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Twitter 101 Workshop

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This presentation walks through the basics of owning a Twitter account. It was originally a workshop created for employees to become more active and comfortable on social media.

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Twitter 101 Workshop

  1. 1. Twitter for SmartBearsA Lunchtime Workshop Kendal Peiguss (@kendalpeiguss) SmartBear Social Media Manager
  2. 2. I’m Kendal! Kendal.Peiguss@smartbear.com Skype: kendalpeiguss @kendalpeiguss http://bit.ly/KendalP
  3. 3. Housekeeping Questions during the presentation? – KC’s monitoring the GTW chat – Already on Twitter? Tweet at me @kendalpeiguss This presentation is being recorded! – Slides will be available tomorrow – We’ll send to everyone, whether they made it or not
  4. 4. Agenda Why you should care Terms and basics Setting up your account Tips and action items
  5. 5. Why should you care? There are 100+ million active Twitter users – Chances are, your prospects and customers included! People are more likely to recommend brands they follow on Twitter Your participation will help @SmartBear grow – Increase reach, increase traffic, drive leads Company Confidential-Not for external distribution
  6. 6. Why SmartBears Should be on Twitter Reach Transparency Reduce “corporate-ness” Customer satisfaction Traffic and leads
  7. 7. SmartBears Tweeting 5% 38% Yes 57% No Yes, but I dont use it N = 21 Company Confidential-Not for external distribution
  8. 8. Terminology Handle – your Twitter name, starts with @ Hashtag – categorization of tweets, starts with # Follow – adding someone to your network so their updates appear in your news feed Mention – a tweet directed at you specifically Retweet (RT) – sharing someone else’s tweet
  9. 9. Twitter Basics Posts must be under 140 characters To communicate with someone directly – Publically tweet at them using their @handle Twitter is fun, I promise!
  10. 10. What to Tweet About SmartBear product updates Upcoming webinars, trade shows, and events Blog posts (SmartBear and external) Pictures A funny thought
  11. 11. Meet Eugene!A SmartBear that needsto get on Twitter
  12. 12. Your Twitter Handle Begins with “@” @Mentions are directed at an individual When creating your Twitter handle – Keep it short (<10 characters is best) – Keep it professional, memorable
  13. 13. Your Twitter Bio Very important! It’s how people identify you When creating your Twitter bio – Include @SmartBear Twitter handle – Make it professional and personable – Don’t be an “egg!” Be sure to include a photo
  14. 14. Composing a Tweet Compose a tweet here!
  15. 15. Use @ handle to tweet directly at a friend Links will shorten automatically Use hashtag to participate in ongoing conversation (or to be funny) This shows your character count
  16. 16. Following People Search for people here Click “People” Follow Larry!
  17. 17. Retweeting (RT)Retweet when you see something cool on Twitter(especially if it came from @SmartBear)Your RTs will be seen by your followers.
  18. 18. Who to Follow @SmartBear and @kendalpeiguss (duh.) Friends and colleagues Media outlets, favorite blogs Competitors Customers, and prospectsTo follow someone, search for them in the box at thetop of Twitter.com and click “follow” on their profile.
  19. 19. Twitter Tips Post a minimum of 3x per week Be brief Add Twitter handle to your email signature Practice, practice, practice!
  20. 20. Your To Do List Complete 2-question survey after this webinar Create a Twitter account Follow some peeps Add your @handle to the unofficial company list on Yammer Register for Gaggle: http://gaggleamp.com/eqezlxo  GaggleAMP is SmartBear’s mass social sharing tool  Turn auto-share “ON” or leave it off and be notified by email Get tweeting!
  21. 21. Thanks for listening! Please contact me any time with questions @kendalpeiguss Kendal.Peiguss@smartbear.com