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Harbour Industries Overview Oct.2014

  1. Harbour Industries Snapshot Harbour is a recognized global leader in manufacturing high temperature/ high performance wire and cable. o Founded in 1965 o A Berkshire Hathaway company - Marmon Engineered Wire & Cable Group - Member of High Performance Wire & Cable Group o Harbour has two manufacturing sites: - Shelburne, VT - Farnham, QC. o Employees: approximately 185 people
  2. Harbour Industries: Who & Where we go to Market o Market Focus: - Aerospace & High Performance Products - Collectively Harbour services major markets in North America, Europe and Asia. We utilize a select network of market leading distributors including both regional and national alliances. - Specialty Products – Concentration on application specific targets that include OEMs, Assembly Houses and Distribution. - We do not compete with our customers. o Harbour services the following markets: - Military / Aerospace - Commercial Electronics - RF Microwave - Industrial/Appliance
  3. Harbour Industries: Harbour 80/20 Business Model 80/20 Business concept has produced proven benefits for Harbour and Harbour’s customers. • On time deliveries 2014 = 98.3% • Dedicated Kanban inventories – stock to 4 days • Accurate Lead times with focused service • 24 hour RFQ turn around • Dedicated raw material - stream-assurity of supply • Dedicated to continuous improvement within every discipline at Harbour. Safe to say 80/20 practices has enabled Harbour to compete on a Global Scale!
  4. Harbour Industries: Quality Systems Year over year Harbour successfully strives to meet or exceed our Customers expectations for Quality: o AS9100C o ISO 9001: 2008 certified quality system o RoHS compliant since August 2005 o Quick Fact: In 2013 Harbour shipped more than 300,000,000 linear feet.
  5. Harbour Industries: Aerospace Wire & Cable Approvals Harbour has successfully gained product and vendor approvals at many major Aerospace Airframe/Avionic/ IFE manufacturers to name a few: o Boeing Helicopter: V-22 Osprey – Data Cables o Boeing Mesa: Apache – Data Cables o Bombardier: Approved Vendor o Panasonic Avionics: Approved Vendor o L3 - SLC: Approved Vendor o Northrop Grumman: Approved Vendor o Lockheed Martin: Approved Vendor
  6. Harbour Industries: Capabilities Extrusion: Lead wire, coaxial core, cable jacketing o Melt: ETFE, FEP, PFA, PEEK, Polyurethane and PVDF o Ram: PTFE, Mineral filled PTFE and PTFE core
  7. Harbour Industries: Capabilities Shielding:16 – 36 carrier braiders; Metal shields (Ag, Cu, NPC, Alloys), Round, Flat, fiberglass braids.
  8. Harbour Industries Tape Wrap:
  9. Harbour Industries: KeyQualified Product Listings: Coaxial Constructions: o MIL-DTL-17 Coax Examples: RG316, /176-00002, RG142, RG400, RG393, RG178 Single Conductor Constructions: o NEMA HP-3 Types E, EE, ET Extruded PTFE o SAE - AS22759 Extruded PTFE (Example AS22759/11) o SAE – AS22759 Extruded ETFE (Example AS22759/16) Multiconductor Constructions: o NEMA WC 27500 – RC – 06 Extruded PTFE o NEMA WC 27500 – TE – 14 Extruded ETFE o NEMA WC 27500 – TG – 14 Extruded ETFE o Type STJ Extruded PTFE/PTFE Tape Jct. Quick Fact: Harbour is the worlds largest consumer of PTFE used for wire and cable!
  10. Harbour Industries: Aerospace Data Cables –Market Dynamics Demand Growing: • Commercial Aerospace: • In-Flight Entertainment • Cabin Management Systems • SATCOM (IFEC) • Military Aerospace & Land Vehicles: • GPS • SATCOM Supplier Base Shrinking: • The acquisition of Thermax by Carlisle has dramatically reduced the supplier base. • OEM’s and System providers not happy with single source scenarios.
  11. Harbour Industries: Aerospace Data Cables – IFE Market Dynamics Looking Good!: • Wide body Imbedded IFE Systems still rule the skies • Competition for passengers driving IFE investment • Passenger demand for connectivity exploding - IFEC • IFE hardware expenditure by airlines is expected to increase year on year through to 2015 and reach US$2Bn by the end of the forecast period. • Copper still the leader. Economical, bandwidth, flexibility, run length. • Demand for KA and KU Band for Wireless Connectivity will call for Coax cables as well as Data Cables.
  12. Harbour Industries: Aerospace Data Cables DataMaster® Aerospace Data Cables: o The Demand: 15 years ago Harbour saw a growing demand for aerospace grade data cables for commercial and military aerospace applications. The Answer: Harbour’s Data Master® Quad, Gigabit Ethernet, Twisted pair, and Composite designs. The Key: We had to innovate and differentiate.
  13. Harbour Industries: DataMaster™AerospaceData Cables Proprietary Foamed Fluoropolymer Insulation: Harbour pioneered the process to manufacture closed cell Fluoropolymer insulation. Our composite primaries have enhanced characteristics when compared to other types of insulating materials. Such as: • Overall Weight Savings: Up to 10% reduction in Quad cable weight. • Robust: A closed cell insulation provides enhanced crush resistance when compared to other types of insulations such as expanded PTFE. • Ease of Termination: Harbour’s foamed insulation provides swift, clean-cut processing! • Longer lengths: Harbour’s proprietary process yields longer average lengths when compared to other manufactures. Data Master™ Cables meet the most demanding standards for Flame, Smoke, and Toxicity: FAR 25.0 Appendix F, Boeing and Airbus standards.
  14. Harbour Industries: DataMaster™Aerospace Data Cables: DataMaster™ Q100 Series This cable’s proprietary Floropolymer insulation allows for a construction that is lighter weight and smaller in diameter than our closest competitor. Manufacturer Description Weight / 1000' Harbour Data Master Q10024 22Lbs/MFT Carlisle NetFlight NF24Q100 24.5Lbs./Mft.  Throw in a cable construction that’s tougher, easier to terminate, longer lengths and competitively priced, it’s game over!
  15. Harbour Industries: Aerospace Data Cables: New Product Series Harbour’s Aerospace Grade Gigabit Ethernet Cables These proven cables are being used in IFE, CMS, Military and Commercial Avionics just to name a few • DataMaster™ Aero • 1000 Base T - Cat 5e performance • DataMaster™ AeroBit • A Cat 6a solution future proof headroom for demanding headroom needs. • DataMaster™ AeroFit A proprietary construction provides an extremely flexible, small diameter with Cat 5e performance
  16. Harbour Industries: Data Master™ Aerospace Data Cables: Additional Data Cable Constructions available: • Composite Cables: • Data / Power • USB Cables • Custom Constructions
  17. Harbour Industries: High Performance Coax Harbour’s High Performance Coax are used in multiple Aerospace applications – IFEC, IFE, TCAS to name a few LL Low Loss Coax Ideal for high frequency and high power applications Low insertion loss at higher operating frequencies Special connectors designed and are readily available Phase stable over temperature and flexure SB Strip Braid Coax Lower insertion loss, lighter weight, and better performance than comparable MIL-DTL-17 constructions SS Spiral Strip Coax Harbour’s SS coaxial cables are flexible alternatives to semi-rigid coax, and the unique shielding configuration offers a cost effective, low attenuation option. The use of strip/round braid composite shields results in low transfer impedance levels.
  18. Harbour Highlights • Lean, Responsive, Decisive • Performance, Innovation • On Time Delivery- consistent “Best In Class” service • Quality = Reliability • Financial Strength of Berkshire Hathaway • Promote Engineer to Engineer dialogue