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3,000 gallon underground tank

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3,000 gallon underground tank

  1. 1. RED ROCK WILDLAND FIRE SYSTEMS Multi-Purpose Tank Line: 3,000 Gallon Fiberglass Cistern P: 208-455-5116 F: 208-455-8612 www.redrockfiresystems.com info@redrockfiresystems.com TM 6.5 feet diameter 7 feet wide 15 feet long 6.85 feet tall Made of durable, top of the line quality and environmentally safe materials that will not rust or corrode and is unaffected by soil chemicals Designed to withstand pressure from the earth and strong enough to be driven over Engineered to meet all ANSI / NSF standards and regulations Tested and Approved for year-round use, below the frost line Meets governmental suggested emergency water supply requirements Equipped with fiberglass flange and stem pipe, can be lined with FDA approved gel and custom fitting cap or closure Limitless Utilities: • community reservoir system • emergency water storage • potable water • agricultural use • rain capture • fire protection • storm water detention • sprinkler reservoir • landscape / water features • Adequate water supply for building permit