pathological changes neuritic plaques brain morphology pathogenesis clinical features molecular genetics neurofibrillary tangles bacterial spores ribosome capsule pilli pleomorphism flagella nucleus plasmid mesosome bacilli cell wall cocci cytoplasm vibrio autoclave incineration antiseptics sterilization disinfection radiation inspissator filtration aseptis tyndallisation pasteurisation hot air oven antibiotic resistance antibiotics chemotherapy host - parasite relationships bacteriostatic versus bactericidal mechanism of action of antibiotics selective toxicity antimicrobial drugs inflammation phagocytosis specific immunity passive immunity nonspecific immunity active immunity factors affecting individual mmunity mechanisms of innate and acquired immunity acquired immunity innate immunity immunity viruses morphology viruses properties viruses classification microorganisms viruses microbiology viruses cultivation viruses multiplication hospital acquired infections hospital infection control committee nosocomial infections anaerobiosis culture methods culture media history of microbiology microbiology introduction infection morphology anatomy bacteria alzheimer's disease
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