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LinkedIn for Executives

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LinkedIn for Executives

  1. 1. AASE Jonathan Duarte GOJobs.com
  2. 2. 3 Types of Social Media Users1. Passive. Signed in, built a profile, took off.2. Active users. Primarily networking, sourcing, sales and marketing, or job search / recruiting related.3. The rest…
  3. 3. This is Online Networking… to most people!
  4. 4. This is what our customers think it is! A way to communicate. A way to research companies, contacts, vendors, information, etc. A way to stay up to date on news and information. A place to network.
  5. 5. There will always be the weird ones!
  6. 6. LinkedIn is one of the Big 3  A place to hang out with the people you know!  A place to meet the people you want to know!  A place to talk shop!
  7. 7. The Resume is Dead! There are 500,000 HR and recruiting professionals on LinkedIn. They are using LI for sourcing candidates. Recruiters are using LI and other Social Networking sites because they are free! Employers have to pay Monster or CareerBuilder resume database is $9K to look at your resume. With Facebook, LinkedIn, and other sites, your profile is free! There are more resumes, white papers, forum discussions, and other professional information on Google than there is all the resume databases.
  8. 8. How to use Web 2.0 in your marketing strategy.Engage your clients and prospects as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) from the position of being Known, Liked, and Trusted.You do this through providing news, information, industry updates, customer support, and product knowledge:• On their terms• On their schedule• When they are ready• Using the sites they prefer• In the format that they like best (white papers, video, podcasts, blog articles, communities, groups, Facebook fan pages, Twitter streams, press releases, etc.)
  9. 9. How does LinkedIn fit in? “It’s not who you know. It’s who knows you.” - Jeffrey Gitomer
  10. 10. The Strength of Weak TiesIt’s not the people closest to you that help you find a job. It’s the people with which you have “weak ties”.These “weak ties” are people you haven’t seen or spoken to in weeks, months, or years.The theory is suggests that our primary network of friends and connections have the same influencers an same connections that we do, therefore they see and hear the same information that we do.While people outside of your primary social network are influenced by many other sources.Mark Granovetter
  11. 11. Not all connections are NOT the same. Nodes Hubs Constiuant Connections
  12. 12. LinkedIn Applications
  13. 13. LinkedInSearchResultsbydegreesofconnection.
  14. 14. Profilescan getyouHiredandFired!
  15. 15. CareerBuilder Study 45% of employers used Social Networking sites to reference check job seekers. Social networking profiles gave some job seekers an edge over the competition. 24% of hiring managers who researched job candidates via social networking sites said they found content that helped to solidify their decision to hire the candidate.
  16. 16. Top Influencing factors 48% - candidate’s background supported their qualifications for the job 43% - candidate had great communication skills 40% - candidate was a good fit for the company’s culture 36% - candidate’s site conveyed a professional image 31% - candidate had great references posted about them by others 30% - candidate showed a wide range of interests 29% - candidate received awards and accolades 24% - candidate’s profile was creative
  17. 17. Recommendations:Give and Receive
  18. 18. Promoting your business through youLinkedIn Profile Include Slideshows from Slideshare, or Box.net, of Google Docs. Include a Video (through Slideshare) Upload powerpoints. Integrate your personal Blog. Link to your company website
  19. 19. Promoting your business throughGroups and Questions &Answers Include an image here of group questions. Include an image of Q&A here.
  20. 20. LinkedIn Groups There are groups of all shapes and sizes, from industry trade groups, to local associations and chambers of commerce, to alumni organizations, to recreation and sports groups. You can join up to 50 groups. Become a member and engage the group. Don’t just jump in and start selling. Don’t SELL in social media… educate!
  21. 21. LinkedIn Groups – Ways to Engage! Get involved in discussions. “Pay-it-forward”. Not only are you helping others, but you are adding backlinks and “social footprints” back to your profile. Ask questions in the groups. Make announcements. Hold Webinars or Teleseminars to provide information. Promote these in the groups. Most importantly, build relationships.
  22. 22. LinkedIn Questions & Answers Questions and Answers is great section of LinkedIn for promoting your business. It’s not simply about promotion, but building your credibility. People ask questions in your niche or area of expertise. If you answer the question, your answer is publicly available (if desired) and others can see your response. If the person asking the question thinks your answer was the best, you get a star. The stars go on your profile (kind of like the gold star on the fridge when you were a kid). The answers don’t go away, so months into the future your expertise is still visible… with a link to your profile, of course.
  23. 23. My Social Networking Stats LinkedIn Connections - Over 7,000 Facebook Friends – 300+ Twitter Followers – 2,300 Job seekers on email campaigns – 90,000 Clients on newsletter campaigns – 4,000
  24. 24. Network BuildingBroad or Deep Network building?I recommend both! Why?You come up higher in Search Results.Go deep in your industry with vendors, clients, prospects, competitors, employees, associates, partners, etc.Go broad using TopLinked, and LIONS.
  25. 25. Building a Broad Network
  26. 26. Questions and Answers
  27. 27. The Profile Headline Picture Updates Recommendat ions Connections Links
  28. 28. Building a Broad Network
  29. 29. Building a Broad Network
  30. 30. Building a Broad Network
  31. 31. Google yourself:How many timesare you listed inthe:Top 10?Top 30?Do you controlyour PersonalBrand?
  32. 32. LinkedIn Groups: Use groups to:•Connect•Join Discussions• Add Value• Learn• Promote• Invite members toevents
  33. 33. Thank you!What I do:• Social Media Recruitment Consulting and Implementations• Career Site Optimization• Search Engine Optimization• Job Posting Aggregation and Syndication Jonathan@gojobs.com * 949-287-4154