base band transmission iot air traffic control system fm functions of am antennas ionosphere layer 5g multi-operator d2d comm 5g new challenges in the 5g mo 5g simulation methodology 5g calibration 5g evalution tech 5g lenin. s.b priority inversion problem and deadlock situations use of semaphore(s) real time systems – issues in real time computing introduction to reliability evaluation techniques sources of power dissipation dynamic power dissipa adaptive modulation partially connected hybrid beamforming technique hybrid adaptive relay technique adaptive pilot channel estimation wifi and bluetooth. limited range cordless phones and facsimile imt2000 umts dect gprs cellular mobile communication systems – gsm public switched telephone networks – switching sys proximity sensors and accelerometer sensors in hom components of air conditioning and refrigeration s washing machine hardware and software home appliances: basic principle and block diagram dynamic microphones and wireless microphones carbon microphones crystal microphone woofers and tweeters microphone characteristics permanent magnet loudspeaker electrostatic loudspeaker crystal loudspeaker dynamic loudspeaker dth tv. led and lcd tvs hdtv secam-components of a remote control and tv camera pal monochrome and colour picture tubes – colour tv sy television standards and systems: components of a blue ray discs. cd player and dvd player audio disc - processing of the audio signal - read instruction set of intel 8085 block diagram 8085 architecture 8085 eia / tia is-136 digital cellular system wll wireless local loop television what is cryptography bandpass modulation and demodulation encryption and decryption synchronization spread spectrum technique security goals • carrier synchronization • symbol/bit synchroniza frequency hoping signal broadcast over seemingly digital signaling versus analog signaling encoding and modulation techniques adm systems *detection of signals in gaussian nois dm dpcm base band transmission *wave form representation o •dynamic microphones and •wireless microphones. •carbon microphones •crystal microphone •woofers and •tweeters. microphones •microphone ch •permanent magnet loudspeaker •electrostatic loudspeaker •dynamic loudspeaker crystal loudspeaker wireless application protocol (wap) mobile station application execution environment ( deployment issues virtual enterprise networks masters vs. slaves bluetooth protocol stack roaming management pacs network signaling personal access communications system ss7 protocol layers is-41 network signaling handoff strategies handoff criteria • frequency reuse pattern frequency spectrum channel assignment process cdpd network architecture interference and system capacity interference reduction gsm architecture gsm requirements cordless telephony and low-tier pcs pcs architecture personal communications services amps architecture and components first generation systems 3g tdma standards 3rd generation partnership project layered architecture network types wan attacks attack on lan bug vs vulnerability what is cyber law? create the virtualbox vm metasploitable phases of hacking security concepts quality of service scalability fault tolerance concepts and techniques attacks cryptography digital communication
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