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CV Khaled-JULY 2014 Latest

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CV Khaled-JULY 2014 Latest

  1. 1. CCUURRRRIICCUULLUUMM VVIITTAAEE KKHHDD11 MMaayy 1144 AARRCCHHIITTEECCTT:: KKHHAALLEEDD AALLII AALL--DDOOGGHHRRYY Date of Birth : July 31, 1962 Nationality : Egyptian Position in Firm : Projects Manager, Technical Manager, Principal Architect Specialization : Architectural, Landscape Architecture, urban design and Interior Design KEY QUALIFICATIONS AND PROFESSIONAL STATUS: 1985 BSc in Architectural Engineering, Assiout University, EGYPT Overall Degree: Very Good - Project Degree: Excellent - Full member of the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers - Full member of the Egyptian Society of Architects - Affiliate member of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) - First Prize winner, Saudconsult Riyadh head office extension 2007 - Third Prize winner, Prince Sultan Cultural Center Competition, King Saud University, Riyadh - Fourth Prize winner, Housing Development Competition, 1997, Al-Benaa Magazine, Riyadh - First Prize winner, RAMO Gardens Residence Competition, Cairo 1990 SUMMARY OF KEY EXPERIENCE: a- Extensive experience in designing a wide range of architectural, interior design and landscape projects. b- Leading and supervising architectural design teams and coordinating with the various disciplines. c- Directing and managing projects, liaising with clients and other specialists to ensure both commercial and technical performance in line with brief requirements. d- Planning project programs and coordinating activities, including provision of design and technical information, ensuring accuracy and completeness of submittals upon scheduled deadlines, and allocation of manpower and budget. e- Applying advanced knowledge and skills to develop design concepts, while ensuring that all aspects are technically sound and compatible with brief. f- Providing supervision and guidance on all design and technical matters. Reviewing and resolving interdisciplinary design and technical issues to ensure the adoption of the most effective and efficient designs. g- Liaising with client and site personnel to ensure construction progress in accordance to plan. Providing design and technical assistance in instances where modifications or variations are necessary. h- Monitoring progress and preparing periodical reports for senior management, addressing significant variations in manpower and/or budget expenditures, together with recommendations for corrective action, where necessary. i- Review Tender Documents to ensure completeness prior to issuing to Bidders.
  2. 2. KKHHDD22 JJuullyy 1144 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: MAJOR PROJECTS IN SAUDI ARABIA AND WORLDWIDE: 2003 – To date: SAUDCONSULT, RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA  BAKKAH TOWERS Competition, MAKKAH, KSA Position: Project Architect/ Designer Responsibilities: Lead Architect, Conceptual Designer
  3. 3. KKHHDD33 JJuullyy 1144  Competition of Sports City, Taif University, KSA Position: Project Architect/ Designer Responsibilities: Lead Architect, Conceptual Designer First Prize
  4. 4. KKHHDD44 JJuullyy 1144  Competition of Main Auditorium 2000 seats, Hail University, KSA Position: Project Architect/ Designer Responsibilities: Lead Architect, Conceptual Designer First Prize
  5. 5. KKHHDD55 JJuullyy 1144  Hilton Mawten 5 stars Hotel, Riyadh, KSA Position: Project Manager, Architect of Record Responsibilities: Project Manager, Design Review
  6. 6. KKHHDD66 JJuullyy 1144  Competition of Saudi British Bank SABB Headquarter, Jeddah KSA Position: Architect The project is composed of the following major zones: • All Banking Departments and Supporting facilities • Staff and Visitors Parking Area for 575 Vehiculs • SABB branch Responsibilities: Lead Architect, Conceptual Designer Result is not yet announced
  7. 7. KKHHDD77 JJuullyy 1144  King Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz for Development of the Security Facilities (Phase 2) Position: Chief Architect 1- Review the Architectural drawings, for availability of all necessary data for the design activity. 2- Review the Drawings, Specs, National / International Standards / Codes and regulatory requirements etc. 3- Review the Architectural drawings, reports and specification submitted by the Design Consultant(s) at each stage of the Design to ensure completeness, correctness and compliance with the scope of work and agreement requirements. 4- Ensure the Design Consultant(s) incorporates the comments raised from previous stages. 5- Carry out constructability review during the Design and Modification stages. 6- Review in a timely manner the Design Consultant(s)’ submittals and forward comments to the Technical Manager 7- Attend Technical meetings with the Design Consultant(s) and other Sub- Consultants, Contractor’s and Client’s Team. 8- Review any alternative to the Design concept submitted by the Design Consultant(s), prepare and submit a report including a recommendation to the Engineering Manager highlighting advantages and disadvantages of each alternative. 9- Review the materials proposed by the Design Consultant(s) and propose alternatives to improve the quality, future maintenance, safety and cost effectiveness. 10- Review the change requests / variations submitted by the Design Consultant(s). Responsibilities: Project Lead Architect, Landscape Architect, Interior Designer,
