be incorporated into gaming chairs and even living room furniture in the future.  33
  34. AUDIO AND VIDEO LOGITECH BLUE YETI X WHAT IT IS Featuring new Blue VO!CE technology and a custom four-capsule condenser array, Yeti X delivers legendary Blue broadcast sound for professional- level gaming, streaming, podcasting and video production. The ultimate mic for today’s creators, consumers can make Yeti X sound the way they want using presets for crisp and modern, warm and vintage, classic radio voice, or make your own unique signature sound. WHY IT MATTERS Recently acquired by Logitech, the Yeti X is the first USB microphone to include Blue VO!CE broadcast vocal effects. 34
  35. AUDIO AND VIDEO JABRA ELITE ACTIVE 75T WHAT IT IS Jabra Elite Active 75t are workout-friendly earbuds with 7.5-hours of playback per charge. The Voice Assistant enabled earbuds have a unique 4- microphone call technology that filters out disruptive noise around you. MSRP $179.99 WHY IT MATTERS Elite Active 75t are designed specifically for an active lifestyle. The gym-friendly earbuds are lighter and more discreet than the previous version. Most notably, they have an IP57-rating which makes them fully waterproof and sweat-proof. 35
  36. AUDIO AND VIDEO JBL 9.1 DOLBY ATMOS SOUNDBAR WHAT IT IS This is JBL’s first Dolby Atmos-compatible soundbar with surround sound functionality and detachable, battery-powered, wireless speakers. The base of the soundbar has four speakers that point upward to bounce sound off the ceiling. It has support for Dolby Vision, Chromecast and Bluetooth, and is compatible with Airplay 2, making it easy to stream music, too. MSRP $999 WHY IT MATTERS The easy-to-use features make it easy to have a true at-home surround sound experience. 36
  37. AUDIO AND VIDEO LENOVO THINKSMART VIEW WHAT IT IS Lenovo added a standalone video conferencing device to its range, the ThinkSmart View - giving Microsoft Teams calls a dedicated screen alongside your PC or laptop. The new smart display has an 8-inch touchscreen along with a 5-megapixel wide-angle integrated camera, dual microphone array, and 1.75- inch 10 watt full-range speakers for those who would like to free up their computer when videoconferencing at work or at home. MSRP $349 WHY IT MATTERS The PC has limited multitasking power and this offers an efficient and affordable alternative. 37
  38. AUDIO AND VIDEO MEETING OWL PRO WHAT IT IS An all-in-one 360 degree camera with 1080p resolution, speaker, and mic with equalizing volume. It’s compatible with platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype Business. By using vision and voice recognition, the camera shifts to whomever is speaking. MSRP $999 WHY IT MATTERS As popular as video conferences are now, there are still technical difficulties that exist (think setting up the meeting or not being able to hear someone). The Meeting Owl removes this friction and makes people really feel like they’re in the same room. 38
  39. AUDIO AND VIDEO ROYOLE MIRAGE SMART SPEAKER WHAT IT IS The Royole Mirage smart speaker isn’t your average speaker with a voice assistant - it also includes a wraparound 7.8-inch flexible AMOLED touchscreen display up-front. The wraparound display will not only show you results for the questions you pose, it will also offer visuals. There’s also a 5MP camera baked into the speaker for video calling (but Royole has included a camera mute switch for privacy enthusiasts). MSRP $899 WHY IT MATTERS It’s super cool looking and offers an innovative visual twist on the smart assistant. 39
  40. AUDIO AND VIDEO VIZIO ELEVATE WHAT IT IS A striking aluminum soundbar with side speakers that can rotate upward when they sense Dolby Atmos or DTS X content being played, the VIZIO Elevate features mechanically roaring drivers which can serve either as height channels or to boost the existing stereo channels. It also has Chromecast built-in and voice assistant capability with Google Assistant and Alexa. WHY IT MATTERS Its sleek look and auto-rotating speakers make this soundbar especially intriguing. 40
  41. AUDIO AND VIDEO X BY KYGO XELLENCE EARBUDS WHAT IT IS The Norwegian DJ and producer launched a number of products under his “X by KYGO” brand moniker including his signature Xellence earbuds which offer a personalized listening experience with “the latest technology advancement in sound personalization,” Mimi Defined. Mimi Defined combines an on-phone, in-app hearing test with an audio processing feature. MSRP €299 WHY IT MATTERS The X by Kygo audio gear brand is 100% owned by the 28-year-old producer, offering the range a built-in celebrity endorsement that feels authentic to consumers. 41
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  43. 43 DRIVING INNOVATION CES® 2020 cemented its role as the most important show for automotive technology, with a handful of new car introductions (and re-introductions) and even more innovative new concepts. From Sony’s incredible Vision-S concept car complete with a cockpit array of LCDs to BMW’s super-luxe lounge seating and announcement that it would be the first automaker with 5G in-car telematics (in partnership with Samsung), our vehicles are becoming more and more our largest mobile entertainment/infotainment device. There were also multiple EVs,  people-haulers, and transporters of the future (see Hyundai x Uber’s sky taxi partnership). The automotive industry of the future has the potential to be unrecognizable from that of today - thanks namely to the following evolutions driving innovation and change: connected, autonomous, sharing, and electric.
