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Sample Twitter Data Deposit Form                                                    Kris Kasianovitz. November, 2011P.I. N...
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Sample twitter data deposit form

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This is a first pass at a form to gather the necessary legal metadata from researcher's twitter data download.

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Sample twitter data deposit form

  1. 1. Sample Twitter Data Deposit Form Kris Kasianovitz. November, 2011P.I. Name Todd PresnerUniversity/College Affiliation UCLA Germanic LanguagesAddress BOX 951539, 212 RH, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1539Email presner@ucla.eduPhone 310-794-6051Research Assistant (if primary contact) Use of Twitter in Egyptian Revolution merited some form of documentation. Wanted toReason for Capture capture Tweets in order to have long-term as well as to display via HyperCities Platform to show where and what people were tweeting. Currently being displayed via HyperCities, http://egypt.hypercities.com/ that enables one toResearcher’s use of captured data search captured tweets by keyword or display by date on a Google earth base map.Includes Protected Accounts? NoIf Yes, explain any steps taken to keep these N/ATweets protected in your dataset.Did you contact Twitter or the Twitter users to Noinform them of data capture?If yes, please upload all related documentation. N/ADid you contact campus counsel, or receive anyuniversity guidance about potential risks involved Yesin making this data set available?If yes, please upload all related documentation N/A  Open, no restrictions  Portions of data are restricted, contact PIRestrictions on re-use/redistribution  Restricted, contact PI  Do not release. Archiving data only, not allowing re-use.  REST API  Search API (will be deprecated)Capture Methods  Streaming API  Licensed Data Set  Other Location = Center of Cairo within 200 milesCapture Parameters AND hashtag = (#jan25 OR #egypt OR #tahrir)Capture Dates January 30-March 8, 2011Capture Frequency Daily within Twitter Rate Limits(Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.)Please note any anomalies or issues encountered On February 28, when setting up the captures, ran into a rate limit issue; was not able towith capture. download data until the next day. Duplicate Tweets were removed.Total Number of Tweets 420,000Total Number of Unique User IDs approximately 40,000Does the data set contain Latitude/Longitude Yes.Data? Y/NIf yes, 1. Lat/Lon and Twitter Location fields were captured1. state specific fields captured 2. The majority of Tweets did not contain any data in the Lat/Long fields.2. how many tweets contain these fields, 3. For display purposes in HyperCities, all locations are aggregated at the city level. We3. did you recode, aggregate, or delete these did not remove any Lat/Long Data from this data set. fields from the data set being deposited?Have you handled the Location data as requiredin the Twitter Geo Developer Guideslines?Yes/No Yes.If you are unsure, please review these guidelineshttps://dev.twitter.com/terms/geo-developer-guidelinesDoes the data set contain ONLY public tweets? Yes.Y/NDid you capture image files locally? No.