  8. 8. KKHHDD88 JJuullyy 1144  Al-Gurayat Airport Position: Chief Architect - Project Manager Responsibilities: Project Manager, Landscape Architect, Design Control, Quality Control, Coordinator  Saudconsult Riyadh Head Office Extension
  9. 9. KKHHDD99 JJuullyy 1144 Position: Chief Architect - Project Manager – Interior Designer -
  10. 10. KKHHDD1100 JJuullyy 1144 Responsibilities: Project Architect, Interior Designer and Project Manager
  11. 11. KKHHDD1111 JJuullyy 1144  Jubail University Position: Chief Architect, Urban Planner The project is composed of the following major zones: • Academic Male Campus • Academic Female Campus • Main Auditorium (2500 seats) and Small Auditorium (800 seats) • Top management and Administrative block • Male students dormitories • Female students dormitories • Married staff housing • Single male staff housing • Single female staff housing Responsibilities: Chief Architect, Landscape Architect, Design Control, Quality Control. Value Engineering Committee Session
  12. 12. KKHHDD1122 JJuullyy 1144
  13. 13. KKHHDD1133 JJuullyy 1144  Dar Al-Arkan Real Estate Development Co. Position: Chief Architect - Project Manager A sizable residential compound on a built-up area of 4,000,000 m² consisting of 3,200 units, designed in five different architectural styles. The design incorporates service facilities including mosques, neigborhood shopping centers and main shopping centers. Responsibilities: Project Manager, Landscape Architect, Design Control, Quality Control  Boeing Middle East Ltd. Riyadh Office Position: Project Manager A wholly owned subsidiary of the Boeing Company reconfigured the layout of its office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Boeing’s mission is to develop relationships between BMEL Riyadh and its customers and suppliers. To that end, the office serves as a meeting place in which government officials and business leaders are expected to visit. The project goal is to modify and fit-out the property in a manner that will reflect the image of BMEL. Responsibilities: Project Manager, Interior Designer.
  14. 14. KKHHDD1144 JJuullyy 1144  Medical Colleges & University Hospital, AL-Qassim University Position: Project Manager, Project Architect, Landscape Architect The project is composed of four major zones:  University Hospital (660 inpatients beds), total capacity 850 beds  Main functional areas Administration Section  Emergency Section Out Patient Clinics  Orthopedic Clinic Endoscopy Suite  Other Outpatients Nursing wards  Obstetric Ward Royal wards  Special wards Other wards  Obstetrics - Unit – Deliverance Radiology  Central Laboratories Operations Wards  Intensive Care Units Central Sterilization  Blood Bank  Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Dialysis Unit  Psychology Ward Hospital Services  Additional departments Mortuary  Staff Changing Clinical Measurement  Day Care - Medical Colleges (Male Section - 1300 students) - Medical Colleges (Female Section – 700 students) - Support Services The built-up area is approximately 140,000 m² on an 85,600 m² land. Responsibilities: Position: Project Architect, Landscape Architect, Technical Coordinator
  15. 15. KKHHDD1155 JJuullyy 1144  Al-Ferdos Sports Center and Horse Racing Track Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu Directorate General of the Royal Commission in Jubail Al-Ferdos Sports Center This project is a composite of the following: 1- Indoor Multi-purpose hall, (soccer, volley ball, and basket ball) 2- Indoor Multi-purpose hall, (3 squash courts with spectators) 3- Indoor Multi-purpose hall, (3 table tennis) 4- Indoor Multi-purpose hall, (karate, aerobics, and gymnastics) 5- Gymnasium 6- Indoor heated swimming pool, and separate children’s Pool 7- Spa, sauna bath, and amenities. 8- Internal Games (Computer Games, Board Games, and Chess) 9- Library 10- Cafeteria 11- Administration, Meeting Rooms, and Lecture Theater. 12- Outdoor Multi-purpose courts.
  16. 16. KKHHDD1166 JJuullyy 1144 Horse Racing Track Position: Project Architect, Designer, Technical Coordinator and Quality Assurance This project is a composite of the following: 1- Grandstand VIP Seating (180 Seats) 2- Spectators Seating (900 Persons) 3- Horse Medical Clinic 4- Horse Stables (no Air-Conditioning) 5- Future Monitoring Tower (Audio-Video Equipments). Concrete 6- Clubhouse 7- Female Clubhouse 8- Security Command Center and Guard Houses 9- Accommodation for Workers 10- New Horse Jumping Court 11- UP Gradation Horse Racing Track 12- Grassy Area for Presentation 13- Open playground for Youth 14- Open Tying Places 15- Training & Warming Courts 16- Parking Stalls, Asphalted road, and Landscape.  New Riyadh Bank Data and Technology Center Position: Project Architect, Designer, Technical Coordinator and Quality Assurance This project is a composite of the following: 1- Riyadh Bank Data Center and Related Facilities, 2,000 Sq.m. 2- Riyadh Bank Technology Center and Related Facilities, 14,000 Sq. m. 3- Operation and Maintenance Center, 2,500 Sq.m.