  44. AUTOMOTIVE BMW I3 URBAN SUITE WHAT IT IS BMW I3 Urban Suite offers inviting space with a high feel- good factor in which to spend time – the perfect place for relaxing, enjoying in-car entertainment or focusing on work in a laid-back setting, a mobility experience tailored entirely to the passenger’s individual needs. The vehicle is underpinned by a holistic approach to making responsible use of resources, encompassing the powertrain with zero local emissions, and the careful selection of materials and the production processes involved. WHY IT MATTERS The car offers its passenger a first-hand experience of the BMW Group’s innovative and sustainable mobility concept, while clearly demonstrating that luxury travel in the future will have nothing to do with vehicle size. 44
  45. AUTOMOTIVE DAMON HALO HYPERSPORT WHAT IT IS With CoPilot™ and Shift™ technologies, this electric motorcycle helps promote safety and adjustable ergonomics to riders. A 360-degree advanced warning system scans surroundings for danger as well as collects rider, traffic and motorcycle data to help user experiences. Damon motorcycles are offered on 36 and 48 month subscription plans that bundle the payment, insurance, connectivity and over the air updates, just like the smartphone industry. WHY IT MATTERS Halo Hypersport is the safest, smartest, most advanced electric motorcycle ever made. 45
  46. AUTOMOTIVE FISKER OCEAN WHAT IT IS An electric SUV set to launch in 2022 with an interior that’s all vegan, parts made from recycled materials, a solar roof, and a 300 mile range on a single battery charge. It also introduces the patented California mode - a feature in which the car’s nine windows all open with the tap of one button. MSRP $37,499 WHY IT MATTERS This will compete with Tesla’s 2021 Model Y, a compact SUV which will be priced at $40,000. 46
  47. AUTOMOTIVE HYUNDAI’S S-A1 EVTOL FLYING TAXI WHAT IT IS S-A1 eVTOL Personal Air Vehicle is the 100% electric flying car for Uber’s air taxi network. The five-person vehicle will have a cruising speed of 180 mph and a cruising altitude of around 1,000-2,000 feet above ground. By incorporating smaller, electric-powered rotors, it will produce less noice than a combustion engine helicopter. WHY IT MATTERS The world is on its way to an urban transportation revolution, and Hyundai is playing an integral part by lending its manufacturing credibility to Uber’s plan to launch an urban air taxi system by the mid-2020s. 47
  48. AUTOMOTIVE MERCEDES AVTR WHAT IT IS Mercedes-Benz's all-electric Avatar-inspired AVTR is both weird and compelling, with expansive see- through surfaces and no steering wheel. It'll never show up in garages, but its suite of earth-friendly features could be an indication of what we can expect to see from the luxury automaker in future vehicles. WHY IT MATTERS The automotive industry is undergoing a transformation that a few years ago seemed ludicrous. Across the board, carmakers are pushing to become sustainable with carbon-neutral vehicles and factories. 48
  49. AUTOMOTIVE SONY VISION-S WHAT IT IS The Vision-S is an electric concept car focused on “safety, entertainment, and adaptability.” Sony has equipped the car with “Safety Cocoon,” automotive- focused imaging technology that gives the car a 360- degree view of its environment and any potential hazards. WHY IT MATTERS Sony declared it is “taking a leadership position” in providing sensor technology to the automotive industry. This is further evidence that tech companies are becoming more involved in helping to determine what the future of cars will look like. 49
  50. AUTOMOTIVE TOYOTA WOVEN CITY WHAT IT IS The Toyota Woven City is the automaker's daring plan to build a tiny metropolis near Mount Fuji that will function as a research center. Autonomous cars, mixed-use transportation veins and 2,000 residents will come together to see what happens when a smart city is built from the ground up with today's technology. WHY IT MATTERS The company is investing in finding a way to improve the way we live in the future - to create an ever-better way of life and mobility for all. 50
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  52. 52 COMPUTING IN 2020: SPEED. FLEXIBILITY. POWER. BUT ABOVE ALL, DESIGN. Computing in 2020 has taken on many different shapes and sizes. From bendy screens to uber-powerful gaming desktops, there was a definitive focus on devices that enhance our performance at work and play with speed, flexibility, and more power. And while 5G remained a dominant feature, allowing your compact phone or laptop unfurl into something that resembles a tablet was a major trend across all major PC and mobile manufacturers this year.
  53. COMPUTING ACER THRONOS AIR GAMING CHAIR WHAT IT IS The Thronos Air gaming chair is Acer’s latest in the category, and is the “perfect gaming cave for hard- core enthusiasts.” Its modular, adjustable, and customizable. The U.S. version of this chair ships with three 27-inch monitors, providing the maximum immersion possible into your favorite titles. MSRP $13,999 (available March 2020) WHY IT MATTERS Believe it or not, the Thronos Air is nearly half the price of ACER’s Predator Thronos chair that debuted at CES® 2019 (it’s MSRP was nearly $30,000). 53
  54. WHAT IT IS Best known for its gaming laptops and preconfigured desktop rigs, Alienware shoed off a wild new prototype called the Concept UFO which resembles the Nintendo Switch but enables players to enjoy their PC games on a mini Windows 10 gaming PC - complete with detachable controllers and a dock to hook it up to a TV or monitor. WHY IT MATTERS A truly portable Windows gaming PC could offer the same library of games that a regular gaming laptop or computer could, but with the convenience of being able to take the games anywhere. It’s just a prototype, but it’s a fascinating idea and one to watch. 54 COMPUTING ALIENWARE CONCEPT UFO
  55. WHAT IT IS The ASUS Zenbook Duo is a dual-screen laptop - it has a 14-inch full HD screen and an ASUS ScreenPad Pro which is placed above the keyboard on the bottom half of the laptop. The ScreenPad is designed for multitasking - for instance, you can easily have an internet tab open at the same time as a document with one of each screen. A stylus is also included. WHY IT MATTERS The incorporation of the ScreenPad offers users an incredible tool for creativity and efficiency thanks to its split-screen use cases. Conceptually, the design and unique functionalities of this laptop are indicative of more intuitive and consumer-centric designs to come. 55 COMPUTING ASUS ZENBOOK DUO
  56. WHAT IT IS Coolpad’s first 5G phone that has a 6.53 inch full HD+ HDR10 display. It also has a dual rear camera with a 48 megapixel primary camera and 8 megapixel wide angle shooter, as well as a 116MP selfie cam. Additionally, it has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with Tempow multi-device streaming. MSRP: $359 WHY IT MATTERS It comes at a lower price point than other 5G mobile options, showing that powerful 5G devices will be increasingly available at affordable prices. 56 COMPUTING COOLPAD LEGACY 5G
  57. COMPUTING CYRCLE PHONE WHAT IT IS While the smartphone giants are trying to make their devices fold and encourage the use of wireless headphones, Cyrcle Phone (a US start-up) is focused on delivering a shape that it says is more "sensual" and has built in two headphone jacks (in response to GenZ and Millennials using headphone splitters to have shared experience). The phone was designed to fit better in one’s hands and pockets. The slim, circular body of the phone is more reminiscent of an oversized smartwatch than a smartphone. MSRP: $800 (available in 2021) WHY IT MATTERS Non-rectangular people may want a non-rectangular phone. This form factor is certainly eye-catching! 57
  58. COMPUTING DELL XPS 13 WHAT IT IS The new Linux model from Dell has 32G of RAM and up to a 2TB drive. It comes equipped with theKiller AX1650 network card built on Intel’s WiFi 6 chipset (which can deliver up to 2.4Gbps of throughput). It has a 13.4 inch screen with very small bezel and its 52Wh battery can last up to 19 hours. MSRP starts at $1,199.99 WHY IT MATTERS This computer has tremendous features both inside and out. And, with the WiFi 6 chipset, it’s a machine that will support high-speed internet as WiFi speeds increase over the years. 58
