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Networking Night - How to do Networking 101

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A presentation for a special event in EF Jakarta to train the students and professionals on networking event.

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Networking Night - How to do Networking 101

  1. 1. Networking Night English First FX Sudirman January 2018 Networking Night
  2. 2. What’s In It For Me - Understanding networking and how to do it - Getting to know each other in the room Networking Night
  3. 3. Who Am I? A business activator that has worked in numerous key sectors, passionate in business finance and bring solutions through negotiations and dealings. I have wide range experiences with various stakeholders, ranging from FMCG, Telco, Insurances, Banks, Multi-Finances, Automotive Industries, Governments, NGOs, and Start- Ups, Just call me Karina. Connect with me on LinkedIn : Karina Ananta Networking Night
  4. 4. Why Create The Network Connect with others to share useful information and resources. It’s about building relationships and helping others Networking Night
  5. 5. How to create yours Start small and build it overtime Networking Night
  6. 6. Network Channel - Networking Events - Co-Workers - Clients - Anyone you know Networking Night
  7. 7. How to have great conversation Start with powerful introduction. Tell stories about yourself and what you do, because people love stories and it makes you stand out among other people. Plus it makes people remember you. “I am an engineer that trap myself in business world.” Networking Night
  8. 8. How to have great conversation Put Interest to Other People Do not just talking about yourself. You need to dig, be curious about what other people do. Listen more than talk. Find out what you can offer to other people. The best way to connect to people is to give and share. Networking Night
  9. 9. Another Tips Remember people’s names “A person’s name is a sweet sound to him/her” Use their name immediately in the conversation. It will help you to remember the name and make people remember you as well. Networking Night
  10. 10. Another Tips Your Body Gesture Says It All Have an approachable look, put smile on your face and don’t cross your arms in your body. Go out there to groups and listen attentively. Networking Night
  11. 11. Another Tips Find the background of the people If you happen to be in RSVP networking event, you can search people on LinkedIn before, find same interest so you can have a good opener for a conversation. Networking Night
  12. 12. Another Tips Approach People First Don’t wait. Follow up people for another talk after the event. Give your business card first and they will give them to you. Networking Night
  13. 13. Another Tips Be Authentic & Representable Your looks represent yourself. Just be authentic when you converse with other people. Networking Night
  14. 14. You will never know who you will gonna meet. Networking Night
  15. 15. Book Recommendation How to Win Friends & Influence People - Dale Carnegie (1936) Networking Night