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Lithium Ion Battery Module Thermal Management System

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Lithium Ion Battery Module Thermal Management System

  1. 1. DMT GROUP 12 BATTERY THERMAL MANAGEMENT Timothy Engstrom Willem Hilbers Ryan Prosser Sofie Shackcloth Kulwinder Basuta TEAM MEMBERS OBJECTIVES  Create a TMS system that maintains cell tab temperature below 40o C  Design cases to protect and mount the battery modules onto the bike  Design module interconnection system, considering electrical safety  74 cells integrated onto bike giving predicted range > 80 miles.  Batteries fit within BMW R65 envelope  Welded aluminium cases built to withstand impact at 70mph.  Cases lined with foam to absorb vibrations and impact energy.  Simple cable and pipe routing allowing easy assembly. RESEARCH SUMMARY Degradation of battery is increased as temperatures rise above 50°C. Active thermal management enables fast charging while maintaining battery longevity. Tab cooling design:  Reduces cell degradation compared to conventional surface cooling increasing life cycle by a factor of 3 [1]  Space efficient allowing a higher energy density and extended range THE THERMAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM  Reduced the temperature increase from a 40 minute (1.5C) discharge by 25%.  Increased the cooling rate by a factor of 2.1.  Reduced intra-cell temperature variation by 10%, which improves cell resistance balancing. PARALLEL AND SERIES FLOW  Parallel gives constant fluid temperature  Series is easier to obtain consistent flow  Series was chosen as temperature change is minimal. MODULE COMPONENTS The module includes the following features: Compression plate Electrical connection and fuse mount Skirt Clamps Slit plate with hidden Cooling Block Assembly - connects cell tabs to each other Cooling Mount—Supports TMS Slit plate support bars Battery Management System Cooling Block Assembly 1 2 3 4 [1]I. A. Hunt, Y. Zhao, Y. Patel and G. J. Offer, “Surface cooling causes accelerated degredation compared to tab cooling for lithium-ion pouch cells,” (under review), 2016. COOLING BLOCK ASSEMBLY MODULE CASING AND BIKE INTEGRATION Acetal Waterblock O-ring Aluminium Cold plate Polypropylene Insulator/ Locator Thermally conductive, electrically insulating Alumina 1 2 3 4 5 5 6 7 8