  59. COMPUTING LENOVO THINKPAD X1 FOLD WHAT IT IS The Lenovo ThinkPad can function as a tablet, laptop, or propped up against a stand as a desktop. When it is flat, it has a 13.3 inch display. When folded, users can have two independent displays in order to optimize multitasking. Its magnetic keyboard can work either attached or detached, and charges wirelessly inside the folded device. MSRP starts at $2,499 WHY IT MATTERS It’s the first fully functional PC with a folding OLED display. 59
  60. COMPUTING LG GRAM 17 WHAT IT IS Part of LG’s new gram series, the LG gram 17 is lightweight, compact and has a long battery life. It comes with the 10th Generation Intel Core processor, Iris Plus graphics and up to 16GB of dual-channel DDR4 memory. Plus, it has a 17-inch Wide Quad Extended Graphics Array IPS display which creates highly detailed images. MSRP $1,699 WHY IT MATTERS It’s a large laptop with ample storage that could be clunky, but rather is lightweight and sleek. 60
  61. COMPUTING ONEPLUS CONCEPT ONE WHAT IT IS A concept phone created in partnership with McLaren featuring a special electrochromic glass that switches between being opaque and transparent by using an electrical current, and sits over triple camera array. When the glass is dark, it hides the camera sensors and flash. Additionally, the camera glass doubles as an ND filter. The phone’s design also includes a leather finish in McLaren’s signature Papaya color. WHY IT MATTERS Electrochromic glass has previously been found on cars and planes. This phone has a smaller, thinner version of the glass. 61
  62. COMPUTING RAZER KISHI UNIVERSAL MOBILE GAM WHAT IT IS With a view to creating a unique ecosystem of high- performance input devices and infrastructure solutions, the company introduces the Razer Kishi, a universal cloud-gaming compatible controller for iOS and Android phones, and the Razer Sila 5G Home Router, the first gaming-focused 5G router. Razer’s new Kishi cloud-compatible controllers provide clickable analog controls and thumbsticks on both sides of the phone with a universal fit created in partnership with Gamevice for compatibility with most smartphones. WHY IT MATTERS The Razer Kishi universal mobile gaming controllers support low latency gameplay on either Android or iOS devices. 62
  63. COMPUTING RAZER TOMAHAWK GAMING DESKTOP WHAT IT IS Through its partnership with Intel, the company introduced Razer Tomahawk Gaming Desktop – the first truly modular desktop system utilizing the new ultra- compact Razer Tomahawk N1 chassis. A perfect fit for the Intel NUC 9 Extreme Compute Element, it offers a compact desktop chassis and advanced modular layout, infusing Razer’s minimalistic design language to create a one-of-a- kind desktop case, capable of achieving high clock speeds and framerates without the bulk of a full-sized desktop. MSRP $2,000 (anticipated) WHY IT MATTERS With the increasing need for processing power in next-gen games and an ever demanding user base, the flexibility to upgrade components in this PC has tremendous appeal for the most demanding gamers, streamers, and content creators alike. 63
  64. COMPUTING ROYOLE ROWRITE 2 SMART WRITING PAD WHAT IT IS Featuring the latest Royole fully flexible sensor, the RoWrite 2 is a complete redesign of the original. More than 40% lighter, significantly smaller and with longer battery life and better accuracy than its predecessor, this ultra-portable smart notebook not only offers more convenience but a better user experience all round. WHY IT MATTERS With Royole's fully flexible sensors embedded in a soft leather case and a wireless-charging smart pen, the RoWrite 2 is the perfect companion for those who cherish the touch and feel of paper in today's digital world. 64
  65. COMPUTING SAMSUNG C-LAB SELFIETYPE WHAT IT IS SelfieType is an AI-powered keyboard technology that uses the Galaxy’s selfie camera plus AI to track your hands, allowing you to type on an invisible full size keyboard on any surface. Because SelfieType works using a phone’s camera, it eliminates the problem of carrying around added accessories (like a Bluetooth keyboard). The project is from Samsung’s C-LAB Incubator and is expected to be available later this year. WHY IT MATTERS While invisible keyboards already exist using laser projection, they’ve been a novelty rather than a serious tool. While the idea of typing on an invisible surface may sound daunting, it’s an ambitious concept for moving the technology forward - and also very cool! 65
  66. COMPUTING TCL FOLDABLE PHONE WHAT IT IS TCL displayed its foldable phone prototype, with a 7.2 inch flexible touchscreen and cameras on the back. The release date and price of the phone have not yet been announced, but we can expect a late 2020 launch and a price that's less than competitors (who have foldable mobile devices at close to $2,000). WHY IT MATTERS TCL has brought high-end TVs to market that are priced lower than its competitors. This has forced companies such as Samsung, LG, and Sony to rethink their pricing. TCL is poised to do the same for mobile. 66
  67. DIGITAL IMAGING67© 2020 memBrain LLC. Not to be copied or disseminated without prior written approval by memBrain LLC.
  68. 68 DIGITAL IMAGING: RISE OF THE HYBRIDS CES® 2020 was a year of fewer, bigger, better releases in digital imaging. And while a majority of major camera manufacturers were mum at this year’s show, the cameras that did make a debut have one thing in common — hybrid versatility. And if the trend is hybrid, do-it-all camera, do we really need a bunch of niche products, or just a few that hit all the high points in a single device?
  69. DIGITAL IMAGING CANON EOS 1D X MARK III WHAT IT IS Canon gave the Mark III an upgrade from its previous iteration in 2016 with a new sensor, image processor, autofocus system, and revised controls. The camera includes build-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS radios, plus a built-in gigabit Ethernet port. MSRP $6,499 WHY IT MATTERS This is Canon’s fastest, most durable shutter yet. It can snap up to 16 frames per second through the viewfinder or up to 20 frames per second with live view, and subject-tracking autofocus. 69
  70. DIGITAL IMAGING INSTA360 ONE R WHAT IT IS Insta360 One R does away with the standard action cam design and allows you to swap out different lenses and sensors. Options for lenses include a 360-degree lens, a wide-angle lens, and a wide-angle lens paired with a one inch sensor that’s capable of capturing 5K video (partnership with Leica). It also houses Insta360's AI- powered object-tracking algorithm resulting in footage that looks like what you intended to shoot it that way from the start. MSRP $479.99 WHY IT MATTERS The design both allows videographers to get better quality out of a 360 cam when they don’t need 360, and switch “lenses” on an action cam. 70
  71. DIGITAL IMAGING NIKON D780 WHAT IT IS The Nikon D780 joins Nikon’s already popular range of DSLR cameras. In addition to the optical viewfinder and 51-point dedicated phase detection AF sensor, the live view includes on-sensor phase-detection AF of the Nikon Z 6, the D780 will offer much faster live view AF, with 273 AF points and eye detection. MSRP $2,299 WHY IT MATTERS This camera offers both versatility through full frame photography and 4K video, slow motion, time-lapse, and remoteless long exposures - and agility through a 180K-pixel Advanced Scene Recognition System, superb phase-detect autofocusing in photo and video and easy wireless image transfer to keep up with every creative demand. 71
  72. DISPLAYS72© 2020 memBrain LLC. Not to be copied or disseminated without prior written approval by memBrain LLC.
  73. 73 GET THE PICTURE? It was another big year for TVs at CES®. Last year, we reported on the emergence of high resolution screens, MicroLED and 8K. This year, we saw further improvements and enhancements to TVs. For example, TCL debuted the next generation of its Mini- LED TVs, allowing displays to have better black levels, higher contrast and overall better quality. 8K was a theme that continued this year, with several new 8K TVs on display including LG’s OLED ZX Real 8K TV and Samsung’s Q950TS QLED TV. However, the resolution boost from 4K to 8K provides no benefit at all unless you sit very close to the screen. If you have a dedicated theater in your home (not a “home theater” as the term is commonly used) that can accommodate a huge screen, 8K may make sense.
