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Building Journalistic Innovation Ecosystems

AMI's strategy for supporting digital innovation in Africa's legacy media.

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Building Journalistic Innovation Ecosystems

  2. 2. Partnership
  3. 3. African Media InitiativeAMI is Africa’s largest network of ‘legacy’ media owners + executives. More a union than NGO.Represents 800+ of Africa’s most influential media companies & journalism organisations.Focuses on the ‘business of news’ by giving the tools, technology, knowledge & skills necessary to build a strong & independent media that produces quality journalism.
  4. 4. Digital ProgrammesJournalism is in crisis globally. Advertising & audiences shifting online - disrupting media’s business model & causing collapse of iconic brands.AMI’s strategy is learn from pain & mistakes in Global North, so Africa can leapfrog the coming economic disruption.AMI is building an innovation ecosystem to help African media get beyond web + mobile, so we can be platform agnostic + data-driven.
  5. 5. Ecosystems & Pipelines
  6. 6. Creating Community
  7. 7. www.SouthAfrica.DataBootcamp.org
  8. 8. www.Code4Democracy.org
  9. 9. www.AfricaOpenData.org
  10. 10. https://opendata.go.ke
  11. 11. www.Code4Kenya.org
  12. 12. AMI Prototype Fund
  13. 13. www.AfricanNewsChallenge.org
  14. 14. Creating Prototypes$1m African News Innovation Challenge (ANIC) offers seed grants of between $12,500 - $100,000, plus engineering & business development support.2nd tier niche grant programmes: WAN-IFRA mobile news grants, AMI rapid prototype grants, Mozilla Open News code sprint grants, Google data journalism grants, etcAccess to venture capital (VC) funding through MDLF digital ventures fund, sovereign VC funds.
  15. 15. Creating CapacityCode4Kenya + Code4Ghana + ODADI initiatives to embed coders in newsrooms, supported by an external jLAB dev team to scale news apps.IMAGE platform to create a marketplace for digital news skills, projects, money & resources.DataLiberation scraperthons, Code4Democracy hackathons + d|bootcamps, and annual TechCamps to give technical skills via weeklong crash-courses in data scrapping, data analysis & data visualisation for media.African Network of Centers for Investigative Reporting (ANCIR) transnational journalism projects.
  16. 16. www.AfricanMediaInitiative.orgwww.AfricanNewsChallenge.org @JustinArenstein