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Yes 2016 digital marketing workshop

Workshop on digital marketing from ThunderQuote Founder, Kevin Ng for Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium 2016 by nEbO.

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Yes 2016 digital marketing workshop

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Workshop
  2. 2. Hello! I am Kevin Ng ◎Ran 7 businesses in mostly IT fields ◎World Top Six Student Entrepreneurs (2015 GSEA World Finals) ◎CAPM & Six Sigma Greenbelt Certified ◎4-5 years of sales awards and experience
  3. 3. Your trusted web infrastructure provider By: All the vendors you need at your fingertips
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  6. 6. 1. What is Digital Marketing?
  7. 7. “ Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, on the internet, mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium. ~ Wikipedia
  8. 8. What is Marketing? ◎Advertising? ◎Branding? ◎Spamming your customers? ◎Capturing more market share? ◎Getting more people to buy more? What do you guys think Marketing is?
  9. 9. Traditional ◎ Communication between business & its customers ◎ Getting more customers & getting them to buy more Perspectives on Marketing Modern ◎ Process embedded in all aspects of a business ◎ Knowing the customer & meeting their needs
  10. 10. Basics of Marketing Segmentation Is splitting up your target market into distinct groups Targeting Is selecting the most suitable group for your business Positioning Is making sure your business satisfies the needs of your target segment
  11. 11. STP Exercise! Assume you have set up a fashion blogshop: ◎Who are your possible customers groups? ◎Who will be your target segment? Why? ◎What image/position are you taking? Why?
  12. 12. Female ◎ Office Ladies: age 25 – 35, office wear, classy & branded (?) ◎ Teenagers: age 14 – 18, affordable & unique STP Exercise: Segmentation Examples Male ◎ Comfort-seeker: values comfort over appearance
  13. 13. Target Segment ◎ Office Ladies: age 25 – 35, office wear, classy & branded (?) ◎ Teenagers: age 14 – 18, affordable & unique STP Exercise: Positioning Position ◎ Prestige branding: Quality & Fashionable ◎ Affordable & cute/chic/unique
  14. 14. 4 Ps of Marketing PromotionProduct Place Price
  15. 15. 4 Ps of Marketing 1. FB Ads 2. Youtube Channel 3. Instagram Quality Women Fashion + 15 Day Return Policy Online Blogshop + Delivery Premium Pricing + Pre-order Discounts
  16. 16. 2. Digital Marketing Channels
  17. 17. Digital Marketing Channels ◎Digital ◎Adverts? ◎Spam? ◎Cheap? Exercise (5 mins): What are some channels you can think of?
  18. 18. Traditional ◎ Mail ◎ Outdoor Advertising ◎ TV Advertising ◎ Newspaper ◎ Info Pamphlets Marketing Channels Digital ◎ E-mail ◎ Display Adverts ◎ Youtube Ads ◎ Influencers ◎ Content
  19. 19. Channels Overview (I) Content Helps you build your brand, help your customers and draw in potential clients. Search Engine Is targeting customers at their point of need. Influencers Are your best partners if you choose the right ones. Email Is the spam tactic of the 21st Century… But it still works. Viral Is all start-ups say they are but in reality most are one-hit wonders. SEO Is making it easy for people to find you on Google.
  20. 20. Channels Overview (II) Social & Display Ad Good for driving traffic & new impressions Tools Increases recurring visits for usage of tools Affiliates Drives new traffic which is more likely to convert if affiliates are closely related Existing Platforms Leverage on existing customer base of marketplaces/platforms Community Long-term brand building and brand advocates which builds your word-of-mouth Public Relations Cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising, wide reach and increases brand awareness
  21. 21. Google Display Network
  22. 22. FB Advertising Custom Audience
  23. 23. Content Marketing Providing free content to: 1. Draw in potential customers 2. Demonstrate expertise 3. Delight customers
  24. 24. Existing Platforms Marketplaces aggregating buyers and sellers ◎Amazon ◎Google App Store ◎ThunderQuote
  25. 25. Search Engine Optimization Google evaluates ◎ Relevancy to keywords ◎ Reputation of page (Inbound links) ◎ Searchability (Sitemap & Structure)
  26. 26. SEO Factors
  27. 27. 3. Digital Marketing Execution
  28. 28. Our process is easy Testing Execution Tracking & Optimizatio n
  29. 29. Bullseye Framework How do you find out which channels work for your business?
  30. 30. Bullseye Framework 1. Brainstorm 2. Rank - A: Promising, B: Potential, C: Long- shot 3. Prioritize - Select 3 from A 4. Test - Cost/Customer, No. of Customers 5. Focusing - Optimize most efficient channel
  31. 31. Execution ◎Test channels & develop product concurrently ◎50% Rule: Product & Traction ◎Moving The Needle: Focus on channels with measurable significant impact ◎Channels’ effectiveness change over business lifetime due to ◎1. Saturation ◎2. Growth of Business
  32. 32. Keeping on Track ◎Planning: Purpose, Goals, Budget ◎Marketing Schedule ◎Recording Data ◎Milestones & Checks Tracking progress is crucial!
  33. 33. Learning & Optimizing ◎Tracking! ◎A|B Testing ◎Gathering Feedback (Unbiased) Tracking is crucial to learning as only with data, you can find out what exactly made your campaign a success and learn from it.
  34. 34. Helpful Tools ◎Google Analytics ◎FB Advert Manager ◎Google Sheets/Excel ◎Slack ◎ThunderQuote ◎https://blog.bufferapp.com/free- marketing-tools for more free tools
  35. 35. 4. Digital Marketing Review
  36. 36. Review & Summary STP Know yourself and know your customers to win the market. 4Ps Product, Promotion, Place, Pricing Digital Channels Reaches more people cheaper than ever, but consumers are also more selective and desensitized. Testing Using Bulls-eye Framework helps you quickly determine what works. Execution Is about focusing on the few proven channels and testing new channels for when old ones dry up. Tracking Is the most crucial, as the best campaign is only a one-off if you do not know what led to it.
  37. 37. Thanks! Any questions? Contact me at: kevnty@thunderquote.com www.thunderquote.com for marketing services (Design, Printing, Advertising, etc.) All the vendors you need at your fingertips