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Presentation skills

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Presentation skills

  2. 2. Speech or Self: MoreImportant?“People trust their earsless than their eyes.”- Herodotus
  3. 3. “One who forms a judgment on anypoint but cannot explain it clearly mightas well never have thought at all on thesubject.” - Pericles
  4. 4. Before the Presentation• Get a good night’s sleep!*6-8 hours (not over / under)• Eat a legitimate breakfast!*carbs, fats, calories = energy!*caffeine curse• Use the restroom at least 5-10 minutesbefore!*don’t make us wait• Make sure you have water available
  5. 5. Don’t Worry• Preparation saves!• Think positive• Most nerves aren’tvisible• Simple visuals
  6. 6. Essentials• Dress impeccably• Establish eye contactearly• Intro = Life (or death)• Be present• Speak clearly (practice)
  7. 7. Speaking 1: Tongue TwistersI am a thistle sifter. I have seven sievesof unsifted thistles, and seven sieves ofsifted thistles…because I am a thistlesifter.
  8. 8. The sixth sheik’s sixthsheep’s sick.
  9. 9. Double bubble gumbubbles double.
  10. 10. Rubber baby buggy bumpers.
  11. 11. Speaking 2: Pauses• Credibility• Gravity• Variety
  12. 12. Pausing Example“They build your basic character. Theymold you for your future roles as thecustodians of the nations defense.They make you strong enough to knowwhen you are weak, and brave enoughto face yourself when you are afraid.”-Douglas MacArthur
  13. 13. Speaking 3: Loudness• Mics are half the battle• Standard + 30
  14. 14. “Secondary Matters”• Movement*intention• Gestures / Expressions*hands, face
  15. 15. AdrenalineAnxiety vs Excitement
  16. 16. Time• Keep track of time• Don’t make it obvious• Copy of PowerPoint
  17. 17. The End• Make sure it ENDS!• Summarize, Emphasize, Inspire• SMILE!• Thank your audience