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10 Twitter Future Trends

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The Future of Twitter
The Future of Twitter
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10 Twitter Future Trends

  1. 10 Twitter Future Trends Created By Karim Gargum www.KarimGargum.com Copyright © 2009 Karim Gargum. All rights reserved.
  2. 1) Shift from ʻtweetingʼ to ʻsearchingʼ
  3. As more users sign up, the signal-to-noise ratio is dropping.
  4. Increasingly the only way to find useful information will be the Twitter search tool.
  5. 2) Twitter will menace Google
  6. There have been many pretenders to the Google search throne
  7. But Twitter offers much more: • Near realtime results • Human filtered • Follow search topic Tweets • Twitter ‘trending’ topics
  8. 3) Three types of users will emerge
  9. Blabbers will continue to ‘bla bla bla’ about what they had for lunch
  10. Sifters will use Twitter to check the word on the ‘street’ and news.
  11. Broadcasters will keep pumping out Tweets, possibly losing followers along the way.
  12. 4) Automated tool use to increase
  13. Many tweets are links to interesting articles and posts
  14. Automated tools can now do this autonomously
  15. This will eventually erode the amount of genuine interaction with followers
  16. Some prominent Twitter users are even using ‘Ghost’ Tweeters
  17. 5) Twitter to become news powerhouse
  18. Twitter users have reported from plane crashes, terror attacks and natural disasters.
  19. This ‘citizen journalism’ has grown Twitter’s value as a news source immensely
  20. There is no guarantee traditional news sources can keep up
  21. 6) Twitter ʻgated communitiesʼ
  22. Recently Twitter has suffered from increasing spam and frivolous users
  23. Just as users can secure their updates, groups of users could create their own Twitter ‘secured’ neighbourhoods
  24. 7) Twitter will fracture
  25. Twitter has many potential paths for future development
  26. This may lead it to split out current functionality into separate services
  27. For example: Search, News, Micro-blogging
  28. 8) Powered by Twitter
  29. We are likely to see more 3rd parties adapting the Twitter platform to launch new services/applications
  30. Microsoft’s ExecTweets is a great example of this: www.exectweets.com
  31. 9) Twitter Pro
  32. There has been much regarding a potential Twitter Pro account
  33. Features of a pro account could include: •Improved security •Automation •Better user/follower interaction •Twitter activity statistics
  34. A pro account could provide a viable business model for Twitter, funding expansion & development
  35. 10) Beyond 140 Characters
  36. It’s possible that Twitter might break the sacred 140 character limit on user updates.
  37. This opens the door for different content types to be uploaded to Twitter directly
  38. If users can consume a variety of media on Twitter, they will spend more time there. We know that loyalty is an issue for Twitter, this could help.
  39. Bonus Trend! 11) Contextual Advertising
  40. It would seem Twitter is exploring the use of text ads
  41. This would work quite well with content in user-streams or even in your status
  42. This would also work very well with Twitter search, and really turbo-charge Twitter’s business potential
  43. - Thatʼs It. Thanks for your attention -
  44. Find out more at KarimGargum.com Follow me on twitter Twitter.com/Kazimor Copyright © 2009 Karim Gargum. All rights reserved.