  74. DISPLAYS BOSCH 3D DISPLAY WHAT IT IS 3D displays use passive 3D technology, meaning they are glasses-free tech 3D displays and also don’t use eye-tracking cameras. The technology generates a realistic effect that can be viewed faster than a traditional screen and can also be viewed from different perspectives and by multiple passengers at the same time. Because the 3D effects should change based on a passenger’s position in the car, the 3D display will provide a customized experience for each user. WHY IT MATTERS The 3D display creates a new kind of experience for gaming, 3D movies, smartphone integration and more, improving the driver and passenger experience with bigger and more attractive digital visuals. 74
  75. DISPLAYS LG OLED ZX REAL 8K TV WHAT IT IS The LG TV’s display has more than 33 million OLED pixels along with a noise reduction feature, AI to identify faces and text, filmmaker mode, and tone- mapping technology to enhance details. WHY IT MATTERS These TVs make all content look more vivid, whether it’s 8K or not, making everything look as close to 8K quality as possible. This feature, paired with its filmmaker mode, has the ability to really create a cinematic experience at home. 75
  76. DISPLAYS MISAPPLIED VENTURES PARALLEL REALITY WHAT IT IS Parallel Reality is a mind-bending innovation that allows a hundred or more viewers to simultaneously share a digital display, sign, or light and each see something different. Parallel Reality Displays are enabled by a new pixel that has unprecedented capabilities. These pixels can simultaneously project up to millions of light rays of different colors and brightness. Each ray can then by software-directed to a specific person. Look for this technology to first roll out in the Detroit Metropolitan Airport near the Delta Sky Club (Concourse A). WHY IT MATTERS From replacing the signs you see around you, to creating entirely new experiences, the possibilities with this technology are limitless. 76
  77. DISPLAYS SAMSUNG Q950TS 8K AI QLED WHAT IT IS The 15mm thin 8K TV has a design that is virtually bezeless, with the TV display using up to 99% of the screen. The TV upscales content that isn’t 8k in order to improve display (it can even stream 8K content from YouTube) and its AI quantum processor enhances the picture and sound. It is equipped with Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant. WHY IT MATTERS The very thin TV has a flat back and a close to bezeless display, which makes content especially stunning. 77
  78. DISPLAYS SAMSUNG SERO WHAT IT IS A 43-inch 4K TV that can flip from a horizontal to vertical display so that people can watch content such as Instagram stories, YouTube videos and TikTok videos on their TV without the pillarboxing black bars on the sides. To easily mirror phone screens, Samsung Galaxy owners can tap their mobile devices to the TV frame while iPhone owners can use the TV’s remote. WHY IT MATTERS Samsung designed the TV for "the mobile generation” showing that they are adapting to an audience that spends a lot of time on their phone screens rather than their TV screens. 78
  79. DISPLAYS TCL VIDRIAN MINI-LED DISPLAY WHAT IT IS This technology incorporates tens of thousands of mini-LEDs into a clear glass substrate, allowing displays to have better black levels, higher contrast and overall better quality. This is the company's next iteration of its 8-Series 4K Mini-LED Display, which debuted in 2019. While an official release date hasn't been made available, we can expect the product to hit the market later this year. WHY IT MATTERS The mini-LED technology will help viewers watch clear and vivid content in lighting conditions ranging from pitch-black to bright, sun-lit rooms. 79
  80. HEALTH & WELLNESS80© 2020 memBrain LLC. Not to be copied or disseminated without prior written approval by memBrain LLC.
  81. 81 HEALTH & WELLNESS: HUMAN AUGMENTATION AND OPTIMIZATION Research by Gartner anticipates that over the next 10 years, increasing levels of physical and cognitive human augmentation will become more prevalent as individuals seek “personal enhancements,” raising the number of biohackers and bodyhackers globally. Services such as live streaming and classes on demand were prominent at this year’s CES®, dubbed “the Peloton effect.” Also related to health and wellness, Sex Tech and Sleep Tech were hot topics at this year’s show (the latter so much so that we created a new section for it in this report)!
  82. HEALTH & WELLNESS AO ATMOS FACEWARE WHAT IT IS A new high-tech solution for increasingly poor air quality. It’s a clear mask that covers one’s nose and mouth, and has interior fans that not only clean surrounding air at about 240 liters per minute but also adapt to breathing patterns. Its batteries last about 5 hours and its filters last about a month. MSRP $410 (pre-order pricing is $350) WHY IT MATTERS Air pollution is a major public health concern across the world that has been linked to lung cancer, strokes and respiratory infections, to name a few. This device could help provide some relief. 82
  83. HEALTH & WELLNESS COLGATE PLAQLESS™ PRO WHAT IT IS This is Colgate’s first toothbrush to incorporate smart optical sensors embedded in the brush head to enable detection of buildup on teeth in real time. A light ring on the handle turns blue to alert users that buildup is detected and turns white when an area is done. WHY IT MATTERS Most people never know if they brush their teeth properly. This electronic toothbrush is the first to detect buildup in real time and allows users to ‘see’ how they really brush. 83
  84. HEALTH & WELLNESS EARGO NEO HIFI WHAT IT IS Eargo’s NEO HiFi is an “invisible hearing aid” that fits inside the user’s ear canal, making it a discreet way to boost hearing. Targeted to adults with “mild-to-severe, high-frequency hearing loss,” this device has a strong feedback-cancellation functionality, along with a better- than-ever wind noise reduction algorithm. It comes with a companion mobile app that lets users personalize their experience. It’s charging case offers hours of hearing aid use from a 30 min charge. WHY IT MATTERS 42M Americans live with hearing loss, and only 26% of them own a hearing aid - mostly because of accessibility and cost, but also because of the stigma of wearing a chunky earpiece. 84
  85. HEALTH & WELLNESS HUAMI AMAZFIT HOMESTUDIO WHAT IT IS Launched at CES® 2020, the AmazFit HomeStudio combines a smart mirror and a treadmill so at-home exercisers can perform a variety of cardio workouts such as running, floor work, yoga, and bilateral training. The machine, which doesn’t yet have a price, uses 3D motion sensors to monitor your form and prevent injuries. At- home users can also use the bars on the side of the treadmill to perform bodyweight workouts and stretch. WHY IT MATTERS Similar to the fitness platform Mirror, AmazFit HomeStudio’s mirror features a camera up top, a touchscreen in the middle, and two steel legs standing the machine up - PLUS it has sensors to recognize your movements (something that Mirror does not). 85
  86. HEALTH & WELLNESS HEALIUM WHAT IT IS Helium is a virtual and augmented reality platform that helps users decrease stress levels. Leveraging output from wearable devices that users already own, Healium’s technology analyzes real-time brain wave and heart rate data that, when paired with their AR app or a VR headset, creates a virtual environment that visualizes the users’ feelings. WHY IT MATTERS With the ability to visualize their feelings along with their real-time brain wave and heart rate data, Healium users have the ability to take control of their stress by visualizing it. 86
  87. HEALTH & WELLNESS LORA DICARLO OŚE WHAT IT IS Osé is Lora DiCarlo’s award-winning and patent- pending microrobotic, hands-free pleasure device designed to mimic the best kinds of human touch. There are approximately 250 parts in Osé, which is higher than the number of bones in the adult human skeleton, demonstrating the complexity of design and innovation of the product. MSRP $290 WHY IT MATTERS After being banned from the floor in 2019, Sex-Tech was one of the major categories at CES® 2020 - with sexual health and wellness companies exhibiting on the show floor for the first time this year and Lora DiCarlo winning two new Innovation Awards in Robotics. 87