  18. 18. KKHHDD1188 JJuullyy 1144  Al-Fanar Ceramic Factory Position: Project Manager, Project Architect, Designer, and Quality Control. This project is a composite of the following: 1- Ceramic Factory and related facilities, 35,000 Sq.m. 2- Raw Material Store, 13,000 Sq.m. 3- Finished Goods Stores, 16,000 Sq.m. 4- Laboratories and Offices, 4,500 Sq.m.
  19. 19. KKHHDD1199 JJuullyy 1144  Yanbu Training Institute Position: Project Architect, Designer, and Quality Control. This project is a composite of six buildings with the academic spine: 1- Admin. & Library 2- Commercial Studies 3- Diplomatic Catering / Restaurant 4- Technical Studies 5- Foundation Studies 6- Mosque The built-up area is approximate 26,000m² on a 178,886m² lands.  Operation and Maintenance Center - Jubail Position: Project Architect  Project under Royal Commission Jubail control. The Project is composed of administration buildings for five different departments, warehouses, workshops, small workshops, filling station, support services, site works and landscaping.
  20. 20. KKHHDD2200 JJuullyy 1144  MARRIOT HOTEL – EASTERN EXTENSION PROJECT - RIYADH LOCATION Al Maazer Street, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Project consists of a group of complementary buildings necessary for the extension of the 5- Star Hotel and the utilities of the excellent hotel services. Built up area of the project is 320,000 m² approximately. PROJECT FEATURES • Hall: 1000 person capacity, with flexibility for dividing it into 3 halls. • Dining Hall: 1000 person capacity. • VIP Halls: 2 in number • Bridal Room • A Health Club for the guests of the hotel and the villas, and the outside members. It consists of: - Reception and Rest Hall Gymnasium Hall - Billiard & Tennis Hall Squash Hall100 - Swimming Pool & Cafeteria Saunas, Steam & Massage Rooms. • New Naseem Restaurant: Designed in conformance with the new requirements, consists of 3 halls each with its distinguished character. • The site is planned in a good way rich in gardens and combining all the functions of the existing hotel together with the extension, where there are provided entrances/exits, internal roads and car parking that achieve easy movement for all the project users, the restaurants, the health club linked with the existing building and provided with an external entrance specially designated for it.
  21. 21. KKHHDD2211 JJuullyy 1144 2001 - 2003: BURO DESIGN, RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA  Ministry of Foreign Affairs Projects Position: Project Architect, Landscape Architect and Interior Designer. • Saudi Ambassador’s Residence – Geneva • Saudi Ambassador’s Residence – Tunis • Saudi Ambassador’s Residence – Kuwait • Saudi Ambassador’s Residence – Abu Dhabi, UAE
  22. 22. KKHHDD2222 JJuullyy 1144 • Royal Saudi Embassy – Tunis • Royal Saudi Embassy – Rabat, Morocco • Royal Saudi Embassy – Kuwait • Royal Saudi Embassy and Ambassador’s Residence – Ottawa, Canada
  23. 23. KKHHDD2233 JJuullyy 1144 • Saudi Consulate – New York, USA • Saudi UN Mission – New York, USA • FAL HEADQUARTER PROPOSAL Position: Project Manager, and Interior Designer. FAL HEADQUARTER PROPOSAL 1992 - 2001: Al-Beeah, Planners, Architects & Engineers RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA  Royal Saudi Embassy - Tunis Position: Project Manager, Designer
  24. 24. KKHHDD2244 JJuullyy 1144 Royal Saudi Embassy – Tunis  Saudi Ministry of Education, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Position: Project Manager, Project Architect The project is a multi-story office building. This project is composed of the following:
  25. 25. KKHHDD2255 JJuullyy 1144 - 1200 persons Auditorium & Prayer Hall for the same number and related facilities - Minister’s offices and meeting rooms, four deputies’ offices and meeting rooms - All other departments, library, underground parking for 1000 cars; design includes master plan, site works & landscaping. - In addition, the project is composed of main storage areas, printing press - T.V. studios and related facilities. The built-up area is approximate 200,000m² on a 500,000m² lands.  King Abdul-Aziz University, Medina, Saudi Arabia Position: Project Architect
