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LinkedIn Day Stavanger

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LinkedIn Day in Stavanger

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LinkedIn Day Stavanger

  1. 1. LinkedIn Day StavangerGabriel AksanAccount ExecutiveNordicsLinkedIn Nordics
  2. 2. OUR MISSION“Connect the world’s professionals to makethem more productive and successful”
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  9. 9. LinkedIn Day StavangerImproving your presence on LinkedInLinkedIn Talent Solutions
  10. 10. “From a competition perspective,iPhone is nothing but a niche product.”Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, April 17 2008(40% global market share at the time, now 5%)What can potentially happen in five years if you hire the wrong people…?
  11. 11. + 225 000,000Registered members (MAY 2013)7M+Canada77M+United States14M+Latin America 25M+Asia Pacific64M+Europe2M+DE4M+Italy4M+France3M+Spain3M+NL11M+UK19M+India4MNordics+5-6M per MonthRecruitment Solutions+30M students & recent gradsTHE FIRST GLOBAL PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS NETWORK...2M+S. Africa
  12. 12. ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation.All Rights Reserved.12Largest industriesHandel BI UiO NTNU UiB NHH HiOGraduated from0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%45%>10 years 6-10 years 3-5 years 1-2 yearsYears of experienceConsultingResearchTelecommunicationsFinancial ServicesSoftwareMarketingITOil & EnergyToday we have 820000 LinkedIn members in Norway, and growing!!
  13. 13. ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation.All Rights Reserved.1324428035338939540147059573319372270ConocoPhillipsCisco SystemsNTNUNational Oilwell VarcoSchlumbergerFMC TechnologiesDet Norske VeritasKongsberg MaritimeAibelAker SolutionsStatoilCURRENT COMPANY1641572754177 3280 1574 1213 1136 809 434LOCATION77351922 1849 1583 1440 1417 1383 954 924 765 698NTNU UiS UiO HandelsBIHiB HiST HiO UiA UiB HiT HiGGRADUATED FROM538 20915320945418451< 1 y 1 - 2 y 3 - 5 y 6 - 10 y > 10 yYEARS OF EXPERIENCE79421141377053917 2951< 1 y 1 - 2 y 3 - 5 y 6 - 10 y > 10 yYEARS AT COMPANYEngineers in Norway on Linkedin: 80000 members
  14. 14. ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation.All Rights Reserved.14Member behaviour
  15. 15. ©2013LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.15How I got my job at LinkedIn…
  16. 16. Gabriel AksanYour ideal passivecandidateKey Account ManagerLinkedInAccount ManagerAccount ManagerJuniper NetworksLiveOpsKey Account ManagerSenior©2013LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.16Members see personalized jobs every time they log in
  17. 17. ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation.All Rights Reserved.17Gabriel AksanYour ideal passivecandidateKey Account ManagerCommunicate via InMails
  18. 18. ©2013LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.18Note: number of professionals visiting reflects unique members visiting your employees profilesGabriel AksanYour ideal passivecandidateKey Account ManagerEngage them with personalized opportunities
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  21. 21. Note: number of professionals visiting reflects unique members visiting your employees profilesprofessionals visit your company pageevery monthTop job functions Top viewer companies©2013LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.2133,243Your target talent is networking with your employees
  22. 22. One click application with your profileJob DescriptionWe are currently seeking an Account Executive who will be an advisor to drive our media and newproduct sales for our clients and sales team. This role allows you to work in a new dynamicteam, providing an opportunity to work with our key corporate clients. In this role, you will:Partner closely with sales team to provide strategic guidance in understanding their clients’ hiringobjectives & challenges, resulting high score attainment on annual peer evaluation surveyPerform the entire pre-sales due diligence process, from research to positioning to proposal, inorder to make strategic recommendations to clients based on their unique hiring objectives andchallengesDrive media/new product adoption among clients in order to achieve the goal ofreaching/exceeding media booking quotaServe as the thought leader and resident expert for the sales team and clients, for productmarketing questions, success stories & general industry knowledgeDrive the analysis of winning sales strategies and conduct regular local training sessions with salesreps to proliferate strategies/best practices and develop a best-in-class sales teamPossess a deep and up-to-date understanding of the entire hiring product portfolioEmployee Value PropositionBe a member of a high-performing, rapidly growing team that is helping shape the future ofLinkedIn’s Hiring Solutions businessHave an impact in terms of business ($) on media sales while driving/influencing client successImpact sales rep behaviors by uncovering success stories and sharing best practicesHigh Exposure, cross-functional role spanning sales, marketing, adops, research, training, leadershipPotential career path in sales, consulting, marketing, campaign management, research, businessoperation, management/leadership
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  24. 24. MEMBER EXPERIENCE – Salesforce
  26. 26. NovemberGabriel AksanJoinedNew HireLinkedInLinkedInGabriel AksanGetupdated InternetMarketingJobs you maybe interested inJulyViewed a job onLinkedInLinkedInInfluencedLinkedInAccount ExecutiveKey Account Manager Account Executive©2013LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.26We can measure LinkedIn’s influence on hiring
  27. 27. “LI hire” measured as employees changing their profile from another company to client company from December 2011- May 2012These averages include companies in all regions and account sizes11%17%34%0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%Seats & Limited Jobs LinkedIn Solution LinkedIn Solution & All JobsAverage % of LinkedIn members hired impacted by LinkedInproducts©2013LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.27Clients with the LinkedIn Solution influence nearly twice as many hires
  28. 28. 74% of members who changed their profile from another company to LinkedIn client company after viewing aclient company job did not perform a job search on LinkedIn 30 days prior to viewing that jobPassive74%Active26%©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All RightsReserved.28~3/4 of hires influenced by the LinkedIn Solution were passive at the time
  29. 29. 29THANK YOUTack !