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Chiefs Playbook.pdf

  1. Chiefs Flag Football Playbook
  2. Formation: Wing Right
  3. Wing Right, Dive Right
  4. Wing Right, Wing Back Counter
  5. Wing Back Right Roll Pass Right
  6. Wing Back Right X Screen Pass
  7. Wing Back Right Quick Pitch Left
  8. Wing Back Right, Play Action Pass
  9. “Sticks” We’ll use this for a conversion or short yardage play. Run into the end zone or past the 1st down marker, Then curl back to the QB. Throw to the fist person who is open
  10. Base Defense LB – Linebacker. Looks for quick handoffs, follows the center on pass plays CB – Outside containment on runs, follows WR on pass play Rusher – rush the QB, play runs Safety – Cover back of the field, help on runs, cover any receiver that is not being covered