  88. HEALTH & WELLNESS OMRON COMPLETE WHAT IT IS Omron Complete is the first blood pressure monitor with EKG capability in a single device. EKG is an essential heart health measurement, especially for those with atrial fibrillation, also known as arrhythmia or AFib, a condition that can lead to increased risk of stroke and heart failure. Complete can also detect tachycardia, bradycardia and sinus rhythm. WHY IT MATTERS Complete represents groundbreaking innovation for millions of Americans with AFib or a family history of irregular heartbeat. 88
  89. HEALTH & WELLNESS PRIA™ BY BLACK+DECKER™ WHAT IT IS Pria is an automated medication management and home health care assistant device. It can schedule up to 28 medication doses, providing reminder alerts, dispensing medication at the scheduled time, and give users access to family or caregivers with voice command and built-in camera for two-way video calls. MSRP $749.99 for a 6-month subscription (available right now for $699.99) WHY IT MATTERS It’s an ultimate home and healthcare tracking and management tool for independent individuals and their caregivers that is HIPAA-compliant. 89
  90. HEALTH & WELLNESS TOMBOT JENNIE WHAT IT IS A partnership between robot start-up Tombot and the Jim Henson Company, Jennie is designed primarily as a soothing companion for seniors suffering from cognitive ailments, but the company says it has received interest from those suffering from PTSD, autism and other conditions. Tombot Jennie is an animatronic robotic lap dog featuring a coat of fuzzy synthetic fur and an expressive, comforting personality. MSRP $449 WHY IT MATTERS About 1 in 5 people worldwide suffer from apathy, depression, anxiety, loneliness, frustration, aggression, hallucinations or dementia. Tombot is designed to delight and improve the quality of life for anyone who cannot have a live pet. 90
  91. HEALTH & WELLNESS XENOMA ESKIN EMS WHAT IT IS The cable less e-skin EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) suit reduces a full workout to 20 minutes of exercise. The suits are designed for a class setting and include a smart controller which can manage a group of up to 20 suits at a time. Each suit can also be individually adjusted using a handheld device. Electrodes are placed on the chest, abdomen, back, arms, hip, and thighs. WHY IT MATTERS Fitness was a major theme at CES® 2020, with technologies like this EMS suit designed to provide wearers with the ability to get in shape faster and more efficiently leveraging technology. 91
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  93. 93 The first generation of digital kids are now old enough to be parents themselves and the next generation of devices and services including STEM and tech-toys, IoT devices at home and on-the-go, smart home and voice-enabled devices, and even AI, are all poised to have an impact on kids and family. In the education space, hundreds of digital education apps and services were on display at CES® 2020, including several that claim to use brain waves to improve learning. There was also a flood of new baby products - so many, in fact, that it was noted that last year’s competition for the annual Best of Baby Tech Awards was up 88% from the year before. KIDS & FAMILY
  94. KIDS & FAMILY 4MOMS MAMAROO SLEEP™ BASSINET WHAT IT IS The bassinet has five proprietary motions that replicates the movements of parents as they nurture their babies. Motions include “car ride,” “kangaroo,” and “tree swing.” It’s bluetooth enabled, customizable and has a touch screen control panel. MSRP $329.99 WHY IT MATTERS New parents lose approximately 6 weeks’ worth of sleep in just a year of having a newborn—this product could help both parents and babies get much needed rest. 94
  95. KIDS & FAMILY AMERICAN PRINTING HOUSE’S CODE JUMPER WHAT IT IS Designed by Microsoft and developed by APH, Code Jumper is a tethered hardware device designed to teach children who are blind or visually impaired how to code. Users connect small pods to build strands of code and change sounds to create stories or songs. Each pod has unique colors and shapes so that students can identify pieces by sight or touch. WHY IT MATTERS Tools currently used to teach computer coding to children are highly visual-focused. By working with children who are experts in the tactile world, Microsoft removed that barrier to entry for visually impaired or blind children, giving them the opportunity to learn highly sought-after skills. 95
  96. KIDS & FAMILY EDUCATIONAL INSIGHTS ARTIE 3000 ROBOT WHAT IT IS Artie 3000 is a drawing robot that teaches kids how to code, putting the “A” in STEAM. Manufactured by Educational Insights, Artie can “grow” with a child as they learn how to code, presenting them with more challenging tasks. Artie can teach Blockly, Javascript, Python, and more. For ages 7-12. MSRP: $69.99 WHY IT MATTERS An Honorary MENSA Member, this toy engages both sides of the brain and parks creativity in coding in kids of all ages. 96
  97. KIDS & FAMILY ELEPHANT ROBOTICS’ MARSCAT WHAT IT IS MarsCat is the world’s first bionic pet cat. Fully autonomous, MarsCat is responsive to one’s touch, voice, face, and can even play with toys. Each MarsCat is unique from its eyes, body to personality. Powered by a Raspberry Pi and equipped with MarsCat SDK, the robotic pet can be customized and programmable by the user. MSRP $649 (via Kickstarter) WHY IT MATTERS Robots can reach a point where they will be offering emotional support to people who want a dog or cat but can’t have one for reasons ranging from lack of mobility to allergies. 97
  98. KIDS & FAMILY HASBRO LIGHTSABER ACADEMY WHAT IT IS The Hasbro Star Wars Lightsaber Academy Interactive Battling System let kids train with the greatest Jedi and Sith in the galaxy, battle legendary Masters, and go head-to-head against friends. Using an app on an iPad or iPhone, the lightsaber has technology that interacts with the app to track the user’s angle, speed, and accuracy as they move the lightsaber. Ages 6+ MSRP $49.99 WHY IT MATTERS For young fans of STAR WARS, this CES® KAPi Award winner for the Best Overall Technology Toy is a must! 98
  99. KIDS & FAMILY RHYTHMO BEATBOX WHAT IT IS Rhythmo’s Beatbox is a build-it-yourself MIDI controller drum machine kit with an integrated battery and speakers. It’s made from durable cardboard and has plenty of twisty knobs and arcade-style buttons for making tunes. Once everything is assembled, you can fire up the Beatbox app and follow the tutorials to learn about music production. MSRP $159 (available on Indiegogo for $139) WHY IT MATTERS Many STEM-focused products -- especially those built around coding -- come with a finite number of activities that youngsters exhaust in a week. The BeatBox is more of a true instrument with years of potential use for musicians to grow into. 99
  100. KIDS & FAMILY ROYBI ROBOT WHAT IT IS ROYBI is an alien-looking robot that teaches kids (ages 3-7) languages and other skills, has a camera with facial recognition that can remember children and guess whether the kid was excited or sad after a lesson. ROYBI’s cloud platform also creates a sharable learner profile, enabling parents and teachers to come together around each child’s developing skills and needs. MSRP $199 WHY IT MATTERS Education is in need of fundamental change. ROYBI guides children’s linguistic development beyond traditional pedagogies, facilitating collaboration between home and school contexts. 100
  101. KIDS & FAMILY VIRSIX GAMES ST NOIRE ALEXA GAME WHAT IT IS St. Noire is an immersive, cinematic murder mystery experience that uses the St. Noire’s Alexa Skill to power its vivid world and the fully voice-activated characters that inhabit it - meaning no two games are the same. MSRP $29.99 WHY IT MATTERS Captivating sound design, writing, and voice acting by top Hollywood talent combined with the power of Alexa deliver a next generation game experience unparalleled in tabletop gaming. 101
  102. SLEEP TECH102© 2020 memBrain LLC. Not to be copied or disseminated without prior written approval by memBrain LLC.
  103. 103 SWEET(ER) DREAMS If there was one major health takeaway from CES® 2020, it's that humans are really bad at sleeping. A ton of new products on display at the show in Vegas claimed that they'll help us fall asleep, stay asleep, track our sleep, and even train our brain to sleep better. Apps like SleepScore, Sleep Cycle, and Sleep Time) and fitness bands (including several Fitbit models and and the Motiv ring) were prominent along with smart mattresses and bedside sensors. Headbands meant to track sleep, diagnose sleep issues, or teach you how to get better sleep were also common. Watch this space.
  104. SLEEP TECH AMAZFIT ZENBUDS WHAT IT IS Amazfit ZenBuds are designed for independent ear braces to help stay on while sleeping. The buds support sleep detection and produce an analysis report to help the user understand their sleep sound. In addition to having sensors that shut off ambient music once the user is asleep, there’s also a private alarm clock function to not disturb the person sleeping next to them. WHY IT MATTERS One of the biggest complaints that people have about earbuds for sleeping is fit. Amazfit Zenbuds are light and compact in design, with a single ear weight of only 1.78 g, which is 68% lighter than that of ordinary wireless headphones. 104
  105. SLEEP TECH HATCH RESTORE WHAT IT IS Hatch Restore is an all-in-one sleep system that features a reading lamp with reduced blue light, sleep sounds and a light-based alarm that feels like the sunrise. Users can personalize their Restore sleep routine through the mobile app or on the device. MSRP: $150 (expected) WHY IT MATTERS The Hatch combines sleep sounds, a bedside reading light, and a sunrise alarm to address our most common sleep problems, including falling asleep and waking up in the middle of the night. 105
  106. SLEEP TECH MOTION PILLOW 2 WHAT IT IS Motion Pillow has ‘Solution Box’ technology that analyzes the user’s head position and breathing position throughout the sleep. It converts the data into precise adjustments through built-in air bags to change the pillow’s shape. MSRP $420 (available on Indiegogo for $294) WHY IT MATTERS What makes Motion Pillow 2 unique is in the underlying technology inside the “Solution Box” which analyzes the sleeper’s head position and breathing patterns throughout the sleep and makes the necessary adjustments to alleviate snoring. 106
  107. SLEEP TECH SLEEP NUMBER’S CLIMATE 360® SMART BED WHAT IT IS Climate 360® Smart Bed is designed to work with an individual’s natural cycles. The proprietary ducting system and advanced high airflow technology embedded in the mattress to exhaust trapped air adjusts the temperature of the bed throughout the night, warming and cooking each side. MSRP $8,000 (available 2021) WHY IT MATTERS Sleep Number is helping to improve a user’s sleep by addressing problems related to sleeping temperature giving users the ability to create a personalized temperature control. 107
  108. SLEEP TECH URGOTECH URGONIGHT WHAT IT IS The first daytime sleep training system, Urgonight consists of an Electroencephalogram headband that uses neurofeedback therapy to increase the production of brainwaves that affect sleep. Clinically proven to help people get to sleep 40% faster and sleep better throughout the night, people wear the headband for 20 minutes 3x a week, go through brain training exercises, and track their progress through a corresponding app. MSRP $500 WHY IT MATTERS Traditionally, Electroencephalogram systems are clunky and uncomfortable. This system simplifies and gamifies neurofeedback therapy through its adjustable headband and brain training exercises. 108
  109. SLEEP TECH XENOMA E-SKIN SLEEP & LOUNGE WHAT IT IS Xenoma’s E-Skin Sleep & Lounge apparel is designed for monitoring the health and wellbeing of elderly people it analyzes the wearer’s sleep condition and automatically adjusts the room environment accordingly, while also enabling everyday monitoring of behavior and fall detection. Both a traditional pajamas and a track suit design, Xenoma’s apparel offers proactive exercise guidance via a smart speaker connection, remote monitoring and alarms for trips and falls, and evaluation and advice for sleeping habits via an app. WHY IT MATTERS These “smart pajamas” are extraordinary as they offer a classic style rather than something highly technical, making them more appealing to their elderly users. 109
  110. SMART HOME110© 2020 memBrain LLC. Not to be copied or disseminated without prior written approval by memBrain LLC.
  111. 111 PRIVACY AND THE COMFORTS OF (A SMART) HOME After countless privacy issues were uncovered in 2019, major tech companies including Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon came together at CES® to explain new initiatives in the handling of personal information and data - particularly as it relates to smart home devices. Consumers who are increasingly aware that their personal information is valuable, are demanding control. Analysts report how organizations recognize the increasing risk of securing and managing personal data, and governments are implementing strict legislation to ensure they do.
