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10 - MongoDB

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• What and Why MongoDB
• How we bring value to you(r clients)
• Demo Demo Demo

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10 - MongoDB

  1. 1. 14:10 - 14:50 • What and Why MongoDB • How we bring value to you(r clients) • Demo Demo Demo
  2. 2. Intelligently put data where you want it Best way to work with data Freedom to run anywhere Fully Transactional Operational Database
  3. 3. 3 The document model: a different way of representing data Tabular (Relational) Data Model Related data split across multiple records and tables Document Data Model Related data contained in a single, rich document { "_id" : ObjectId("5ad88534e3632e1a35a58d00"), "name" : { "first" : "John", "last" : "Doe" }, "address" : [ { "location" : "work", "address" : { "street" : "16 Hatfields", "city" : "London", "postal_code" : "SE1 8DJ"}, "geo" : { "type" : "Point", "coord" : [ 51.5065752,-0.109081]}}, + {...} ], "phone" : [ { "location" : "work", "number" : "+44-1234567890"}, + {...} ], "dob" : ISODate("1977-04-01T05:00:00Z"), "retirement_fund" : NumberDecimal("1292815.75") }
  4. 4. Adapt and make changes quickly Flexible Achieve great performance without a lot of work Fast Support a wide variety of data and queries Versatile Work with data in a natural, intuitive way Easy MongoDB: The Best Way To Work With Data
  5. 5. 5 Versatile: Multiple data models, rich query functionality Rich Queries Point | Range | Geospatial | Faceted Search | Aggregations | JOINs | Graph Traversals JSON Documents Tabular Key-Value Text GraphGeospatial
  6. 6. MongoDB: Intelligently Place Data Where You Want It LocalityScalabilityAvailability Workload Isolation deliver globally resilient platform through sophisticated replication and failover grow horizontally through native sharding run operational and analytical workloads in the same cluster place data in specific geographies for governance, class of service, and low- latency access
  7. 7. MongoDB: Freedom To Run Anywhere Local On-premises Server & Mainframe Private cloud Fully managed cloud service Hybrid cloud Public cloud • Avoid lock-in • Global coverage • Leverage benefits of multi-cloud strategy • Database that runs the same everywhere
  8. 8. Self-service, elastic, and automated Secure by defaultGlobal and highly available Continuous backups Real-time monitoring and optimization Cloud agnostic MongoDB: Database As A Service – MongoDB Atlas
  9. 9. Enterprise Tools & Features MongoDB Connector for BIMongoDB Compass Schema Visualization Data Exploration Ad-Hoc Queries & Aggregation Builder Visualization Analysis Reporting Security Features AuditingAuthentication Authorization MongoDB Charts Real-time Visualizations Share Dashboards Streamline Data Analysis & Reporting MongoDB Mobile Service Integrations REST API Data access control & functions Encryption: in flight & at-rest (storage volume) Management Tooling: Ops Manager - Cloud Manager - Atlas - RESTful API
  10. 10. The evolution of MongoDB 3.0 3.2 Document Validation $lookup Fast Failover Simpler Scalability Aggregation ++ Encryption At Rest In-Memory Storage Engine BI Connector MongoDB Compass APM Integration Profiler Visualization Auto Index Builds Backups to File System Doc-Level Concurrency Compression Storage Engine API ≤50 replicas Auditing ++ Ops Manager Linearizable reads Intra-cluster compression Views Log Redaction Graph Processing Decimal Collations Faceted Navigation Zones ++ Aggregation ++ Auto-balancing ++ ARM, Power, zSeries BI & Spark Connectors ++ Compass ++ Hardware Monitoring Server Pool LDAP Authorization Encrypted Backups Cloud Foundry Integration 3.4 3.6 Change Streams Retryable Writes Expressive Array Updates Query Expressivity Causal Consistency Consistent Sharded Sec. Reads Compass Community Ops Manager ++ Query Advisor Schema Validation End to End Compression IP Whitelisting Default Bind to Localhost Sessions WiredTiger 1m+ Collections MongoDB BI Connector ++ Expressive $lookUp R Driver Atlas Cross Region Replication Atlas Auto Storage Scaling 4.0 Multi-Document ACID Transactions Atlas Global Clusters Atlas HIPAA Atlas LDAP Atlas Audit Atlas Encrypted Storage Engine Atlas AWS Backup Snapshots Atlas Full CRUD Agg Pipeline Type Conversions 40% Faster Shard Migrations Snapshot Reads Non-Blocking Secondary Reads SHA-2 TLS 1.1+ Compass Agg Pipeline Builder Compass Export to Code Charts Beta Free Monitoring Cloud Service Ops Manager K8s & OpenShift MongoDB Stitch GA MongoDB Mobile Beta
  11. 11. Summary: MongoDB UNIQUELY Delivers…... Scale-out, data locality, and resilience of distributed systems ACID transactional guarantees on any scale Developer productivity of open source document databases Freedom to Run Anywhere
  12. 12. Time for a demo. https://www.mongodb.com/meetatlas
  13. 13. Get started with Atlas using a 200$ USD promo code! https://www.mongodb.com/meetatlas Architecture Book Club Recommended reading: https://www.mongodb.com Visit our booth for goodies!
  14. 14. 14 Contact Details { "name": "Sander De Vos", "email": "sander.devos@mongodb.com", "linkedin": "https://www.linkedin.com/in/dvsander/", "motto": "what - why - how", "location": "Brussels, Belgium", "career" : [{ "from": new Date("2006-09-01"), "role": "Software Developer" },{ "from": new Date("2013-09-01"), "role": "Lead Solutions Architect Cloud", "employer": "Capgemini Belgium" },{ "from": new Date("2018-07-01"), "role": "Solutions Architect", "employer": "MongoDB" } ] }