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Social Selling Success for B2B Companies.

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There’s an evolution going on in both the sales and marketing departments of B2B companies these days. It’s a significant shift in how people buy and how you need to sell.

In order to make more informed and educated buying decisions, over 70% of B2B decision makers have turned to social media. That’s where social selling comes in.

As a modern sales professional, you need to take those same skills and strategies you’ve used to develop customer relationships at live, in person events and meetings and use them to be successful at online social selling. 72.6% of salespeople using social selling as part of the sales process outperform their sales peers. And you can too. This deck is your guide to social selling success.

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Social Selling Success for B2B Companies.

  1. 1. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling Social Selling Success for B2B Companies.
  2. 2. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling 1 There’s been a dramatic evolution in how people buy and how you need to sell.
  3. 3. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling In the old days… Marketing drove brand awareness,
  4. 4. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling marketing’s philosophy was spray and pray,
  5. 5. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling and it was one to many marketing.
  6. 6. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling Today… Sales drives social selling,
  7. 7. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling the sales philosophy is to help and build trust,
  8. 8. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling and it’s one to one selling.
  9. 9. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling Now the jobs of marketing and sales are blending. creating informed and relevant content marketing sales
  10. 10. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling of buying decisions are done before purchasers are willing to talk to a sales rep. 57% *CEB
  11. 11. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling Over 70% of B2B decision makers use social media to help them make purchase decisions. *Dell
  12. 12. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling 2 What is social selling?
  13. 13. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling social selling defined: leveraging your professional brand and your prospects’ and customers’ social networks to fill your sales pipeline with the appropriate people, knowledge and relationships
  14. 14. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling Just like you network at a live event, think of social selling as those things you do every day: help. listen. engage. add value.
  15. 15. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling Online or offline, all relationships are human. Building authenticity and trust will help you become a social influencer.
  16. 16. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling But does this ‘social helping’ really convert to sales?
  17. 17. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling Yes!
  18. 18. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling 72.6% of salespeople using social selling as part of the sales process outperformed their sales peers. *Aberdeen Group
  19. 19. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling 46% of social sellers hit their company’s quota compared to 38% of sales reps who don’t. *Aberdeen Group
  20. 20. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling 3 Where is social selling?
  21. 21. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling Where is social selling? Everywhere your audience is. It’s wherever your prospects and customers are online.
  22. 22. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling 4 Steps to becoming a social seller.
  23. 23. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling Step 1 Work together with marketing to develop meaningful content that adds value.
  24. 24. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling Step 2 Listen to your prospects and customers on their social networks to better understand their needs, goals and challenges.
  25. 25. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling Step 3 Engage in one to one conversations like those you would have in person. Be your authentic self. Don’t sell. Help.
  26. 26. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling Step 4 Establish yourself as an authority and subject matter expert, building trust and credibility. Prospects buy from leaders they trust.
  27. 27. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling But remember, social selling isn’t just for prospects. 5
  28. 28. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling Stranger Prospect Lead Customer Advocate Social selling encompasses the whole customer lifecycle. Using social selling to sell to existing customers is just as important as converting leads to customers.
  29. 29. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling Be alert, proactive and responsive. Use social networks to monitor customers after the sale, letting them know you’re always there for them and jumping in to help before being asked.
  30. 30. @LisaMasiello #SocialSelling @LisaMasiello www.linkedin.com/in/LisaMasiello Lisa.Masiello@TECHmarcLabs.com www.TECHmarcLabs.com Lisa Masiello is an award winning tech industry marketing strategist, start-up advisor and founder and CMO at TECHmarc Labs. She writes on all things marketing including customer experience, social media, inbound marketing, branding and the changing role of the CMO. Connect with me: