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Attract, Acquire and Retain Customers in The Restaurant Industry

With customer counts declining, what is the best business strategy for attracting, acquiring and retaining restaurant customers.

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Attract, Acquire and Retain Customers in The Restaurant Industry

  1. 1. Attract - Acquire - Retain Taking Your Restaurant Guest Experience Program To The Next Level.
  2. 2. Your Customer Has Evolved  Age demographics have changed  Customer reviews are no longer word of mouth  Technology has evolved significantly  Marketing strategies are digital
  3. 3. The Industry Has Changed  Concepts such as “Fast Casual” have changed eating habits  Grocery stores and C stores are taking a bite out of restaurant sales  Growth of “Off Premise” dining is changing the nature of the business  Declining customer counts has become an ongoing trend
  4. 4. How Does A Restaurant Adapt
  5. 5. Do You Have A Plan  Attract new customers  Acquire them with food quality and superior service  Retain them to be return customers
  6. 6. Do You Have A Strategy Attract Acquire Retain • Search Engine Listings • Social Media Marketing • Community Involvement • Food Quality Management • 5 Star Service • Four Walls Marketing • Target Customer Strategies • Loyalty Marketing • Email Marketing While Building Your “Off Premise” Sales
  7. 7. How Can Technology Assist You  Improve Your Search Engine Listings  Social Media Marketing  Restaurant Reputation Management  Database Building Programs  Email Marketing  Loyalty Marketing  Online Server Training
  8. 8. What Value Do These Programs Bring To My Restaurant
  9. 9. To Learn More About Our Marketing Performance Program. Contact us at 1-888-890-9492 x 1 or schedule a Free Consultation. Schedule My Consultation