  112. SMART HOME AUGUST WI-FI SMART LOCK WHAT IT IS The new August Wi-Fi Smart Lock has all the same functionality as the previous generation August Smart Lock Pro + Connect, but negates the need for the external Connect Wi-Fi module —Wi-Fi is integrated directly into the lock itself. Not only that, but the new model is 45% smaller than the current August Smart Lock Pro design and 20% slimmer. WHY IT MATTERS Security devices that can easily be monitored and controlled - and that are not obvious - were a huge trend at CES® 2020. August has quickly become one of the most trusted brand names in smart locks. 112
  113. SMART HOME COOKINGPAL “JULIA” WHAT IT IS CookingPal “Julia” combines state-of-the-art design and functionality, video-guided cooking and AI food recognition. At the core of “Julia” is the ability to chop, mix, steam, knead, emulsify, weigh and cook, all within one machine. WHY IT MATTERS The machine can be controlled via a smartphone app or its dedicated Smart Kitchen Hub Tablet - a tablet that is tailor made for usage in the kitchen. It’s an intelligent autonomous cooking system that will almost do all the cooking for you. 113
  114. SMART HOME HALO CAP BY VARNA TECH WHAT IT IS The Halo Cap is an app-enabled child-proof lid that fits over standard and wide-mouth Mason Jars and is outfitted with an accessory loop that allows users to add a +Tag that adds Bluetooth connectivity, device tracking, access permissions, content logging, usage history, proximity alerts and other buildable functions. WHY IT MATTERS The Halo provides safe storage for valuable possessions or keeping dangerous substances away. 114
  115. SMART HOME HYDRALOOP WHAT IT IS Hydraloop is a residential water recycling system that filters and purifies gray water from baths, showers and washing machines. Its technology uses six different filtration methods in order to recycle up to 85% of water in homes for reuse in toilets, pools and sprinkler systems. WHY IT MATTERS Hydraloop addresses rising concerns regarding water scarcity and helps people reduce their water consumption. Plus, it’s compact, self-cleaning, hooks into existing water systems, and reduces water and energy bills. 115
  116. SMART HOME JUNO COOLER WHAT IT IS It is a “microwave for cooling” that uses thermoelectric cooling to instantly cool beverages. There are preset settings to perfectly chill red and white wine, and customizable programming options as well. MSRP $399 WHY IT MATTERS We’ve all been there—wanting a cool can of soda or chilled bottle of wine, only to find something warm and unappealing. Instead of putting the beverage in the fridge and freezer until you don’t even feel like it anymore, meet the Juno Cooler. 116
  117. SMART HOME KOHLER MOXIE SHOWERHEAD WHAT IT IS The Kohler Moxie Showerhead is made up of a portable smart speaker with built-in Alexa that slots right into your showerhead. MSRP starts at $218.90 WHY IT MATTERS The Moxie Showerhead pairs wirelessly with devices enabled with BLUETOOTH® technology. You can even pop out the wireless speaker to take with you to use on the go. 117
  118. SMART HOME NANOLEAF UNIFIED LIGHT PANELS WHAT IT IS Nanoleaf’s new hexagonal light panels are equipped with a “Learning Series” technology called “U-IQ” to react to where you move in your home. For example, the lights can guide your path if you get home when it’s dark. The lights also react to natural light and illuminate accordingly. Additionally, they have a “Screen Mirror” feature that emulates colors from computer screens to add ambient effects. WHY IT MATTERS These new features that learn movement patterns and measure natural light are kicking smart lighting up a notch. 118
  119. SMART HOME PITAKA’S AIR OMNI WHAT IT IS The Air Omni is the world’s first 6-in-1 MFi Certified charging station for iPhones and iPads. It doubles as a wireless nightstand charger and device organizer with a convertible Lightning / USB-C docking station, standard USB-A and USB-C side ports, and a hidden storage drawer. The Air Omni charging station complies with standards set by Apple. It allows for up to charging for up to six devices where they would charge up as they normally would on any regular charging pad. MSRP: $150 WHY IT MATTERS As more devices are built for wireless charging, this charger offers a space to conveniently charge multiple devices in one spot. 119
  120. SMART HOME SAMSUNG BOT CHEF WHAT IT IS Robotic arms that help cooks prepare meals through AI and computer vision algorithms. The bot chef can do tasks including opening cabinets, slicing & dicing and measuring ingredients. It can also learn new skills in addition to the ones it already has programmed. WHY IT MATTERS It’s a tool that can assist with the time-consuming tasks involved with cooking. It even puts ingredients such as oil and hot sauce back in their proper spots, helping with the clean up process. Co-chefing at its finest! 120
  121. SMART HOME SAMSUNG’S WHISK WHAT IT IS Samsung-owned smart food platform, Whisk, uses Food AI technology that has the ability to suggest to users what to cook depending on what they have in their panty and refrigerator. The tech also tracks expiration dates so items can be used to its full potential. WHY IT MATTERS Whisk makes home cooking simpler and smarter. In the US, an average person wastes 238 pounds of food per year (21% of the food they buy) and generally ends up cooking the same 7-9 dishes all of the time. Whisk helps people find creative solutions to use up leftover ingredients, saving food, time and money. 121
  122. SMART HOME TOWNEW TRASHCAN WHAT IT IS The world’s first self-sealing and changing trash can, the Townew offers a cleaner and easier way to deal with trash with a simple touch of a button. Lift it up to take it away and Townew will automatically get the next bag ready for you (it stores extra bags in the ring under the lid). Each ring holds 25 bags; refill rings are $5 each.The battery-powered Townew (available in white or teal) also has an infrared sensor that detects your presence to open the lid, handsfree. MSRP $119 WHY IT MATTERS If you could avoid smelling garbage, touching it, replacing bags and dealing with the whole process, wouldn’t you? 122
  123. SMART HOME WAYZN SMART SLIDING GLASS DOOR OPENER WHAT IT IS The Wayzn Smart Sliding Glass Door Opener opens and closes sliding doors, triggered by either a motion, a smart tag on your pet’s collar, a smartphone app, or even a wireless camera that connects through the app. When you want to control the sliding door manually, the device folds up into the corner. MSRP: $399 WHY IT MATTERS It’s a new high-tech option that allows people to let their pets go out freely instead of having to come home to let them out or pay for a pet sitter. The camera feature also offers peace of mind for owners who can check in on their pets. 123
  124. WEARABLES124© 2020 memBrain LLC. Not to be copied or disseminated without prior written approval by memBrain LLC.
  125. 125 STAYING ON TRACK According to Market & Markets Research, the Wearables Technology industry is expected to reach $51.6 Billion by 2022. Propelling the industry is commercial/industrial headwear and eyewear, and the consumer focus on healthier lifestyles. Technological advancements and new products appear every day. Innovative leaders in this lifestyle-enhancing marketplace will gather at the forefront in exploring the world through wearables. Years ago, the smartwatch promise was all about the wearable notification device. Then it was all about the activity-tracking features. This was followed by the smartwatch as medical sensor and health-tracking device. Today, the smartwatch is finally trying to include more interesting environmental sensing features as well as connection protocols to speak with other devices. A logical next step would be for the smartwatch to evolve as an all-purpose digital personal assistant (that knows you better than any disconnected or flesh & blood assistant ever could). For now, wearables are becoming part of our lifestyle- offering us immediate access to information, including the data to better ourselves.
