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Docker open manage_meetup_sep_2016

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Running Dell applications in a Docker containers

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Docker open manage_meetup_sep_2016

  1. 1. Running Dell applications in Docker containers Docker Austin Meetup Sep 3, 2015 Jose De la Rosa Dell Linux Engineering
  2. 2. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential 2 OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) In-house application used to manage and monitor the health of Dell PowerEdge servers. 1. RPM-based (for RHEL, CentOS and SLES). • Problem: No debs for Ubuntu or Debian. 2. Installation is straight-forward. • Problem: Installs 55-60 RPMs. • Problem: Removal is not straight-forward. • Problem: Upgrading can be quite a hassle.
  3. 3. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential 3 Can we Dockerize OMSA? Not an ideal application to run in a container: • Many services (not just one) • Needs access to host’s hardware (requires privileged mode) • Has dependencies on kernel modules (big no no) • Too big (about 500 MB) But nevertheless…
  4. 4. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential 4 Implementation Ubuntu / Debian Docker Engine CentOS 7 OMSA PowerEdge Server
  5. 5. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential 5 Results It worked! About 95% functionality with a couple known issues (we’re working on them) 1. Customers can now use it on Ubuntu & Debian (though not recommended for Production yet) 2. Installation / Upgrade / Removal now as easy as “docker pull, docker run, docker stop and docker rm”. (Not just on Ubuntu & Debian, but RHEL, CentOS and SLES)
  6. 6. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential 6 Moral of the story • We proved that a legacy (and somewhat bloated) application can be “containerized” with minimum effort and without modifying a single line of code. • If we can containerize OMSA, then we can containerize anything!
  7. 7. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential 7 Are you a Dell customer and use OMSA? http://linux.dell.com/docker We’re looking for feedback