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LeadCrunch Sales Deck Feb 2020

  1. B2B demand generation powered by AI Smart. Easy. Real. Olin Hyde, CEO
  2. 2© 2020 LeadCrunch Demand gen ROI is weak because of poor data and bad targeting 0.78% Average conversion rate from B2B demand gen1 1. Source:
  3. 3© 2020 LeadCrunch Lookalike targeting with AI reveals your true market ABM or firmographic list (perceived market)
  4. 4© 2020 LeadCrunch High ROI, ideal fit Wasted time and money
  5. 5© 2020 LeadCrunch Lookalikes using AI convert better than legacy targeting 1. Source: 0.78% Industry average1 7%
  6. 6© 2020 LeadCrunch How it works: results in four easy steps Upload your best customers. LeadCrunch learns from your data.1 2 LeadCrunch targets and engages your lookalike audience. 3 You get high quality leads that look like your best customers.4 Automatically share results with LeadCrunch to improve results. Our campaigns learn and get better as you share the results with our platform
  7. 7© 2020 LeadCrunch LeadCrunch campaign options MQL | HQL | APPOINTMENTS Enhanced ABM Use AI to improve your ABM Lookalike Targeting Use AI to target accounts that are like your best customers ABM Traditional account- based demand gen
  8. 8© 2020 LeadCrunch Paid social Appointments Marketing qualified leads Highly qualified leads Full-funnel campaigns: 1. Accountable for outcomes 2. Transparent process 3. Amplifies your prior success LeadCrunch delivers leads at all stages of the sales funnel
  9. 9© 2020 LeadCrunch I have five bedrock lead gen partners. LeadCrunch is right there with Google and LinkedIn.” “ BRYCE ROBERTS, MANAGER, DEMAND GEN, ORACLE BRONTO LEAD VELOCITY 23%Through the funnel improvement OPPORTUNITY CREATION 78%More efficient Benefits delivered to Oracle: MQL RATE 96%Compared to 42% across all demand gen channels
  10. 10© 2020 LeadCrunch Contact data validity spectrum 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% LeadCrunch delivers the most accurate lead data in the industry Leads go through a 17-step validation process using human and technology verification and are 99.5% accurate on delivery Most B2B publishers
  11. 11 7,000+ competitors Only one AI system delivers self-optimizing campaigns Outreach CDP + analytics Data
  12. 12© 2020 LeadCrunch Olin Hyde CEO and Co-founder 323.236.5938 Smart. Easy. Real. B2B Demand Generation Powered by AI