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Jbug 201812 pm_tool

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Project management tool used on site
Soliloquy of an engineer living in a closed world.

JBUG(Japan Backlog User Group) Tokyo #7

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Jbug 201812 pm_tool

  1. 1. Project management tool used on site Soliloquy of an engineer living in a closed world.
  2. 2. About Me... Kunihisa Abukawa​ @kabukawa​ ​ Software Engineer​(Independent) Applied Information Technology Engineer(IPA) Discription​ I have had industry experience of about 25 years and have been doing system construction etc. of financial customers.​ ​
  3. 3. Today's content
  4. 4. About telling stories 1. Project management tool, what are you using? 2. "Backlog" It is good! 3. "Redmine" is also nice! 4. Conclusion
  5. 5. 1. Project management tool, what are you using?
  6. 6. Project management tool, what are you using? 1. Backlog 2. Jira 3. Wrike 4. asana 5. Trello 6. Redmine 7. planio etc... Hello everyone!Things not to be handled today 1. Microsoft Project 2. Excel 3. Mail 4. Paper(!?)
  7. 7. Backlog https://backlog.com/ja/
  8. 8. Jira https://ja.atlassian.com/try/clou d/signup?bundle=jira-software
  9. 9. Wrike https://www.wrike.com/main/
  10. 10. asana https://asana.com/ja
  11. 11. Trello https://trello.com/
  12. 12. Redmine https://www.redmine.org/
  13. 13. planio https://plan.io/ja/
  14. 14. 「人は選択肢が多いと選べない」 People can not choose as many choices. Someone was saying.
  15. 15. 2. "Backlog" It is good!
  16. 16. "Backlog" It is good! 1. Looks fashionable 2. Easy to understand and easy to use 3. Required functions are available 4. Can also be used from mobile Compatibility with nulab's other services 5. The amount per user is cheap Hello everyone!
  17. 17. 「チームではたらく、すべての人に」 Work on the team, to everyone https://backlog.com/ja/
  18. 18. Dashboard Gorilla, it is rough.
  19. 19. [Project] Home Since the background of the sidebar or header can be customized, it is good to be easy to understand!
  20. 20. [Project] Add task It is easy to understand what to do when entering. I think that it is good to be written in descriptive words.
  21. 21. [Project] Wiki It is good to write in Markdown format which is used in various places. The design is nice and easy to see. I am happy if I can paste external links in card format.
  22. 22. [Project] File It is nice to be able to see it from Windows explorer with WebDAV, too. I hope that the contents of the file can also be included in the search.
  23. 23. [Project] GantChart Wow, I can not use it in my plan. . .
  24. 24. To tell the truth. . . "Backlog", I have not used it much. Because I was strict about using my work, external service. I personally use it on a free plan. I want to use Gantt chart, but I can not pay 10,000 yen a month. . .
  25. 25. Request I want a plan that can use full functions even for personal use. If possible, within 1000 yen a month.
  26. 26. However SaaS can not be used if the network does not connect to the outside. . .
  27. 27. 3. "Redmine" is also nice!
  28. 28. "Redmine" is also nice! 1. Open Source/Free software 2. Can be expanded with plugins 3. Move on premises environment 4. We have all the necessary functions 5. There is also provision in SaaS 6. Community OSS & Community Ecosystem
  29. 29. 4.0 Released! Bug fixes and new functions There are many improvements in bug fixes and usability, and few new features. Change around the environment Ruby 2.5 compatible. Not supported before 2.2.1 MySQL 5.1, PostgreSQL 9.1 and earlier are not supported
  30. 30. [Wiki] Preview in Tab Add tab to switch to preview screen on toolbar When reviewing write-in tickets and wiki, change to edit screen and preview screen by tab like interface which you see with GitHub etc.
  31. 31. [Wiki] New format A new format (## 123) that can also display the tracker name and title when linking to the ticket. Add tab to switch to preview screen on toolbar
  32. 32. [Ticket] Context menu Icon for opening the context menu is displayed on the ticket list. A button for displaying the context menu has been added, making it easy to notice the existence.
  33. 33. [Gant Chart] Context menu Show context menu (right click menu) on Gantt chart. If you just change the person in charge, status, target version etc, you can change it right click on the spot.
  34. 34. However It's pretty troublesome to operate on your own. . . Moreover. . .
  35. 35. 3 3 persons The number of Committers of Redmine actively active all over the world.
  36. 36. Do not think hard. Since it is open source, let's cooperate with development! Even if you are not a technician, there are many ways to cooperate, such as supporting documentation and usage. Of course, if you can write the code please join development!
  37. 37. 4. Conclusion
  38. 38. There are various things Which one is good after all?
  39. 39. 「楽しいは正義」 Fun is justice 好きと思えるものを使えればいいんじゃないんすかね。 I wish I could use something I think I like.
  40. 40. The project management tool is not for giving administrators authority, but for all people to participate in the project. I think so.
  41. 41. Thank you! Social​ Twitter https://twitter.com/kabukawa​ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kabukawa/​ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kabukawa/​ GitHub https://github.com/kabukawa/​ Linked In https://www.linkedin.com/in/kunihisa-abukawa-78537591/