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Glocal marketing approach in pharma

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Multicultural marketing always leads to a dilemma if brand communication should be centralized or localized. The "glocal" approach will help you to develop globally consistent, yet locally relevant brand communication campaigns.

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Glocal marketing approach in pharma

  2. 2. Centralized or Localized Marketing Campaign? Why centralize? • Cost (economies of scale) • Compliance • Brand consistency • “Global village” in a “flat world” Why localize? • Brand relevancy in a culturally diverse world • Market conditions very different across countries • Geolocation of media content Glocal Marketing Approach in Pharma 2September 2016
  3. 3. Glocal Marketing Approach in Pharma 3 Centralized approach • Product-oriented companies • Anglo-Saxon culture (UK, USA, Germany etc.) Localized approach • Market-oriented companies • Latin culture (France, Italy etc.) September 2016
  4. 4. The World is Less Homogeneous Than It Appears 4 Despite global convergence of technology and media, needs and behaviors of consumers remain country- specific, and the way how people perceive the world continues to depend on their cultural framework • In some categories, local products are strongly preferred (e.g. local music, traditional medicines) • Penetration of various technologies differ in countries at the same level of economical development • Consumption of media is different September 2016 Glocal Marketing Approach in Pharma
  5. 5. “Standardizing For Efficiency” OR “Adapting For Effectiveness”? National Geographic, Elle Local editions in most countries where they are present Leveraging global content CNN, MTV Content / language adapted to a local / regional market Some global programs everywhere McDonald’s Menu adapted for local tastes and values Restaurant layout adapted to local preferences Knorr Local soups (e.g. goulash in Hungary, zhurek in Poland) Several products the same across countries 5September 2016 « Glocal » Approach in Other Industries Glocal Marketing Approach in Pharma
  6. 6. Case For « Glocal » in Pharma Global Local Market conditions (e.g. access, treatment options) Epidemiology & disease awareness Local media mix Country laws and regulations Product profile & label Universal medical knowledge Global information flow Brand consistency 6September 2016 Glocal Marketing Approach in Pharma
  7. 7. « Glocal » Brand Identity • Iconography • Imagery • Key Messages • Content • Character • Tone • Position • Equity Essence Personality VisualCopy September 2016 7 Content marketing is localized based on cultural context Glocal Marketing Approach in Pharma Brand essence, personality, key messages and iconography remains global
  8. 8. « Glocal » Methodology 8 MARKET Current and Future Environment CARE PATHWAY Behaviors & Levers MARKET MAP Segmentation & Targeting CUSTOMER PERSONA Adoption Curve, Drivers & Barriers, Journey PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS MARKET Define archetypal markets for market research | Identify similarities and differences between market conditions and trends CARE PATHWAY Identify similarities and differences in healthcare delivery & access, treatment penetration, competitors, unique channels etc. | Describe behaviors and levers to act along the care pathway MARKET MAP Prioritize segments | Identify segments unique to some countries CUSTOMER PERSONA Describe disease awareness and understanding | Identify differences in access | Describe values influencing behaviors | Identify customer journey PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS Label differences across countries, if any September 2016 Glocal Marketing Approach in Pharma
  9. 9. « Glocal » Methodology 9 STRATEGIC INTENT & Objectives Per Target Audience POSITIONING Unique Value Proposition TACTICAL PLAN Per Target Audience, with Timing, Cost, Multichannel Mix COMMUNICATION PLATFORM Messages per Target Audience CRITICAL ACTIVITIES Key Company Actions GO TO MARKET Commercial Strategy CONTINGENCY PLANMETRICS CONSISTENT BRAND STRATEGY • Brand Personality • Brand Iconography • Brand Positioning & Equity • Communication Platform  Key messages  Tone  Campaign LOCALIZED CONTENT & TACTICS • Culturally relevant imagery • Culturally relevant content • Local media mix LOCALIZED GO TO MARKET STRATEGY MIXED • Metrics should reflect a mix of strategic, business and implementation objectives at global and country level September 2016 Glocal Marketing Approach in Pharma
  10. 10. 10 Speak about what matters to people Get their attention Engage Suggested reading: 1. Marieke de Mooj “Global Marketing and Advertising. Understanding Cultural Paradoxes” SAGE Publications, Inc., 3rd edition, 2010 2. G. Hofstede, G.J. Hofstede, M. Minkov “Cultures and Organizations. Software of the Mind” McGraw-Hill Education; 3 edition (May 24, 2010) September 2016 Glocal Marketing Approach in Pharma