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Douglas Florian presentation

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Douglas Florian presentation

  1. 1. Douglas Florian Poet and Artist Extraordinaire
  2. 2. Douglas Florian A New Yorker by birth (early career cartoonist for The New Yorker) Son of an artist Loves nature Picked up a book of poetry at a flea market one day, thought the poems very funny, and began writing his own. Poet and illustrator of more than 30 children’s books. Recipient of the Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award and an ALA Notable Children’s Book Award winner for Beast Feast.
  3. 3. Themes School Animals  Nature Science
  4. 4. His Poetry: Lyrical
  5. 5. Humorous
  6. 6. Playful with words
  7. 7. Fact FilledRead to find out
  8. 8. “The Age of the Dinosaurs” The dinosaurs First lived outdoors During the time Triassic While most dies out, Some came about Later in the Jurassic, Then they evolved, As the earth revolved,In times know as Cretaceous But now indoors Great dinosaursFill museum halls, spacious.
  9. 9. Sometimes takes “shape”
  10. 10. His Illustrations: Stunning
  11. 11. Douglas FlorianThe SwingPage 16 “Summersaults”The swing’s a flingingzinging chair,The place to chase the airup there.Just hold on tight, noneed to steer,And soon you’ll clear theatmosphere.
  12. 12. “Inspiration”
  13. 13. Try some of his techniques
  14. 14.  Write a poem in a shape Use his illustrations as inspiration Collect some key facts about a topic of interest and trying writing a collection (or one) fact filled poem Be playful with your language Try adding some humor to your writing Try being lyrical in your writing
  15. 15. Some Titles
  16. 16.  Dinothessaurus  Comets, stars, the moon, and Mars  Insectlopedia  Mammalabilia  A pig is big  Laugh-Eteria  Autumblings Shiver Me Timbers!: Pirate Poems and Paintings  Poem Runs UnBEElievables: Honeybee Poems and Paintings  On the Wing  In the Swim  Beast Feast  Winter Eyes  Poetrees
  17. 17. What else can you learn from Douglas Florian?
  18. 18. The End