  26. 26. KKHHDD2266 JJuullyy 1144 Total site area 2.7 million sq. m. and total budget 6 billion SR. The project is an extension of Madinah campus composed of major zones: (Male Section – 30,000 students) - College of Science - College of Arts - College of Education - Medical College - Main dining hall and main kitchen. - Administration building - Stadium and Athletics Facilities - Mosque 1500 persons (Female Section – 15,000 students) - College of Science - College of Arts - College of Education - Medical College - Main dining hall and main kitchen. - Administration building - T.V. studios’ building
  27. 27. KKHHDD2277 JJuullyy 1144 The design includes master plan and preliminary design for most of the colleges.  Girls’ Primary School, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia Position: Project Architect Total area 8500 sq. m. and total budget SR 15 million. The project houses 30 classrooms, nursery, laboratories, library, multipurpose hall, administration and other supporting facilities. (Owner: The Royal commission for Jubail and Yanbu)  Institute of Public Administration, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Position: Project Manager & Quality Assurance The project consists of the Institute of Public Administration, Male section with a capacity of 2500 students, in addition the Institute of Public Administration, Female section with a capacity of 1000 students, - Dormitories (single male and female students) - Dormitories (students’ family section) - Staff housing (staff family section) - Social club Consists of 4 stories building, Car park basement of 200 cars, Mosque for 400 prayers, External networks and landscaping. The built-up area is about 90,000m² on a land of 180,000m². The project is a new campus for providing administrative education and vocational training for a total of 3500 students.  AL-Medina Municipality Headquarters Position: Project Architect, landscape Architect
  28. 28. KKHHDD2288 JJuullyy 1144 Design total area of 25000 m² and total budget of 150 million SR. In addition to the municipality building, the project houses multipurpose halls, mosque, central support facilities and multistory car parking. (The owner: Madinah Municipality). Selective Residential Projects Khaled Architects & Interior Designers - Cairo, Egypt
  29. 29. KKHHDD2299 JJuullyy 1144 Shiekh Abdullah Bin Tami’s Residence Shiekh Saleh Al-Rashid’s Residence Mr. Waleed Al-Doeegy’s Residence Shiekh Naser Al-Rajhi’s Residence
  30. 30. KKHHDD3300 JJuullyy 1144 Dr. Sami Al-Medleg’s Residence Shiekh Abdul Mohsin Al-Muhaini’s Residence Mrs. Lena Al-Munajid’s Residence
  31. 31. KKHHDD3311 JJuullyy 1144  Private Residence – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Mr. Mohammed Al-Shihry’s Residence
  32. 32. KKHHDD3322 JJuullyy 1144  Ultra-Light showroom – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  34. 34. KKHHDD3344 JJuullyy 1144 MAJOR PROJECTS IN EGYPT: 1990 -1992 Sabbour Associates – Engineers, Architects and Planners – Cairo, Egypt. Position: Project Architect, Interior Designer - Administrative Building of 200 Military Factory, Cairo, Egypt - Cairo land Entertainment Park, Cairo, Egypt - Movenpick Hotel & Resort, Qusair, Red Sea Coast, Egypt - Egyptian National Bank, Headquarters, Cairo 1987 – 1990 Elaref Engineering Concept – Architects, Developers and Interior Designers – Cairo, Egypt. Position: Project Architect, Interior Designer, Landscape Architect - Master House, Cairo-Alexandria Highway, K106, Egypt - RAMO Mixed-use Development, Residential Units and Retail Units, Nasr City- Cairo. - Baron Rest House, Cairo-Alexandria Highway, K115, Egypt - Designing numerous of architectural, interior design and landscaping for houses and villas. 1985 – 1987 Prefabricated Design Consultants – Cairo, Egypt. Position: Project Architect • Bagoush Tourist Resort, Alexandria-Matrouh Highway, Km.52, Egypt • Aqua Sports Centre, Ma’moura Island, Alexandria, Egypt • AL-Alameen Tourist Resort, Alexandria-Matrouh Highway, K90, Egypt • Mixed-use Development, Residential Units and Retail Units, Heliopolis- Cairo LANGUAGES: Arabic (native), English (excellent spoken & written) OTHER SKILLS: • Professional use of AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, 3D Max, MS Office • Excellent presentation skills • Excellent interpersonal skills • Ability to manage different personalities, motivate employees, reconcile work teams and control quality of work CONTACT INFORMATION: Saudi Consulting Services Riyadh 11451, P.O. Box 2341 Tel. : (00966-11) 2837825 (00966-11) 4659975 Ext. 1602 Mobile : 00966 501525892 e-mail address : kdoghry@saudconsult.com & kdoghry@gmail.com & kdoghry@outlook.com

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