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"Building a Well-oiled Sales Machine" Kathy Ruggiero: Senior Director Corporate Marketing PatientKeeper

  1. May 16, 2013 Building a Well-Oiled Sales Machine Results-based Marketing Strategy Reduces Time to ROI Kathy Ruggiero, Sr. Director Corporate Marketing
  2. Questions that I thought you might have  Who or what is PatientKeeper and why do I care how they achieved faster ROI with LeadJen?  How does taking the time up front to survey the market really add value?  Why is it so critical to make sure we’re “talking their language” when we reach out to prospects?  How can we keep evolving our program to make sure we sustain the value and return?
  3. Agenda  Introduction  How to lay the foundation for a successful campaign ‒ Prospect surveying ‒ Supplemental messaging ‒ Value proposition ‒ Training  Mid-campaign evaluation ‒ How to know when to make changes ‒ How to maximize what is working ‒ Results impacting strategy mid-campaign (title path)  Results: Reduce close time to yield higher ROI ‒ The results ‒ Where do we go from here?
  4. Who is PatientKeeper?  The leader in healthcare applications for physicians  Privately-held, venture-backed, Boston-based  Founded with a goal to improve the workflow/productivity of physicians and ultimately enable them to provide better patient care  Suite of applications including financial and clinical, many offered on an array of mobile devices  Over 450 hospitals  53,000 users, and counting…
  5. Strong Adoption & Solid Market Recognition PatientKeeper’s User Base Doubled Over the Past Two Years
  6. The Situation – Summer 2012  Launched marquee product, CPOE, the year before  Small, direct sales force combating some HUGE healthcare IT giants  Telesales rejected based on previous experiences ‒ Perception: product too complex & buyer too sophisticated  Beginning to get significant traction but growth inconsistent … and that’s where LeadJen came in!
  7. We need to find out what’s important to them!! How Do We Get Our Target Audiences’ Attention?
  8. Laying the Foundation: Survey Says…  Targeted C-suite and IT directors  Organizations in our “ponds”  Summarize results: ‒ They were largely quite positive about their existing systems Yet… ‒ They had very strong concerns about physician adoption and usability ‒ 70% indicated physicians desire the ability to use mobile devices to take care of patients Important lesson learned:
  9. 9 You can never tell people their children are ugly.
  10. Laying the Foundation: Change the Hierarchy of our Messaging  We were leading with the WRONG message: “Your hospital’s existing back-end system (that you chose!) is failing to maximize physician adoption.”  Research revealed that a positive message would be far more effective  The mobile version of our leading product became the “Trojan horse” to get an appointment and get in the door
  11. A Unique Approach to “Probing”: No Wrong Answer It is “safe” to place yourselfIt is “safe” to place yourself anywhere on the spectrumanywhere on the spectrum A Spectrum is Established OPEN-ENDED QUESTION NO VALUE JUDGMENT 1 2 11
  12. 12 Example – Meaningful Use “Some hospitals we talk to are laser focused on attesting for Stage 2 Meaningful Use. Yet for other hospitals it is not even on their radar screen. Where are you guys?” Highly focused on Meaningful Use Meaningful Use is not a priority
  13. 13 Example - LeadJen Question “Some of the MEDITECH hospitals we talk to are very happy with the way their physicians have adopted CPOE. On the other hand, some hospitals aren’t happy with either the level of physician adoption or physician enthusiasm for CPOE. How has this played out at your hospital?” Happy with CPOE physician adoption Very unhappy with CPOE physician adoption
  14. 14 Example – Mobility “Mobility – putting CPOE and other tools literally in the hands of doctors through their mobile devices – is the big buzz in some hospitals. In other places it isn’t even a soft hum. What is your perspective on mobility?” Mobility is a key topic & priority Mobility isn’t even discussed.
  15. Questioning Strategy: Active Listening to Understand Prospects’ Priorities Alternative A  I know you have dozens of guys coming in here all the time pitching this & that and telling why you need to pay attention to their shiny objects. I would love to help you… but we may or may not have solutions which map to your priorities. Tell me a little about the ‘big rocks’ that have your attention. Alternative B  Healthcare today is an incredible challenge. I have a lot of respect for how difficult it is to set your priorities in the midst of all the demands on you and your hospital. Tell me a little about your key priorities. Alternative C  We see a lot of hospitals grappling with a long list of issues. Where does MU, revenue cycle or mobility fit on your list? Why or why not?
  16. Laying the Foundation: The Importance of Speaking their Language
  17. What Objections Will We Have to Overcome?
  18. Laying the Foundation: Anticipating Objections  Objection #1: Despite having concerns about physician adoption, prospect strongly believes their current vendor will fix it. Has “one solution” philosophy so wants to stick with them only. Antidote: PatientKeeper is an overlay solution.  Objection # 2: The organization has not openly recognized the CPOE usage (lack there-of) problem. Antidote: Hospitals are finding that Stage 1 MU “workarounds” won’t cut it for Stage 2.  Objection # 3: We have hospitalists (employed physicians) therefore we can make them use the existing system. Antidote: A mobile complement to existing hospitals systems increases the productivity of all physicians.
  19. Laying the Foundation: Investing in Training  Prior to launch  Subject Matter Experts  Role Playing  A Team Effort
  20. Laying the Foundation: Marketing support  Customized emails  Customized landing pages  Plenty of “proof points”  “Fake it ‘til you make it”
  21. Canada Landing Page
  22. McKesson Landing Page
  23. Zigging & Zagging: Making Adjustments Mid-Stream as Needed  Weekly meetings with LeadJen Account Manager  Supplemental training or adjustments to messages and/or target titles  Learning that “no” may just mean, “Not me.”
  24. The Results So Far…
  25. Our Sales Organization Feels Supported “LeadJen is a service that works! We use LeadJen for almost all cold calling. This frees up our sales executives to focus on securing customers and not on simply generating leads.” Peter Dolphin, VP of Sales & Marketing “LeadJen has done a fabulous job getting appointments scheduled in accounts I’ve not had luck with previously. In addition, they arm me with information that I am able to reference on the call that allows me to build on the conversations they’ve had.” Mark Kausel, Area VP of Sales
  26. We’re Beginning to Win the Race!  < 8 months  76 appointments scheduled  14 “live” opportunities  > $9M in value attached so far ‒ Including 3 deals totaling over $4M = “best of few”  16 additional “in play” & another 8 with possibility of follow-up  MOST important stat: our typical sales cycle is 18-24 months!  Top trade show CPO* = $24k; LeadJen CPO* = $5.5k *Cost per opportunity
  27. Where Do We Go from Here?  So far in 2013, we’ve added Canada and our Revenue Cycle lead product as other “ponds”  Sales is beginning to leverage LeadJen for “custom” assistance  Appointment-setting for key trade shows  We’re keeping our eye on the prize!
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