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02 Defining Our Divisions 1 Corinthians 1:10-17


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02 Defining Our Divisions 1 Corinthians 1:10-17

  1. 1. A teenage guy attended a congregation that was one of the largest in the city at the time. There were about 85 in the youth group. He invited a girl to their Bible Study. That night, the youth minister was talking about a passage in 1 Corinthians where it discussed division in the Church.
  2. 2. One of the young men asked about denominations, and immediately the youth minister made his opinions known about each. When it came to the Christian Church, he said, "The Christian Churches of today are a bunch of legalists!” The girl that came with him clinched her fist and had an angry expression the rest of the evening.
  3. 3. After they left, he asked her what the deal was, and she looked at him and said, “If there is anyone that is legalistic it’s that guy!” After talking to her, he found out she and her family attended the Christian Church! This “minister” had just went into a tirade and labeled his friend as a legalist. She made the request for him to go to her congregation and listen to what was preached, and the next Sunday, he did.
  4. 4. The minister never once said, “this is what I believe,” He never said, “you’re going to hell if you believe anything other than what I do!” He said something much more important! He said, “Today, we are going to see what the Bible says….” What the Bible says…not what the youth minister says, not what a doctrinal group believes, not what a denomination believes, not what I believe! What the Bible says! The unfortunate thing was the guy ignored it, because he thought he was right!
  5. 5. Internal conflict is seen in families today, and of our Christian families both in the past and present! Not only is there division on the outside, but there is division on the inside. Many internal conflicts result from a struggle over control. If everyone would learn to give the Lord control for whatever they are responsible for, many internal and external divisions would be eliminated!
  6. 6. Without the Lord’s leading, there will always be divisions. So what can we do to prevent this kind of division? Let’s be like that Christian Church preacher from the story and go right to the Bible and see what it says!
  7. 7. ESV
  8. 8. ESV The Word is what unites us! ESV
  9. 9. This is where our faith starts! Paul knows that only through Christ’s words can man know the path to salvation! The Word dissolves barriers, and builds bridges! Truth is exemplified through the believers! Christians have a direct order from Christ! ESV
  10. 10. We are to walk the talk! We are to live it out! That was the problem with the youth minister in the story…he had a lot to say, unfortunately, it got lost because of his own blindness to the Scriptures! What is our testimony of Christ in our lives? Is it summed up in one hour a week, or is it based on our dedicated walk in Him!
  11. 11. Truth isn’t a simple, “I believe in Jesus!” The Golden Rule is a great place to start, but Jesus wants a relationship! He wants Worship! He wants
  12. 12. 11 One of the issues that the Early Church had was that there was the same message, but different people delivering and hearing the message!
  13. 13. The Corinthians were so mixed up that they had placed a value on the messenger over the message! “I come for the preacher not the Word!” Does it happen today? Sure does!
  14. 14. One man said he had been baptized by a very prominent preacher! He held his head high in the air, a sneer on his face, that was until asked if he was active there anymore! His expression changed, and he said he had not been back to Church in some time, because they had changed ministers!
  15. 15. Same Message, different followers? Not in Christ! We are called to be one body! ESV Apollos, Peter, Paul, and Christ all preached the same message, so why aren’t Christians listening?
  16. 16. Does this mean the Church can’t have opinions? NO!!!! Music, Style of Worship, The End Times, Politics, all are open! God doesn’t want puppets that have to be set in a specific mold and cast! He does want us to use our freedom with wisdom!
  17. 17. ESV
  18. 18. Ever wonder why there are so many different “churches?” Opinion! Ever wonder why a congregation might split after a meeting over painting the building? Opinion! We can have opinion, but when it tears at the Word, it can cause us and others to stumble!
  19. 19. Some would have you to believe Paul is preaching against baptism here, and that is the furthest from the truth! He is calling out the people on what they have been saved into! How many times have we heard, “That isn’t the way we’ve done it?” or “Back in my old church…”
  20. 20. “Years ago, we were such an active congregation! We were always headed to the creek to immerse someone new into Christ? Oh, & the youth & family nights” Worst three words - “We Once Were…” Someone asks if we have a crawdad mentality, “Backing into the future, looking ahead to the past.”
  21. 21. Do you recall when Nate was immersed a few years back Emmett his dad baptized him. Dewy immersed Jim Hyatt since he had been studying the Scriptures with him. Some of us witnessed Cody Immerse Victor in a horse tank on the Rankin Ranch.
  22. 22. Some might argue, "that's the preacher’s job!” What!? Show me chapter & verse in the Bible! Phillip was a deacon and he baptized the Ethiopian Eunuch! Does that mean the Eunuch wasn’t saved because Paul or Apollos or Peter didn’t do it!?
  23. 23. Tradition has its place in worship, but when we allow it to choke out sincere worship of the Lord, when we allow the past to blind us to the future, when we get comfortable in our mundane methods, we fall into a snare Satan sets for us.
  24. 24. Let’s read verse , and go back to verse ! What do they have in common?
  25. 25. It is ! Through Jesus, we have life, without Him, we have nothing! When we have Jesus, we have unity, without Him we fall apart! Are we in His name, or are we in our own? Is our fondness for a certain style, a certain idea, or a certain tradition holding us back from being committed to allowing Him to lead our hearts?
  26. 26. Back to the Christian Church preacher in the story. After some years had passed the guy saw the preacher’s name on a board at a Bible College, He wrote him a note and thanked him for his prayers and encouragement that one time he went to the congregation he served.
  27. 27. A few years later the guy was attending a meeting for a church plant they were working to start! There, coming out of a church van, and meeting him at the door was the preacher. He shook his hand and introduced himself. He smiled and said, “You wrote me a letter a while back.” They teared up, hugged, and he said, “We need Christians now more than ever!”
  28. 28. He’d didn’t say we needed opinions, he didn’t say we needed traditions, he didn’t say we needed good speakers, he didn’t say we needed more denominations! He said we need CHRISTIANS! Today, we need Christians to stand united in Truth! Today, are you ready to commit to truth and to Christ?