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Maximize Your Messaging with LinkedIn

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As the way we communicate continues to shift toward being faster and more conversational, it’s important that advertisers adopt this style of communicating to make sure their messaging is heard.

Learn about trends in the messaging space and how LinkedIn can help you drive success with Sponsored InMail.

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Maximize Your Messaging with LinkedIn

  1. 1. Maximize Your Messaging with LinkedIn Yohanna Andom & Meghan Galvin April 17, 2019
  2. 2. Today’s Speakers Yohanna Andom LMS PMM Meghan Galvin Sr. CSM
  3. 3. Agenda 1 Poll Questions 2 Messaging Landscape 3 Product Features 4 5 Customer Success Stories Q&A Session
  4. 4. Let’s get started. We’re going to begin with our poll questions.
  5. 5. Q1. What is your preferred method of communication in your personal life? a) Text Messaging b) Phone calls c) Video Chatting (ie FaceTime, Skype, etc) d) Email e) Other
  6. 6. Q2. What is your preferred method of communication in your professional life? a) In-person meetings b) Phone calls c) Messaging tools ( ie Slack, Jabber, Teams) d) Email e) Other
  7. 7. Messaging Landscape Trends we’re seeing in the messaging space
  8. 8. The popularity of messaging apps continues to increase in the market Almost half of the US population uses a messaging app
  9. 9. Mobile messaging apps They’re fun, typically free, easy to use and offer more features than traditional email or text Traditional channel New channels
  10. 10. LinkedIn Messaging is growing too This further validates people’s preference for more personal interactions
  11. 11. ü Send messages to 610+ professionals globally ü Real time delivery ü Mobile-optimized ü Uncluttered, professional content ü Overlay display will make your messages even more conversational Sponsored InMail is LinkedIn’s native messaging product New Campaign Manager - ad format selection
  12. 12. Branding Direct Response Brand awareness Product education or launch Customer loyalty ● Luxury goods & services ● Automotive & marine ● Airline & hotels ● Financial services Event & webinar registration ● Invitations ● Industry events ● Webinars & webcasts ● Newsletter sign up Program & certification enrollment ● MBA, Post-grad, executive education ● Online course, certifications Content distribution, education, demo ● Whitepaper download ● Webinar/ podcast recording ● Demos/ Trials ● infographics Lead Generation ● Use Lead Gen Forms to generate high- quality leads at scale ● Use Matched Audiences to retarget with SI. This multi-product strategy saves SC campaigns with high CPLs. ● Can include Privacy Policy How to use Sponsored InMail Awareness for high consideration Campaign-based programs for timely leads
  13. 13. Product Features
  14. 14. Key product features 2. Efficient Price Floors Pricing is based on an auction, but we’re always monitoring our price floors and auction dynamics to ensure advertisers get the most out of their budget. GDPR Compliance As with the rest of our products, Sponsored InMail is GDPR compliant, allowing for expanded use of the product. 1. F-caps We set frequency caps from one Sponsored InMail every 45 days to ensure your message doesn’t get lost in the clutter.
  15. 15. How our customers use Sponsored InMail
  16. 16. Their story • Objective -Drive leads for MBA program • Challenge - Very specific target audience & difficulty with other messaging tools • LMS Products Used- Sponsored Content & Sponsored InMail • Results • Open Rates =58% • CTR= 6%Case study: Here
  17. 17. Their story • Objective Generate leads for it’s flagship model of the Audi A8 • Challenge - Very specific target audience across 9 markets in the Middle East • LMS Products Used- Video Ads & Sponsored InMail • Results – Exceeded Lead Gen Targets • Open Rates =66% • CTR= 5.7% Case study: Here
  18. 18. Their story • Objective: Engage active members to increase interest in a photography contest (Urban Photographer of the Year) • Challenge - Very specific target audience of photography professionals & enthusiasts • LMS Products- Sponsored InMail • Results – Exceeded Lead Gen Targets • Open Rates =54% • CTR= 28% Case study: Here
  19. 19. Resources you can use to get started
  20. 20. Use these templates to help your clients spark ideas on how to use Sponsored InMail Templates by Objectives
  21. 21. Use this to see exactly how individual companies used Sponsored InMail to address their unique challenges New Case Studies
  22. 22. Visit our landing page You can find more resources and case studies here.
  23. 23. Here are some best practices to follow as you get started.
  24. 24. Make your messages interactive. Additional hyperlinks in the body lift CTR by 21%.
  25. 25. 2 is better than 1. Advertisers gained 37% higher Sponsored InMail click-through rates when running Sponsored Content to the same audience on the same day.
  26. 26. Always be on! Members opened Sponsored InMail the most on Tuesdays, but they actually click on Sponsored InMail the most during weekends.
  27. 27. Body texts under 500 characters have 46% higher CTR Keep your messages short & sweet.
  28. 28. Q&A
  29. 29. Thank you