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Jobs To Be Done

The concept of jobs to be done provides a lens through which we can understand value creation. The term was made popular by business leader Clayton Christensen in The Innovator’s Solution, the follow-up to his landmark book The Innovator’s Dilemma.

It’s a straightforward principle: people “hire” products and services to get a job done.

For instance, you might hire a new suit to make you look good for a job interview. Or, you hire Facebook to stay in touch with friends on a daily basis. You could also hire a chocolate bar to reward yourself after work. These are all jobs to be done.

Although companies like Strategyn and The Rewired Group have been using the JTBD for many years, the framework has gotten a lot of attention recently. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with JTBD in various contexts in the past, and I included the topic in throughout my new book, Mapping Experiences.

Jobs To Be Done

  1. 1. Jobs To Be Done (#JTBD)
  2. 2. @JimKalbach
  3. 3. AGENDA • Origins and background • Framework for JTBD • Applying JTBD • Examples
  4. 4. “People don’t want a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole.” THEODORE LEVITT
  5. 5. JOB TO BE DONE (JTBD) Bob Moesta
  6. 6. JOBS TO BE DONE (JTBD) Progress toward a goal •Beyond demographics •Not solutions •Show causality •Why people “hire“
  8. 8. DIMENSIONS: “HIRING“ A KEYLESS LOCK • FUNCTIONAL - Control access to my home • EMOTIONAL - Feel secure the home is safe • SOCIAL - Let visitors in, keep strangers out
  9. 9. • SITUATION – Private home- owners need to let people in and out when they are at work during the day • MOTIVATION – Solve the problem of selective access and of scheduling visit • DESIRED OUTCOMES - Maximize options for entry/exit - Reduce chance of intruders - Increase sense of security CIRCUMSTANCES: “HIRING“ A KEYLESS LOCK
  10. 10. Maximize my ability to allow visitors in during the day Minimize Reduce Lower Maximize Increase Raise Time Ability Effort Chances Likelihood DIRECTION UNIT QUALIFIER DESIRED OUTCOMES
  11. 11. Maximize the ability to allow visitors in during the day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Very low Very high A. How important is this to you? B. How well is this currently being satisfied? DESIRED OUTCOMES SURVEY
  12. 12. OPPORTUNITY Satisfaction Importance TONY ULWICK x
  13. 13. APPLYING JTBDs 1. Understand the market 2. Design for the market 3. Speak to the market 4. (Re)define the market
  14. 14. MAPPING
  15. 15. „Indi Young, Mental Models. Rosenfeld Media, 2008. Mental models give a deep understanding of people’s motivations and thought-processes, along with the emotional and philosophical landscape in which they are operating. MENTAL MODELS
  16. 16. Task Tower Mental Space Support
  17. 17. Tasks, towers, goals = JTBD Support Features Products Services
  18. 18. #2 – DESIGN FOR THE MARKET Job Stories Alan Klement, “Replacing The User Story With The Job Story”
  19. 19. #3 – DESIGN FOR THE MARKET
  20. 20. #3 – SPEAK TO THE MARKET Shift language to reflect JTBD BEFORE Our automated photo indexing is the best in the industry AFTER Find photos on your computer with less effort thanks to our smart indexing
  21. 21. Functional job (1) Desired outcome Situation & Motivatio nFunctional job (2) Emotional job Social job
  22. 22. #4 – (RE)DEFINE MARKETS “The greatest competitor [in tax software] … was not in the industry. It was the pencil. The pencil is a tough and resilient substitute. Yet the entire industry had overlooked it.” SCOTT COOK, Founder of Intuit
  23. 23. #4 – (RE)DEFINE MARKETS “Customers struggle when they try to make their life better but don’t know how. We call this struggle a Job to be Done.”
  24. 24. Danke schön! @JimKalbach Jim.Kalbach@Gmail.com www.experiencinginformation.com