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Creating a Stronger Foundation with SEO Best Practices

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The key to SEO success starts with a strong foundation. This presentation will teach you what elements to focus on to build that foundation.

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Creating a Stronger Foundation with SEO Best Practices

  1. 1. About Me ● Global SEO Strategist at IBM ● Conference speaker: State of Search, Pubcon, and Rocks Digital ● Served as a judge at the 2018 and 2019 US Search Awards ● Listed as one of the top 140 SEOs to follow by Search Engine Journal ● Contributor to Search Engine Journal, SEMrush blog, Search Talk Live podcast @jesseseogeek Photo by Mat Siltala
  2. 2. Before we move forward !!!DISCLAIMER!!! The thoughts and opinions I share in this presentation are my own and do not reflect those of IBM. @jesseseogeek
  3. 3. Why are Foundations Important? @jesseseogeek “You have to get the basics right before you can even begin to think about improving.” - Bill Hunt Bill Hunt keynoting at Pubcon 2016
  4. 4. Why are Foundations Important? @jesseseogeek To Build a Strong House, You Have to Establish a Strong Foundation. If you don’t...
  5. 5. Why are Foundations Important? @jesseseogeek
  6. 6. @jesseseogeek Creating a Strategy The first step for any successful SEO campaign should always be a detailed research phase!
  7. 7. @jesseseogeek Creating a Strategy Perform in-depth research into topics related to your niche
  8. 8. @jesseseogeek Creating a Strategy
  9. 9. @jesseseogeek Creating a Strategy Stop performing keyword research! Move your mentality to being topic- focused.
  10. 10. @jesseseogeek Creating a Strategy Take a look at the competitors in your space that are already doing well and ask...
  11. 11. @jesseseogeek Creating a Strategy
  12. 12. @jesseseogeek Site Architecture Once you understand the topics to focus on create an ideal IA structure (information architecture)
  13. 13. @jesseseogeek Site Architecture Homepage Topic A Topic B Topic C Topic D Supporting Content Supporting Content Supporting Content Supporting Content
  14. 14. @jesseseogeek Site Architecture A logical topic flow helps build and establish authority for the given topic
  15. 15. @jesseseogeek Site Architecture
  16. 16. @jesseseogeek Site Architecture Breadcrumbs are one of the best ways to establish a site’s architecture
  17. 17. @jesseseogeek Site Architecture
  18. 18. @jesseseogeek Internal Links Homepage Topic A Topic B Topic C Topic D Supporting Content Supporting Content Supporting Content Supporting Content
  19. 19. @jesseseogeek Internal Links
  20. 20. @jesseseogeek Quality Links Spammy links are not worth it! Build smart the first time.
  21. 21. @jesseseogeek Quality Links Low quality links can cause a devaluation in SERPs leading to a link clean up efforts
  22. 22. @jesseseogeek Quality Links
  23. 23. @jesseseogeek Quality Links There’s more to link building than Domain Authority and other third party metrics!
  24. 24. @jesseseogeek Quality Links
  25. 25. @jesseseogeek Quality Links Search operators are a great way to help speed up the link prospecting process
  26. 26. @jesseseogeek Quality Links Learn more about search operators at bit.ly/dr-pete-so
  27. 27. @jesseseogeek Utilizing Markup Data Markup data helps give Google a better understanding of what your site is about.
  28. 28. @jesseseogeek Utilizing Markup Data
  29. 29. @jesseseogeek Utilizing Markup Data <script type='application/ld+json'> { "@context": "http://www.schema.org", "@type": "person", "name": "Dwight Schrute", "jobTitle": "Assistant to the Regional Manager", "url": "https://www.dundermifflin.com", "address": { "@type": "PostalAddress", "streetAddress": "1725 Slough Avenue", "addressLocality": "Scranton", "addressRegion": "PA", "postalCode": "18505", "addressCountry": "USA" }, "email": "dschrute@dundermifflin.com" } </script>
  30. 30. @jesseseogeek Utilizing Markup Data Need help generating JSON- LD markup? Visit https://hallanalysis.com/json- ld-generator/ to get started.
  31. 31. @jesseseogeek Utilizing Markup Data Use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to validate you markup code
  32. 32. ● Develop a strategy early on ● Research competitors ● Build authority with IA and internal links ● Only build high quality links ● Always utilize appropriate markup data @jesseseogeek Key Takeaways
  33. 33. @jesseseogeek Achieve Marketing Greatness
  34. 34. @jesseseogeek Thank You!
  35. 35. Follow Me On Social @jesseseogeek Have questions? Hit me up on any social media platforms. My handle on all platforms is @jesseseogeek. I’d be more than happy to continue the conversation. Read my SEJ article on this topic at http://bit.ly/sej-jesse