  126. WEARABLES CHARMCARE CO, LTD H2-B2 WHAT IT IS The H2-BP is a wristband-type blood pressure monitor which can be worn for 24 hours as a watch. With its own app, users can check the necessary data at any time. It can measure systolic and diastolic pressure and pulse rate. WHY IT MATTERS Once it hits the market, it will be the smallest and lightest blood pressure monitor in the world, offering convenience along with a pleasing aesthetic, for a process that would otherwise be time-consuming and troublesome. 126
  127. WEARABLES COOLPAD DYNO 2 WHAT IT IS The Coolpad Dyno 2 is an update to the company’s popular smartwatch for kids and comes with 4G LTE connectivity, location tracking, safe zones, and voice and text messaging. It also has an upgraded chipset that allows for smoother performance and better battery life. MSRP: $190 (available April 2020) A $9.99 monthly service fee covers calls, data, and all included features. WHY IT MATTERS This is a smartwatch with a purpose - it aims to bridge the gap between kids and tech in a safe and fun way, giving parents a sense of connection to their kids once they start to become more independent. 127
  128. WEARABLES DIESEL ON FADELITE WHAT IT IS Diesel On Fadelite is Diesel’s bold approach to Wear OS. It’s a unisex watch that offers four different colors featuring fading colors. A 43mm case built from hardshell nylon, the Fadelite is lightweight. The watch is also swim- proof and will support Google Assistant, GPS tracking, and heart rate tracking. MSRP $275 WHY IT MATTERS Diesel On Fadelite has one of the most unique designs to date. It looks like a smartwatch for people who don’t want to look like they are wearing a smartwatch. 128
  129. WEARABLES ADD CARE GLUTRAC WHAT IT IS The Glutrac is a non-invasive glucose monitoring solution that represents a crossover of multiple disciplines including physics, optics, bioengineering signal processing and AI algorithms. It collects signals from the body using optical sensors of different wave bands that are processed to calculate blood glucose levels based on the AI. WHY IT MATTERS 29 Million people in the US have diabetes. This solution solves for conventional invasive testing methods (the “prick test”), while allowing diabetics to better track their blood glucose levels to prevent further complications. 129
  130. WEARABLES FOSSIL GEN 5 GARRETT WHAT IT IS The Fossil Gen 5 is one of only a few smartwatches to feature 1GB of RAM instead of 512MB. Coupled with the Snapdragon 3100, the Gen G offers superior performance. At CES® 2020, Fossil launched five new color options: dark grey stainless steel, stainless steel with a blue silicone strap, stainless steel with a red and blue bezel, silver with a black silicone strap, and yellow-gold. MSRP $295 WHY IT MATTERS The Fossil Gen 5 is one of the best Wear OS smartwatches currently available, bringing modern function to the classic sports watch. 130
  131. WEARABLES FOSSIL / SKAGEN FALSTER 3 (KYGO COLLAB) WHAT IT IS The Skagen Falser 3 received an upgrade from its predecessor. It’s now powered by the Snapdragon Wear 31000 SoC, has 1Gb of RAM and 8GB of storage. A speaker has also been inputted to share audio notifications, Google Assistant prompts, and allow users to hear phone calls. The company claims that the smartwatch is swim- proof for 30 meters and comes with NFC and GPS functionality. MSRP $295 WHY IT MATTERS Skagen also partnered with Norwegian DJ Kygo to offer limited edition designs for this product. 131
  132. WEARABLES IBLE AIRVIDA WEARABLE AIR PURIFIER WHAT IT IS The Airvida wearable air purifier is the world’s most mini wearable air purifier using anion technology. It eliminates the hazards of PM 2.5 pollen, dust and volatile gases. WHY IT MATTERS Air pollution has become a global problem. While there are many large air purifiers that are designed to improve the quality of indoor air, air pollution is a growing problem in urban areas. The lightweight wearable comes in at less than 20 grams and boasts an impressive battery life of 28 hours. Although the air purifier does not physically cover the nose and mouth, it is described as being like an "invisible mask" as it releases two million negatively charged ions every 0.6 seconds. 132
  133. WEARABLES NEXTMIND WHAT IT IS NextMind is the world’s first brain-sensing device allowing users to control their augmented or virtual reality (AR/VR) headsets with their mind. The noninvasive brain-computer interface uses electroencephalogram (EEG), a technology to record electrical activity in the brain. MSRP $399 WHY IT MATTERS Unlike EEG machines used in hospitals, which often require special skin preparation, the NextMind device is more of a grab-and-go wearable anyone can throw in their backpack, thanks to a “special material” that’s highly sensitive to electrical signals. 133
  134. WEARABLES SUUNTO 7 WHAT IT IS Suunto’s newest watch is trying to appeal to two very different kinds of users - those in the market for smartwatch and hard-core fitness junkies who will take all the data they can get. The Suunto 7 runs on Wear OS, but it tries to make the best of Google's software by adding its own tweaks. That includes offline outdoor maps, complete with heat maps of popular routes. In addition, Suunto pushed the display brightness to 1,000 nits, making it easy to read in the brightest of sunlight. MSRP starts at $499 WHY IT MATTERS It is a versatile sports watch and smart watch in one that is poised to compete with brands like Garmin - particularly with appeal for endurance athletes. 134
  135. WEARABLES WAHU WHAT IT IS WAHU adaptive shoe soles have pop-up pads that are adjustable by grip and shock-absorbency. Depending on what terrain the user is walking on, a smartphone app allows users to change the mode or leave the soles as is. Backed up by a 24 hour battery, when the soles are pumped, they expand to a maximum height of 8mm. WHY IT MATTERS Wearers can experience maximum traction under a varied set of conditions. The soles are handy for industrial workers, urban frost or workout where sudden changes in grip and cushioning is required. 135
  136. WEARABLES WITHINGS SCANWATCH 2 WHAT IT IS The ScanWatch will be able to monitor heart rates and symptoms of sleep apnea. It will alert users if irregular heartbeats are detected and generate daily reports of apnea episodes and oxygen saturation, which can be found in the Withings Health Mate app. MSRP starts at $249 WHY IT MATTERS This is the most refined wearable to come from the company with a more traditional timepiece look which will make it an easier sell for older health- conscious users. Also, no other smartwatch currently on the market can compete with Withings’ battery life of 30 days. 136
  137. IN CONCLUSION137© 2020 memBrain LLC. Not to be copied or disseminated without prior written approval by memBrain LLC.
  138. IN CONCLUSION 138 Over the past decade, CES® has evolved from a “personal computer and gadgets of the future” conference to an annual preview for the connected smart things that make our lives - and our world - better. This year’s event demonstrated that companies are not only focused on developing next generation technologies, but also on commercializing those technologies to bring them to the masses. This evolution marks an important inflection point as companies begin to roll out robotics, AI, IoT, electronic vehicles, and other innovations for mass adoption.
  139. IN CONCLUSION 139 While previous years felt like a showcase for moonshots and futuristic idealism, this year’s CES® was far more balanced between the practical and the fantastical. The consumer electronics industry is maturing - optimizing between commercialization, technological progress, and the next generation of disruptive products. From more practical product introductions to the accelerating trend of mass personalization—products that seek to deliver unique experiences to users based on learned preferences—everything is now infused with intelligence. The smart toothbrush, robotic companions, and in-car virtual reality entertainment systems are just the beginning. CES® always offers us a glimpse into what’s to come in the year ahead. Here’s to better living through technology in 2020 and beyond! CES® 2020 was all about companies developing technologies that are smart, practical, and personal.
  141. THANK YOU!141© 2020 memBrain LLC. Not to be copied or disseminated without prior written approval by memBrain LLC.