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How Nonprofits Can Use LinkedIn Company Pages

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LinkedIn Company Pages: How your nonprofit can build a presence on LinkedIn to strengthen its brand and grown its community

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How Nonprofits Can Use LinkedIn Company Pages

  1. 1. LinkedIn Company PagesHow your Nonprofit can build a presence on LinkedInJanuary 2013
  2. 2. Today’s agenda Creating a Company Page Setting up a Products & Services section Posting Status Updates Q&A
  3. 3. What is a Company Page?
  4. 4. A Company Page provides an organization with aneasy way in which to engage with LinkedIn members  Showcase your organization’s brand  Spotlight the organization’s mission, events, employees, opportunities  Build a community among a highly affluent & educated audience  Post status updates & engage with followers, LinkedIn members
  5. 5. Why does your nonprofit need a Company Page?
  6. 6. Nonprofit organizations have a unique opportunity to engage with affluent, educated individuals at scale by leveraging LinkedIn Company Pages
  7. 7. What does it take to have a successful Company Page?
  8. 8. It takes just a small amount of time to make yourorganization’s presence felt on the LinkedIn network 1. Creating a Company Page can take less than 10 minutes 2. Growing your follower base can be incorporated into your everyday activities (marketing programs, website, events) 3. Dedicating just a few minutes a day to post meaningful content that followers can engage with and distribute across the network can become a daily habit that has exponential benefits
  9. 9. Creating a Company Page
  10. 10. Set Your Goals for your Company Page What do you want to achieve?  Build your nonprofit’s brand/awareness  Secure donors  Recruit volunteers  Promote events
  11. 11. United Nations Development Programme isFocused on Driving Awareness & Education
  12. 12. Create Your Company Page 1 2
  13. 13. Enter Name & Email IMPORTANT: For security reasons, Company Pages can only be created with an email address that matches the company. We can not accept @gmail, @yahoo, @hotmail etc.. 3
  14. 14. Add Designated Administrators (1 of 4) • Figure out which coworkers can best contribute to page • Establish content plan and calendar • Centralize your efforts
  15. 15. Fill in Organization’s Information (2 of 4)
  16. 16. Fill in Organization’s Information (3 of 4)
  17. 17. Add Image & Logos (4 of 4)
  18. 18. View Your Completed Page
  19. 19. Components of a Company Page
  20. 20. Setting up a Products & Services Section
  21. 21. What is a Products & Services Section?Showcase: • Events • Public services • Support programs • Volunteer opportunitiesGenerate: • Social Recommendations in support of your mission and programs • Funding leads
  22. 22. Add a Product to Your Page
  23. 23. Add a Product to Your Page (1 of 2)
  24. 24. Add a Product to Your Page (2 of 2)
  25. 25. No Products? No Problem! • Events • Conferences • Fundraisers • Speakers
  26. 26. Choose what to Feature
  27. 27. Choose what to Feature- Select Order of Services
  28. 28. Collect Recommendations
  29. 29. Collect Recommendations
  30. 30. Posting Status Updates
  31. 31. Post updates: It’s the way to communicate
  32. 32. Status updates appear on followers’ homepages
  33. 33. Status updates also appear on mobile, iPad
  34. 34. Tips for posting engaging Status Updates • Keep it brief, a short sentence or two will do just fine! • Post at least once per weekday to reach majority of unique audience • Morning updates receive highest engagement, slight boost in eve • Don’t try to do it alone!
  35. 35. Varying types of content posted is key Unique Linked Sourced • Blog posts • Industry news • Guest posts from partners • Company videos • Expert third-party research • LinkedIn Polls • Interviews w/ execs • News coverage of • Cross-post from • Events, Webinars your company groups • White papers • Case studies, testimonials
  36. 36. Take your content viral • Encourage Followers to like, comment, share • Ask employees to share your content • Post message, image & link • Post videos • Ask questions that will elicit a response
  37. 37. Analyzeand refine
  38. 38. Stay on the right track with Follower Analytics
  39. 39. Monitor engagement by tracking per post activity
  40. 40. See who’s visiting with Page Analytics
  41. 41. Q&A
  42. 42. Some common questions we are hearing…1. How does the Company Page relate to the Board Member Connect program?1. How do I get started?1. How do I make changes to my existing company page?1. What are some tips for getting the most effective page possible? Are there examples?1. How do I manage photo uploads / visual design of the page?1. What differences might nonprofits experience with Company Pages?1. Is there Customer Service support?1. What’s next? Now that I have my Company page set up, how do I maximize it to recruit board members?