instrumental factors sample factors exothermic and endothermic reactions thermal analysis techniques thermal analysis applications of tg advantages and disadvantages factors affecting tg curve thermogram of tg instrumentation of tg working of tg principle of tg types of tg thermogravimetry (tg) applications of dta thermogram factors affecting dta curve instrumentation of dta working of dta principle of dta differential thermal analysis (dta) applications of conducting polymer supercapacitors flexible supercapacitors conducting polymers biodegradability. electrical property thermal stabiity barrier properties flame retardant behaviour properties and relevance of pcnc- mechanical beha preparation methods pcnc structures dispersion of clay platelets into polymer crystal structure of mmt different types of polymers used in pcnc polymer/clay nanocomposites (pcnc) nanocomposites definition of terms related to nanocomposites effects of xrd on lldpe and nanocomposites effects of xrd on nanoclays and oxidised wax xrd methods x-ray diffraction x-ray spectroscopy x-ray production x-ray
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